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2002-11-14 Generation of non-standard CTCSS tones
This article describes and lists the tone frequencies for three crystal values for each chip.
2008-06-02 Gain from non-volatile memory in flash-based MCUs
In the past, many MCUs would use ROM or UV-erasable EPROM to store program instructions. But increasingly, MCUs turn to flash technologies for code storage. The main reason for choosing flash memory is that it can be erased and updated if errors are found in the program code.
2007-10-01 For non-SI specialists, use jitter eliminators
As data rates increase, signal integrity becomes the most critical factor for design engineers. Instead of implementing SI enhancement techniques, design engineers can simply add jitter eliminators such as equalizers to their designs.
2001-08-23 Features and performances of reprogrammable non-volatile byte-wide floating-gate memories
This application note compares the features and performances of major reprogrammable nonvolatile byte-wide floating gate memories, such as EEPROM, flash EEPROM, UV-EPROM and OTPEPROM.
2001-04-26 Extracting linear and non-linear k-models of RF receivers
This application note describes how to extract linear and non-linear K-models of an RF receiver, and instantiate and test a K-model in SPW (Signal Processing Worksystem) DSP tool.
2007-03-01 Explore nanocrystal non-volatile mem
Silicon nanocrystals have been explored as a charge storage medium for embedding non-volatile flash memory in MCUs.
2008-09-12 eMemory, MagnaChip team on non-volatile memory IP
eMemory Technology Inc. and MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd have partnered on Neobit-embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property, which received final verification to be applied in CMOS logic and high-voltage processes.
2000-12-06 ECLinPS circuit performance at non-standard VIH levels
This application note explains the consequences of driving an ECLinPS device with an input voltage HIGH level (VIH), which does not meet the maximum voltage specified in the ECLinPS data book.
2009-11-11 DSPs improve non-destructive test equipment
Dapco is set to deliver the first commercial version of its C6472 TI DSP-based ultrasonic testing instrumentation.
2002-05-06 DN25 Series: Off-line 5V output non-isolated linear regulator
This application note presents a two-stage linear regulator circuit, which provides a solution that is both very compact and cost-effective.
2003-08-21 Digital pots cut non-volatile memory price
Analog Devices' AD517x family features compact "set & forget" digital potentiometers that features automatic resistance lock.
2013-10-10 Develop touch electrodes for non-uniform surfaces
Know how to accomplish touch detection on non-uniform surfaces, such as discrete keys with overlays of varying thickness and curved surfaces.
2002-04-02 CSR software embeds Bluetooth into non-Windows devices
The BlueCore Host Software allows designers to embed Bluetooth capability into a range of devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs, not running on Windows OS.
2001-05-29 Creating non-homogeneous parts and symbols
This application note describes the steps to create a non-homogeneous part.
2003-10-03 Connecting a National Instruments Corp. Ethernet Device to a Non-Ethernet Network
This application note describes the steps involved in connecting a National Instruments Corp. ethernet device to a non-ethernet network.
2015-07-06 CMOS X-ray detector targets non-destructive testing
The Rad-icon 2022 CMOS X-ray from Teledyne DALSA targets scientific imaging and non-destructive testing, including weld inspection, wire bond and PCB inspection, and other industrial imaging applications.
2002-06-12 Clock oscillators and non-compensated sinewave crystal oscillators
This application note discusses the three primary parameters that must be considered for moderately stable crystal oscillators, where temperature-compensation and oven operation are not required.
2013-04-05 China-based fabless firm chases non-Apple market
One of China's oldest fabless chip suppliers, Actions Semiconductors, is often seen as a shrinking player in the diminishing MP3 player market. But under new management, it has proven its resilience.
2001-08-21 Case non-rupture current ratings
This application note describes the case non-rupture current parameters of thyristors.
2006-04-28 Cadence AMS kit adopted by non-volatile memory supplier
Cadence announced that Saifun Semiconductors has adopted Cadence's Analog Mixed Signal Methodology Kit.
2004-05-03 Bringing energy efficiency to non-isolated apps
Power Integrations' off-line switcher IC addresses the higher load currents and energy requirements that will be demanded of tomorrow's non-isolated power solutions.
2003-10-28 Book explains EDA to non-technical audiences
Aimed at engineers new to EDA and non-technical people, a new book has been released that explains the basics of chip design tools.
2012-07-16 Bluetooth solution for non-handset applications from RDA Microelectronics
Single-chip product offers high integration of any non-handset Bluetooth host device.
2007-09-12 AWR fields non-gridded EMF solver software
AWR is launching an electromagnetic analysis tool called Axiem that it claims offers a sufficient speed up to allow EMF solving to be used in design rather than a post-design check.
2003-05-29 Augmenting Korea's non-memory semiconductor industry
Professor Kyung Jong-Min, a pioneer in the development of Korea's non-memory technology, said that an engineering profession is an honest and dignified livelihood.
2014-02-12 ARM's shift to non-volatile memory bodes well
ARM expands its view on IP, considering the future uses of MRAM and CeRam.
2007-10-08 ARM tool performs non-intrusive software analysis
ARM has started shipping a tool specifically designed to enable non-intrusive analysis of software performance and code coverage of real system workloads running over minutes, hours or days.
2012-09-13 Analyst: Non-Apple entities to rule tablet market
WitsView forecasted that by 2015, platforms such as Windows and Android will gain a sizable market share, with Windows eating away a considerable portion of Android's market share away.
2005-06-21 A simple low-cost non-isolated universal input off-line converter
This app note discusses the switch-mode off-line power conversion that entails a means of galvanic isolation from primary to secondary.
2011-02-11 A low-cost, non-isolated AC/DC buck converter with no transformer
Read about an innovative gate-drive circuit for a hysteretic buck controller that have resulted in an ultralow- cost DC power rail.
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