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2011-06-07 FBR: Media tablet production to decrease significantly
An analyst from FBR Capital Markets believes that the tablet bubble has reached its saturation and predicts significant decrease in media tablet production this year.
2000-11-01 Extraction critical for RF design
Current CMOS technology is a viable candidate for portable communications devices. Modern deep-submicron MOS transistors have more than enough speed to handle high-frequency or RF signals.
2012-07-13 Examining Everspin's MRAM technology
Here's a closer look at Everspin's MRAM technology and its implications for solid-state drives.
2005-07-11 Epson, Fujitsu create next-gen FRAM technology
Seiko Epson Corp. (Epson) and Fujitsu Ltd have jointly developed next-generation technology for ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) non-volatile memory.
2002-05-23 Endpoint detector lengthens chamber life
The OPTI-Sense 4000 Endpoint Detector from IN USA Inc. uses non-dispersive (NDIR) infrared technology to automatically determine the endpoint of a the cleaning cycle of CVD chambers after wafer depositions.
2007-01-03 Encapsulant suits image sensor assembly
Henkel has announced the commercial availability of a new non-conductive paste (NCP) underfill encapsulant for flip-chip image sensor applications.
2015-02-20 Emerging NVM chips to cross mainstream in 2020
The global market for today's emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies will expand from $65 million in 2014 to $7 billion by 2020, predicted Yole Developpement.
2014-01-03 eMemory, SMIC extend eNVM dev't deal
The firms plan to expand the deployment of their collaboration on SMIC's embedded non-volatile memory platform development that covers both OTP and MTP eNVM technologies.
2005-03-24 eMemory's Neobit uses pure CMOS devices as cell element
eMemory disclosed that it has made available the technology of 0.13?m Neobit programmable embedded non-volatile memory in logic process, which is advanced to higher level through low-k copper process.
2008-06-17 Embedded design kit rolls for CryptoController
Atmel Corp. has rolled an embedded development kit for CryptoController, Atmel's Trusted Platform Module for non-PC embedded applications.
2009-03-03 EEPROM emulation in STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx microcontrollers
This application note explains the differences between external EEPROM and embedded flash memory, and it describes a software method for emulating EEPROM using the on-chip flash memory of the STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx devices.
2007-11-16 Ease time-to-market pressures with PLDs
With their time-to-market benefits, flexibility, programmability and low-power options, CPLDs and FPGAs have become a viable design solution for a broad range of applications in rapidly changing markets. PLDs featuring multiple densities and various embedded functions provide a fast development cycle while optimizing them for low power and a high level of system integration.
2002-04-29 Duncan Electronics position sensor is <8mm thick
The Non-Contacting Angular Position Sensor (NCAPS) 7000 series from Duncan Electronics measures <8mm thick without housing, providing a thin profile solution for motion control, rotary position, or steering angle sensing.
1999-10-21 DS1670 Portable system controller
The paper discusses the DS1670 portable system controller, which features the integration of key functions like real time clock, nonvolatile RAM control, microprocessor monitoring, and ADC converters, insuring small form factor and low power consumption for portable devices.
2009-06-04 Dongbu HiTek taps Kilopass' NVM solution
Kilopass Technology, Inc. has announced that is developing one-time programmable (OTP) memories for Dongbu HiTek's 0.18?m biCMOS-DMOS process.
2007-01-01 Do timely testing to avoid cosmic ray damage
Modern memory devices exhibit significant and increasing sensitivity to radiation-induced errors. Accurate measurements and comparisons of radiation sensitivities of semiconductor memory devices require the control of test conditions commensurate with the complexity of the devices.
2005-02-04 Discretix broadens solutions with Virage embedded memory
Discretix and Virage Logic Corp. are cooperating to provide an advanced solution for securing sensitive data in mobile storage devices.
2001-02-01 Direct plate processing for PCBs
Is direct-plate processing really as robust as electroless copper? Here is a detailed evaluation.
2007-03-27 Digipot integrates temperature sensor, ADC, LUT
Dallas Semi's DS3501 is the first in a series of highly integrated non-volatile digipots to incorporate temperature sensing, an ADC and a LUT at approximately the same cost as a standard digipot.
2007-06-01 Devices retain logic states even without power
Utilizing FRAM technology, Ramtron launches the industry's first non-volatile state saver that retains the state of signals on demand and restores them to the correct state automatically upon power up.
2002-12-04 Designing large switching matrices
This article uses the MT90869 as an example to describe the design of Large Switching Matrices.
2012-07-27 Demand for high price-performance ratio products mounts
Market outlook becomes bleak while demand for non-standard products improve.
2003-06-28 Delay Lines Comparison
This application note compares each programmable delay line and non-programmable delay line to help customers choose the appropriate device for their application.
2006-12-12 DC/DC supports TI's newest 3GHz DSPs
TI says its 10A (non-isolated) power module has the required transient response characteristics to meet the 3 percent accuracy core voltage tolerance spec of TI's newest 3GHz DSPs with just 3,000mF of external output capacitance.
2008-03-03 DC/DC converters suit intermediate bus, distributed power architectures
FDK's new Senpai series DC/DC converters are designed for intermediate bus architecture and distributed power architecture applications that require high efficiency, tight regulation and high reliability in elevated temperature environments.
2007-04-18 DC/DC converters deliver up to 20A at 85C
FDK has added the FPLR05SR75 series of DC/DC converters to its Senpai family of non-isolated POL converters.
2002-03-11 Datel dc/dc converter performs up to 65C without derating
The UNR open-frame series of non-isolated dc/dc converters delivers up to 20A of output current from a 5V input, and functions up to 65C without derating.
2002-05-29 Datel 10A dc converters target DSP, ASIC, CPLD
The LSN D3 series of 10A dc/dc converters from Datel Inc. accepts inputs from 3V to 3.6V and delivers outputs of 1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2, and 2.5V.
2002-11-18 Data acquisition: Avoiding the pitfalls of error
Complete accuracy calculations can be very tedious and confusing, but vendors have come up with varying ways to specify accuracy.
2012-11-07 Cypress, Ramtron agree on merger terms
Cypress has finalized its bid to acquire Ramtron at an estimated $109.8 million cash transaction in hopes of fortifying its non-volatile memory business.
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