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2003-06-18 NJR LCD drivers target automotive audio equipment
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released the NJU6538, a bitmap LCD driver for car stereos, car information panels, home audio equipment, and office machines.
2004-08-05 NJR LCD controller driver with Icon display
New Japan Radio developed a 16-character/2-line Dot matrix LCD controller driver with Icon display in single chip, with a maximum of 80 Icon display.
2005-03-07 NJR IC with FG Output, Lock Detect
New Japan Radio rolled out its NJM2644, a 2-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC that has an operating voltage between 4V and 14V, and an absolute maximum voltage of 15V.
2004-08-10 NJR headphone amplifier comes with EVR
New Japan Radio released a headphone amplifier that comes with an electronic variable resistor.
2006-01-13 NJR H-bridge driver IC targets small stepper motor apps
The NJU7382 dual H-bridge driver IC from New Japan Radio is designed for low voltage small stepper motor applications.
2005-01-05 NJR electronic volume with input selector
The NJW1154 from New Japan Radio is a 2-channel electronic volume with 6-in, 1-out stereo audio selector.
2004-12-07 NJR electronic volume with -100dB output noise
The new NJW1191 device from New Japan Radio is a 4-channel electronic volume with input selector.
2003-06-05 NJR dual op-amp has full-swing I/O
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released NJM2732 single supply dual operational amplifier that has full-swing I/O capability.
2004-08-12 NJR driver IC offers up to 500mA output current
NJR released its latest dual H-Bridge driver IC, which consists of a LS-TTL compatible logic input stage and two H-bridge output stage with built-protection diode.
2004-08-25 NJR driver IC offers better saturation characteristics
The NJU7343/44/45 from NJR are single-phase dc brushless motor driver ICs that feature a MOSFET driver circuit for better saturation characteristics.
2004-08-23 NJR driver has high power-efficiency features
The new NJU8710 from New Japan Radio is a 2V operation clockless switching driver that has a separate power supply between input and output.
2003-04-04 NJR DPDT switch IC fits mobile phones
The NJG1602HE3 DPDT switch IC from New Japan Radio Co. Ltd incorporates a logic circuit that permits 1-bit control switching.
2004-09-09 NJR demodulator IC with 450kHz IF frequency
New Japan Radio released a low-voltage, low-current FM IF demodulator IC with a 450kHz IF frequency and operating frequency of up to 50MHz.
2004-10-01 NJR controller IC includes over charger timer
New Japan Radio announced the availability of its new Li-ion battery charger controller IC that comes with an over charger timer.
2004-08-24 NJR control IC can directly drive external MOSFETs
The latest high speed, low voltage operation switching regulator control IC from NJR features a totem pole driver that can directly drive an external MOSFET.
2002-06-03 NJR Class-D amplifier provides 800mW output
The NJU8725 Class-D amplifier from New Japan Radio Co. Ltd produces an output of 800mW and features delta-sigma modulation.
2004-08-04 NJR audio processor suits any TV receiver
The NJW1169 from New Japan Radio is an audio processor with Passive Matrix TruSurround Virtualizer, TruBass and BBE sound enhancement.
2003-07-02 NJR audio processor features TruSurround virtualizer
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has started sample shipments of its NJW1148 audio processor that comes with the Passive Matrix TruSurround virtualizer.
2004-08-31 NJR audio processor features SRS WOW
The NJW1180 audio processor from New Japan Radio features SRS WOW.
2004-10-28 NJR amplifier suits 800MHz, 2.1GHz phones
NJR rolled out a bypass circuit-equipped low-noise amplifier GaAs MMIC engineered primarily for use in W-CDMA 800MHz and 2.1GHz dual-band mobile phones.
2005-06-13 New isolation amplifier from NJR
New Japan Radio has released a new single isolation amplifier that operates between the 4.5V to 9V voltage range
2005-07-28 New decoder from NJR
The NJU26220 decoder from New Japan Radio provides 5.1 surround sound from two speakers or headphones by Dolby virtual speaker and Dolby headphone
2005-07-08 New audio processor from NJR
The NJW1177 from New Japan Radio is an audio processor that includes all of functions needed in processing audio signal for TV, including volume, tone control, balance, mute and AGC functions.
2005-07-25 Voltage reference IC with 15ppm/C temperature coefficient
The NJM2823 from New Japan Radio is a precision and low quiescent current shunt voltage reference IC.
2005-02-09 Video amplifier includes 6dB amplifier, power save circuit
New Japan Radio's dual supply voltage 6-channel video amplifier includes a 6dB amplifier, a 75W driver circuit (2-system drive) and power save circuit.
2006-01-04 Video amp with LPF circuit
The NJW1351 device from New Japan Radio is a low voltage video amplifier that includes an LPF circuit.
2004-11-30 Processor includes all necessary functions for TV audio signal
The new sound processor with subwoofer output from NJR includes all of the functions needed to process audio signal for TV.
2005-04-08 Op amp with Full swing output
The new single supply, quad operational amplifier from New Japan Radio comes with Full swing output
2005-04-07 Op amp provides high output current
New Japan Radio rolled out a CMOS Quad operational amplifier that permits a full-swing input and output in full-swing under high load
2006-07-17 New LDO regulator ICs tailored for battery-operated portable devices
New Japan Radio unveiled two new products that target battery-operated portable devicesthe NJU7777 and NJU7254.
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