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2009-03-19 Nokia reorganizes to adapt to market situation
As part of its previously announced plans to increase cost-efficiency and adapt to the market situation, Nokia Corp. is taking actions in its devices and markets units, and in its corporate development office and global support functions.
2003-06-12 Nokia releases v2.0 of Java 2 Micro Edition
Nokia announced a new version of the java developer suite supporting the Java MIDP 2.0 spec.
2008-07-04 Nokia receives green light on Navteq purchase
Nokia reports it has received unconditional approval from the European Commission for its planned acquisition of Navteq.
2003-03-28 Nokia receives expansion contract from telecom provider in China
Nokia Networks has signed an agreement with Hebei Communication Corp. for the supply of next-generation DSL equipment to be used to further expand Hebei's broadband DSL network.
2006-07-11 Nokia ramps 'fashion phone'
The Nokia 7280 appeared on the market as part of a series of "fashion phones" from the Finnish manufacturer. Given the phone's lack of an alphanumeric keypad and its slide-open-to-answer stick design, some might mistake the slender Nokia 7280 for a spy widget.
2013-07-03 Nokia rakes in decent profit for $20-cell phone
The latest teardown from IHS showed that the Nokia 105 yields a margin of less than 30 per cent, strictly based on hardware and manufacturing costs and retail pricing.
2012-02-10 Nokia raises stakes with Windows Phone
With fierce competition from Android and iOS, Nokia is raising the stakes with Windows Phone and not hedging its bets.
2014-04-03 Nokia pushes smartphones towards wider market
The latest Lumia smartphones release comprises Nokia's move for a broader market push, dedicating two models630 and 635for the lower tier market and the 950 for the higher segment.
2002-11-15 Nokia provides ADSL equipment to Jiangsu Telecom
Jiangsu Telecom has selected Nokia to supply them with ADSL equipment to enable Jiangsu to further expand its broadband DSL network.
2003-01-02 Nokia provides 3G network to Taiwan mobile operator
Taiwan Cellular Corp. (TCC) has signed Nokia as its supplier of 3G networks in Taiwan.
2002-03-04 Nokia presses open platform strategy
Nokia will license the source code of smart-phone software it has designed internally. Leading the charge for open technology, Nokia said it will offer its Series 60 software and the rest of "an open smart-phone platform" to competing cell phone manufacturers.
2008-11-18 Nokia presents glimpse of next smart phones
In 2004, Nokia developed a concept design for a smart phone dominated by a touchscreen, which looks now uncannily like Apple's iPhone.
2009-05-04 Nokia plays catch-up with Apple
As they battle for developers' mindshare in the mobile handset space, Nokia Corp. and Symbian Foundation find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
2008-11-06 Nokia plans further cuts in operations
Nokia Corp. has announced further changes in its sales and marketing activities in the Markets unit.
2007-05-28 Nokia phones to offer lightning detection
Nokia Corp. has applied for a lightning detection system patent for mobile phones, involving having RF device that has radio interfaces for at least two communication channels or frequency ranges.
2006-05-24 Nokia penetrates Sichuan, West China market
Nokia has signed a GSM expansion deal with Sichuan Unicom, enabling Nokia to penetrate the Sichuan and West China regions.
2007-03-09 Nokia partners with Cambridge University on nanotech R&D
Nokia is investing about $75 million in a joint venture with Cambridge University on projects that will focus on nanotechnology initially.
2008-02-13 Nokia out to beat Google in reshaping Internet
Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia president and CEO, announced at the Mobile World Congress that Nokia will 'reshape the Internet.'
2008-04-21 Nokia opens research 'lablet' at Helsinki University
Nokia will open a research lablet on the Otaniemi campus of Helsinki University of Technology. Nokia Research Center and Helsinki University of Technology have also announced a joint strategic research program in the field of mobile communications technologies.
2005-08-31 Nokia opens mobile infrastructure R&D center in Sichuan
Nokia has established an R&D center for mobile infrastructure in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
2004-05-07 Nokia opens Indian design center for CDMA
Nokia has formed an R&D center for CDMA technology in the western Indian city of Mumbai that will provide technical expertise in the Asia-Pacific region.
2008-05-19 Nokia offloads line fit automotive biz
Nokia has signed an agreement with novero on the divestment of Nokia's line fit automotive business.
2003-04-14 Nokia Networks cuts 1,800 jobs, realigns R&D
Nokia said that it plans to cut 1,800 jobs from its infrastructure division as part of a restructuring that will see the company try to incorporate efficiencies into its R&D and support operations.
2003-11-04 Nokia networking equipment to be deployed by Hutchison 3G
Nokia Networks Communications has agreed to assist Hutchison 3G HK Ltd, a mobile operator in Hong Kong, in the deployment of core network equipment for the latter's 3G WCDMA-based network.
2007-10-03 Nokia nets navigation firm Navteq
Mobile device manufacturer Nokia will acquire Navteq, a provider of digital map information for navigation systems.
2010-09-14 Nokia names Microsoft's Elop as president and CEO
The board of directors of Nokia Corp. has appointed Stephen Elop president and CEO of Nokia as of September 21, 2010.
2003-10-21 Nokia MMS solution adopted by Cingular Wireless
Nokia Networks Communications has been selected by Cingular Wireless to supply its MMS infrastructure solutions.
2007-08-10 Nokia maps out new supply, chip development strategies
Nokia will discontinue its in-house mobile phone chip development and plans to use significantly more devices from outside sources.
2012-04-13 Nokia Lumia 900 touts BOM of $209, says analyst
With the help from Qualcomm and Microsoft, Nokia was able to produce a smartphone that has high-end features, but uses less expensive components that are used in comparable Android-based products.
2005-11-04 Nokia launches mobile-TV phone
Nokia Corp.'s first phone capable of receiving mobile broadcast TV, the N92, employs a novel industrial design using a hinged, 2.8-inch display that lets the device sit on a table like a portable DVD player or twist into an LCD viewfinder like a handheld video camera.
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