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2015-06-29 Understanding ultra-low phase noise oscillators
Here is a tutorial on phase noise and jitter. We will also tackle the impact of ultra-low phase noise oscillators on system performance
2014-11-17 Self-heating limits noise in microwave amplifiers
Chalmers University of Technology scientists showed how noise in a microwave amplifier is limited by self-heating at very low temperatures, which can be useful in quantum computers and radio astronomy
2008-04-29 Ripple and noise measurements with DC/DC switch-mode power supplies
This application note will summarize the set-up, methodology and practical measurement guidelines to accurately measure input and output voltage ripple (or switching noise) in all SMPS DC/DC topologies, as well as charge pump (switched capacitor) regulators
2009-09-17 LT5528 W-CDMA ACPR, AltCPR and noise measurements
ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio), AltCPR (alternate channel power ratio) and noise are important performance metrics for digital communication systems that use, for example, W-CDMA modulation
2000-11-01 LDO noise testing depends on filters
Telecommunications, networking, audio and instrumentation require low-noise power supplies. In particular, there is an interest in low-noise, low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs
2016-01-21 In pursuit of quiet: Noise in linear regulators
It is always better to make sure the noise levels are low enough for your needs without expensive trials. Find out how this can be achieved
2011-11-18 Dealing with internal noise in touchscreens
Learn about the impact of charger and display noise on touchscreens, and what can be done about it
2013-01-29 1/f noise measurement system supports 1Hz-10MHz
ProPlus Design Solutions' 9812D can measure low-frequency noise characteristics of on-wafer or packaged semiconductor devices such as MOSFETs, BJTs, JFETs, diodes and diffusion resistors
2011-08-18 Zero-drift op amp delivers low noise of 8.8nV/rtHz
TI's dual-channel OPA2188 targets high- and low-voltage supply applications needing ultra-high precision, such as test and measurement equipment and electronic weigh scales.
2009-05-27 Zero-drift instrumentation amplifier (IA) takes the strain out of sensor measurements
This article examines the use of instrumentation amplifiers (IAs) for sensor applications. It highlights system challenges and implementation choices, describes new architectures for IC IAs, and outlines applications such as ratiometric bridges and low-side current sensing.
2012-06-26 VNA measures noise from 70kHz-125GHz
Anritsu's l MS4640A-041 VectorStar vector network analyzer features a receiver optimized for measurements from 30GHz to 125GHz for system component applications
2011-04-19 TRF372017 noise analysis: modulator noise estimation from output noise
Know how to determine the output noise at the RF port of Texas Instruments' TRF372017 integrated IQ modulator device
2013-10-09 Touchscreen controller boasts first-rate noise rejection
Cypress' TrueTouch Gen5 touchscreen controller adds a palm rejection feature that recognises a user's palm touching the screen and prevents unintended touch inputs.
2013-05-30 ToF measurements pave the way for user-interaction
Discover how time-of-flight measurements open up user-interaction scenarios
2011-12-27 Tips for measuring noise figure
Find out how to minimize the uncertainties in your noise figure measurements.
2004-09-24 Tektronix package delivers fast, accurate measurements
Tektronix's TDSJIT3 v2 is a software package that promises to deliver fast, accurate and easy to use jitter and timing measurements
2012-01-26 Ratiometricity, signal conditioning enable high-res, low-noise smart sensors
Proper application of concepts, such as ratiometricity or signal conditioning, is paving the way for energy-efficient, high-performance standard solutions.
2015-05-20 Phase noise tester upgradeable to signal/spectrum analyser
The R&S FSWP covers a frequency range up to 50GHz, and can quickly and easily measure the phase noise of pulsed sources as well as residual phase noise under pulsed conditions
2012-06-28 Optimize thermocouple measurements in hostile environment
Learn how to make good measurements in a hostile, noisy environment, especially when the voltages you are measuring are small
2007-03-01 Optimize high-resolution DC measurements
The problems with making high-resolution measurements are numerous. This article outlines items that will be significant in solving the total problem
2007-08-01 One-box RF tester handles HSPA measurements
Agilent has launched the 7.2/2Mbps HSPA IP data connection and HSUPA RF measurement capabilities for its Wireless Communications Test Set running the Special High Data Rate W-CDMA/HSDPA Lab Application.
2002-05-10 Noise figure: Scorpion Option 4
This application note provides information on performing and understanding vector error-corrected noise figure measurements using the MS462xx.
2003-05-27 Noise figure measurements on amplifiers in pulsed mode
This application note presents a method for determining the noise figure of amplifiers with pulsed power supply: using a spectrum analyzer (FSP or FSE or FSIQ or ESI), noise measurement software FS-K3 and a function or pulse generator
2010-06-21 Noise figure measurement accuracy: the Y-factor method
Noise figure is a key performance parameter in many RF systems. A low noise figure provides improved SNR for analog receivers, and reduces bit error rate in digital receivers
2002-05-02 Noise figure corrections
This application note describes three causes of uncertainty on noise figure measurements and some of the solutions that address these issues.
2010-05-25 Network analyzer packs accurate noise-figure test option
Agilent offers Option 028 to its PNA-X network analyzers, allowing highly accurate, source-corrected noise figure measurements of amplifiers, frequency converters and mixers up to 50GHz.
2008-08-08 Modular instruments provide flexible RF measurements
Flexibility in RF measurements up to 10 times faster than traditional RF instrumentation is what National Instruments offers with its new RF vector signal analyzer, RF vector signal generator and PXI Express 18-slot chassis
2012-12-13 Minimising self noise for MEMS microphone apps
Learn why MEMS microphones are now ready for many new high performance applications.
2007-12-04 Intro to the six basic audio measurements - Part 1
Much audio testing is concerned with a small number of performance benchmarks, which we call the Big Six measurements: Level, Frequency response, THD+N, Phase, crosstalk and SNR
2006-11-01 Improve ADCs for high-speed apps with noise
All ADCs have a certain amount of input-referred noise. In most cases, less input noise is better. There are some cases, however, where input noise can actually be helpful in achieving higher resolution
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