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2005-12-01 Power-One IBA controller manages both analog and digital POLs
Power-One disclosed that its ZM7300 series of Z-One Digital IBA controllers are the first that can manage analog based systems as well as digital POLs, for a total of up to 32 devices simultaneously.
2010-09-20 Controller area network transceiver breaks barriers
New CAN transceiver surpasses competing products, exceeds DeviceNet specifications
2006-08-04 PWM controller promises 1 percent accuracy
National said its new PWM buck controller promises accuracy of 1 percent over a wide temperature range for deep sub-micron ICs
2009-11-05 Power supply controller provides flexible monitoring
The MAX16064 quad-channel digital power-supply controller offers an interface for programming analog power supplies
2005-08-29 Power controller IC simplifies tracking, sequencing requirements
Linear Technology released a single power-supply tracking controller that promises to simplify the tracking and sequencing requirements of complex distributed power architectures
2004-03-10 LSI controller with Fusion-MPT architecture
LSI Logic Corp. has expanded its family of Fiber Channel controllers with the release of its LSIFC929XL with Fusion-MPT architecture.
2012-04-04 Integrate LM25066 into Intel Node Manager 1.5 System
Know how to add hot-swap capability into Node Manager 1.5 compliant systems that have limited support for PMBus enabled hot-swap controllers
2009-01-09 Innovasic provides evaluation kits for comms controller
Innovasic Semiconductor is shipping its Module Evaluation Kits for the fido 1100 communication controller with a complete EtherNet/IP solution
2008-04-18 Dual-output PWM controller loads up to 25A
Intersil's ISL8120 variable phase PWM controller feature sharing technology, which enables multiple versions of the chip to be used in parallel for a cost-efficient dual output or n-phase PWM controller solution
2009-06-04 Controller area network physical layer requirements
The multipoint bus structure and robust protocol of the High-Speed Controller Area Network (CAN), ISO 11898:1993, is finding widespread use in building automation, process control and other industries. This application note provides the reader with the fundamentals of CAN technology, then focuses on the physical layer requirements
2002-12-06 USBN9603/4 - Increased data transfer rate using ping-pong buffering
This application note discusses how to increase the data transfer rate in the USBN9603/4 speed node controller using ping-pong buffering.
2013-03-26 Protect data with hardware AES engines
Know how the MAX36025 DeepCover tamper-reactive cryptographic-node controller enables physical tamper protection.
2012-07-26 Maxim's security manager ensures smart grid infrastructure security
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX36025 adds secure encryption to critical points of data aggregation within the smart grid.
2006-06-20 Solution converts analog power supply to digital
Maxim's MAX8688 is touted to be the first chip to convert an all-analog power supply to a fully programmable, digital power-management solution.
2013-10-24 Simplify IoT connectivity of embedded devices
Learn how new tools allow developers to introduce TCP/IP to systems without having to work with low-level implementation details.
2008-12-29 Shanghai clears way for AMD's 45nm shift
AMD moves to the 45nm technology node with the launch of its new Opteron server chip, code-named Shanghai
2002-09-11 Santel chipset achieves optical compensation
Santel Networks Inc. is pushing the chip level integration of optical compensation a notch higher.
2007-11-01 Processor battle moves to the cores
The latest maneuvers in the chess match between Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corp. find the rivals advancing toward similar architectures.
2013-07-29 Making 3D NAND flash practical
Learn about the key features and benefits of SMArT scheme which is touted to open the 3D NAND flash era.
2007-04-12 Intel's Nehalem takes microarchitecture rivalry to 45nm
AMD last year detailed plans to offer its next-gen X86 microarchitecture, Fusion, in 65nm by late next year; but with Intel's announcement of a 2H rollout for Nehalem, it appears the latter wants to beat AMD to the punchand do it at the next process technology node
2006-05-10 I2C logic devices offer frequencies up to 1MHz
Royal Philips Electronics announced what it claims to be the first I2C logic devices based on the Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) specification.
2004-07-16 FireWire in the automobile market
FireWire is set to become an essential real-time multimedia component in the daily life of car drivers.
2008-10-31 FAQs: CAN
CAN is a high-speed, serial communications network originally developed by Intel and Robert Bosch for automotive applications. It has since spread to various other applications such as industrial control and medical equipment.
2011-04-08 EtherCAT to power TI's ARM-based processors
TI will use EtherCAT, a technology based on the principle of fast processing on the fly, for its ARM-based embedded processors as well as for its planned Sitara ARM microprocessors.
2005-05-31 DSCs make small apps smarter
Microchip's new 16-bit dsPIC DSCs offer performance speeds of 20MIPS and 30MIPS, self-programming capabilities via Flash memory, and industrial and extended temperature ranges.
2007-07-12 Design simple, inexpensive FlexRay nodes
The FlexRay protocol provides time-triggered communication at rates 10 times that of CAN. With its nodes being critical pieces of the FlexRay-based design, how can an automotive electronics designer get one started?
2005-09-16 Control the home with a wireless network
A robust and reliable RF communication is crucial to allow the home-control system to handle sensitive operations.
2005-08-08 CANopen safety chip simplifies safety-related development
Safety-related devices are increasingly being networked together. Expensive safety controllers and safety monitors are available already, but the number of simple and inexpensive safety-related devices is still low. Networked safety technology makes sense only if the peripherals are available at acceptable prices.
2003-04-24 AMI 1Mbaud CAN transceiver eyes vehicular apps
AMI Semiconductor's AMIS-X660 high-speed CAN transceiver provides differential transmit/receive capability between the bus and the CAN protocol controller
2004-03-19 Alliance defines new MAC for UWB networks
An industry alliance has forged a new MAC for UWB networks that proponents said will meet the myriad needs of the PC, consumer electronics, and mobile markets.
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