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2011-02-08 Rambus acquires non-volatile memory developer
The acquisition would make for a good fit with Rambus because Rambus is a technology licensor itself and it is not expected that the company will compete in the memory chip business directly.
2008-01-07 Qimonda, Macronix collaborate on non-volatile memory technologies
Qimonda AG has signed an agreement with Macronix International Co. Ltd on a joint development of non-volatile memory technologies.
2011-10-27 Power tip: Role of common-mode currents in non-isolated power supplies
Read about the role of this "type" of current flow as an EMI source.
2008-10-20 Power sequencer packs non-volatile error logging
Texas Instruments Inc. has expanded its portfolio of power management supervisors and sequencers with UCD9081, an 8-channel sequencer and monitor with non-volatile error logging.
2009-12-22 Phase-change mechanism for non-volatile semiconductor memories
Among the different non-volatile memories based on storage mechanisms alternative to the floating-gate concept, phase-change memory (PCM) is one of the most promising candidates.
2013-12-11 Perform non-blocking communication on I2C bus
The algorithm described in this application note enables sending whole I2C packet without waiting of the CPU in loops.
2002-07-19 PC makers look towards non-traditional products
PC manufacturers and Microsoft are looking for new ways to expand their markets, conveys In-Stat/MDR.
2014-03-31 Panasonic's non-commitment clouds Tesla's Gigafactory
The Japanese electronics company expressed its apprehension over participating in Tesla Motors's lithium-ion battery project. The electric vehicle manufacturer's stocks dipped by 3.2% following Panasonic's statement.
2003-10-09 Organic materials seen for non-volatile memory
Organic materials will probably be the quickest route to dense, non-volatile memory chip: Infineon researchers.
2008-07-14 Optical switch does non-contact object sensing
Providing design engineers with a transmissive sensing device for office and automation applications, TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a slotted IR optical switch for non-contact interruptive object sensing.
2003-07-03 Optical MEMS to profit in non-telecom products
In-Stat/MDR predicts that sales of optical MEMS, into segments other than telecommunications, will grow at a CAGR of 15.8 percent over the next five years.
2006-07-24 OCXOs with non-PLL design run up to 1GHz
MMD Components has introduced a line of high-frequency OCXOs with a non-PLL design that enables users to specify frequencies up to 1GHz.
2006-05-30 nvSRAMs deliver non-volatile memory with no battery
Cypress' family of non-volatile SRAMs (nvSRAMs) internally store data when power is lost, with no battery required.
2014-05-26 Novel technique produces graphene on non-metal substrates
The process uses CVD to sandwich a nickel film with graphene layers. The nickel film can be peeled away, leaving graphene on top of the non-metal substrate.
2005-12-30 Non-volatile SRAMs debut in 1Mb and 4Mb densities
ZMD expanded its non-volatile memory portfolio with the 1Mb nvSRAM (UL634H1708A) and 4Mb it nvSRAM (UL634H1732A) product families.
2007-10-18 Non-volatile SRAM offers infinite read, write cycles
Cypress Semiconductor's non-volatile SRAM, manufactured on SONOS technology, features access times as low as 15ns, infinite read, write and recall cycles, and 20-year data retention.
2007-10-04 Non-volatile SRAM controller has tamper detection
Maxim has introduced the DS3605, an I?C-compatible, secure, non-volatile SRAM controller with tamper detection.
2010-06-11 Non-volatile SRAM (nvSRAM) basics
This application note describes the nvSRAM basic operations. The 4Mbit nvSRAM in 0.13?m SONOS QuantumTrap technology is also discussed here. The same descriptions apply to other Cypress nvSRAM parts.
2015-06-09 Non-volatile RAM seen as replacement for DRAM, flash
Startup Nantero has raised $31.5 million that will be used to speed up development of its NRAM, sometimes known as Nano-RAM, for use in both enterprise and consumer applications.
2009-10-02 Non-volatile RAM delivers up to 800MHz
AGIGA Tech's non-volatile RAM system delivers speeds up to 800MHz with peak transfer rates equivalent to DRAMs.
2007-01-31 Non-volatile memory suits security, DRM apps
Virage Logic's next-gen embedded non-volatile memory called NOVeA provides a multiprogrammable embedded memory that the company says is key in applications requiring sophisticated security and DRM capabilities.
2015-01-30 Non-volatile memory IP claims notable die cost reduction
The DesignWare Medium Density NVM IP products from Synopsys bring flash functionality to 5V CMOS and BCD process technologies, where embedded reprogrammable NVM is needed.
2008-05-30 Non-volatile logic memory retains info in zero standby power
Semiconductor manufacturer Rohm Co. Ltd announces the development of the first IC chip integrating non-volatile logic circuitry in the internal data storage area (register).
2014-03-05 Non-volatile FPGAs link any processor to MIPI interfaces
Lattice Semiconductor's MachXO3L claims to offer a bridging solution between legacy designs and processors and evolving connectivity interfaces such as LVDS displays, MIPI CSI-2, DSI and others.
2007-08-20 Non-volatile digipot comes in 2mm x 2.5mm TDFN
Catalyst announced the availability of its CAT5114 digitally programmable potentiometer in an 8-lead 2mm x 2.5mm TDFN package, touted to be the smallest non-volatile digital potentiometer.
2010-08-28 Non-US markets spell hope for cable STB industry
With the US digital cable set-top box market saturated, regional markets drive growth
2013-03-04 Non-unified networking elicit downfall for fieldbus
Although fieldbus solutions offer faster speeds for certain applications, companies experience less downtime and lower overall cost with integrated systems offered by Ethernet, stated IMS Research.
2006-03-17 Non-standard wireless protocols challenge Bluetooth, Zigbee
During the recently concluded 11th Annual International IC-China Conference & Exhibition, Nordic Semiconductor and Texas Instruments demonstrated their non-standard wireless protocol applications.
2013-05-21 Non-renewable inverters experience huge demand, says analyst
According to a recent report by Frost and Sullivan, the global non-renewable inverter market earned a revenue of approximately $1.94 billion in 2012 and estimates this to reach $2.34 billion in 2018.
2012-05-21 Non-punch-through IGBTs cut losses 20%
Microsemi?s NPT IGBTs use the company?s Power MOS 8 technology and target
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