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2009-03-18 Nios II Compact Configuration System for Cyclone III
This application note discusses how you can use a Nios II processor based configuration system in your design to actively manage one or more configurations from commodity flash.
2007-11-28 Kit eases evaluation of Nios II processor
Altera has unveiled its new Nios II evaluation kit that provides a fast and simple 'hands on' way for embedded designers to assess the Nios II processor, SOPC Builder system design software and their custom apps.
2009-01-14 Guidelines for developing a Nios II HAL device driver
This application note explains the process of developing and debugging a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) software device driver, to aid device driver development for the HAL of the Nios II system.
2005-01-27 First Cyclone II member with 68K logic elements
With up to 68K logic elements at a cost of 66 cents per thousand, the Cyclone II devices from Altera are touted to be the industry's lowest-cost FPGAs and the largest density in their class
2005-03-25 eSOL, MorethanIP to offer TCP/IP for Altera's Nios II processor
eSOL, a developer of real-time embedded software solutions, has signed a strategic partnership with Germany-based MorethanIP.
2006-02-20 Cyclone II FPGAs support extended temperature range
Altera has released low-cost Cyclone II FPGAs that can operate in the extended temperature range of -40C to 125C for designers building temperature-sensitive apps
2007-11-15 Altera, Synopsys to offer Nios II for ASIC designs
Altera and Synopsys have announced that Altera's Nios II processor core will be available for licensing through Synopsys' DesignWare Star IP Program.
2005-06-24 Altera's Cyclone, Nios II power 32bit display system
Altera Corp. announced today that Barco has pushed the standards in the video display and programmable logic world by implementing over 100 Cyclone FPGAs and Nios II embedded processors per square meter in its revolutionary OLite 510 indoor/outdoor surface mount device (SMD) LED display system.
2004-05-24 Altera Nios II delivers over 200 DMIPS
The second generation soft processor from Altera delivers over 200 DMIPS of performance when combined with the company's Stratix and Cyclone series of FPGAs.
2004-05-25 Accelerated Tech develops RTOS for Altera Nios II
Accelerated Technology has announced RTOS and development tools support for the new Nios II embedded processor family from Altera.
2005-10-27 Altera releases enhanced Quartus II PLD design tool
Programmable logic supplier Altera Corp. introduced early this week an enhanced version of its Quartus II design software
2006-06-08 XtremeData picks Altera FPGAs
Altera Corp. announced that XtremeData Inc. chose Altera's Stratix II FPGA device for their XD1000 FPGA co-processing solution
2008-10-03 uCLinux option now available from Altera, SLS
Altera is partnering with SLS to offer Nios II users a commercially supported, pre-packaged uCLinux option that targets the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit.
2006-07-01 Tool suite handles design complexity
Altera Corp. recently launched its Quartus 6.0 tool suite, which includes a timing analyzer that's said to pave the way for next-generation 65nm FPGAs.
2005-05-25 Three new kits from Altera
Altera disclosed that it has begun shipping Cyclone II development kits that offer easy prototyping, quick development times and low cost
2005-07-06 Reference design offers TCP/IP connectivity on FPGA platform
Altera has teamed up with InterNiche and MorethanIP to provide embedded designers with a networking reference design for its Nios II embedded processor.
2007-02-20 Platform eases automotive infotainment design
Altera has introduced a scalable solution that enables design engineers to quickly and efficiently design multiple automotive infotainment products based on a single electronic design.
2005-09-16 Nucleus EDGE software suite charges into FPGA territory
Accelerated Technology's Eclipse-based Nucleus EDGE software development environment has extended its reach to include Altera's Nios II family of embedded processors and Xilinx's MicroBlaze soft processor core and Power PC-based processors.
2005-08-24 Mentor Graphics releases configurable version of Nucleus RTOS
Accelerated Technology, a Mentor Graphics division, released a configurable version of the Nucleus Real-Time Operating System with its corresponding middleware package for the Nios II family of embedded processors from Altera.
2006-08-24 Low-cost FPGAs seen reaching inflexion point
Low-cost FPGAs are hitting a new tipping point as they provide greater adaptability to design engineers and thus enable a mindset shift toward system architecture, according to Altera's Chris Balough.
2006-04-11 Lionic adopts Altera processor, FPGA
Lionic has adopted the Nios II embedded processor and Cyclone series FPGAs from Altera.
2007-03-08 Indian firm picks Altera FPGAs for HD video decoder engine
Altera Corp. announced that Ittiam Systems has selected Altera's Stratix II FPGA family to develop and deliver the Trinity multi-format high-definition video decoder soft IP core
2005-04-13 FPGA-based reference design enables video-over-IP
By leveraging the programmability of its Cyclone FPGA series and Nios II embedded processor, Altera Corp. has developed the first FPGA-based, video-over-Internet Protocol (IP) reference design to help engineers accelerate the development of cost-effective, low-complexity systems in the emerging video-over-IP market.
2004-09-16 eSOL multitasking kernel supports Altera processor
eSOL announced that its multitasking kernel, PrKERNELv4, is now available for Altera's Nios II soft-core embedded processor.
2005-07-01 Altera, InterNiche, MorethanIP announce networking reference design
Altera Corp., InterNiche and MorethanIP have announced a networking reference design for Altera's Nios II embedded processor.
2004-07-09 Altera's updated FPGA tool suggests optimizations
The latest version of Altera's Quartus II FPGA design software features optimization, verification and ease-of-use enhancements
2006-04-06 Altera' ESL tool reduces development time
Altera announced the Nios II C2H Compiler, a new productivity tool for developers of Nios II-based systems that promises to substantially increase the performance of their embedded software.
2004-09-17 Altera unveils new version of DSP development tool
Altera introduced v2.2 of its DSP Builder development tool, enabling DSP designers to take full advantage of its Stratix II and Cyclone II device families
2006-01-11 Altera PLDs in U.S. DoD's JTRS Cluster 5 design
Altera announced that its Cyclone II and MAX II devices have been chosen by General Dynamics C4 Systems for applications critical to the U.S. Department of Defense's JTRS Cluster 5 design
2004-10-15 Altera FPGAs, embedded processors support Tandberg
Altera Corp.'s Stratix II FPGAs and Nios II soft-core embedded processors have been chosen by Tandberg Television to deliver low-cost, highly-integrated digital video broadcast asynchronous serial interface (DVB-ASI) capabilities for selected next-generation products.
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