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2006-07-04 Magnetic linear position sensor comes in TSSOP20
iC-Haus has announced the iC-ML, an integrated magnetic linear position sensor/encoder assembled in a TSSOP20 package measuring 6.6-by-6.4-by-1.1mm
2011-01-13 Industrial terahertz system uses non-contact, non-radioactive sensor
API's T-Ray 4000 for the factory line offers terahertz system for industrial use. It offers non-contact sensor via terahertz light scanning for quality and process control.
2012-06-04 Sensor touts novel electrode for lower cost
Plessey Semiconductors' PS25451 ultra-high impedance, non-contact, solid state electric potential sensor is suited for consumer electronics and appliances and security and alarm systems.
2005-04-13 Sensor offers a wide variety of operational modes
A general-purpose magnetic angle encoder in a space-saving DFN10 package that measures a mere 4-by-4 by-1mm, the iC-MA from IC-Haus comprises a number of Hall sensors for analogue sine/cosine generation, as well as an integrated signal processor with an analogue-to-digital converter and output interfaces.
2006-03-30 Optical sensor operates up to 12 inches
TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a wide gap optical sensor that operates over distances up to 12 inches in industrial environments
2008-01-15 Non-contact thermometer features 35 field of view
Melexis' new non-contact thermometer, the MLX90614xAC, has an FOV of only 35, enabling design engineers to measure smaller objects or increase the sensor-object distance.
2006-12-08 Non-contact switch operates in contaminated environs
Optek has developed a long-distance reflective switch with a sensing distance of up to 24 inches, providing design engineers with a device capable of operating in contaminated environments.
2006-12-05 Non-contact IR switch operates in industrial environs
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a non-contact infrared switch capable of operation in industrial environments, providing design engineers with a long-distance sensing device for machine automation safety switches
2009-07-22 Magnetic sensor ICs deliver open/close detection
Torex Semiconductor has developed the XC3202 series of low-power magnetic sensor ICs suitable for mechanical open/close detection with non-contact sensing.
2011-07-27 Laser sensor touts 1?m resolution in 10mm range
Acculogic's LaserScan offers automated verification of component profiles, measurement and compensation for board warp and mechanical component assembly verification.
2009-02-13 IR sensor features long detection range
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a new reflective object sensor in a miniature surface mount package
2010-04-08 IR light sensor packs logic output
TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a small surface mount-packaged photo light sensor with a digital output designed for applications with limited space
2009-03-23 Fluid sensor offers self-calibration circuitry
TT electronics Optek Technology released the OCB350 series of fluid sensors that feature automatic calibration circuitry and preset trip level feature.
2010-11-16 Electric potential sensor under development
Plessey Semiconductors Ltd has signed a technology license agreement with the University of Sussex for the manufacture and commercialization of an electric potential sensor
2006-02-23 E-field sensor IC finds new markets
Freescale Semiconductor expanded its line of electric field (E-field) sensing ICs from automotive applications to the appliance and industrial markets.
2002-04-29 Duncan Electronics position sensor is <8mm thick
The Non-Contacting Angular Position Sensor (NCAPS) 7000 series from Duncan Electronics measures <8mm thick without housing, providing a thin profile solution for motion control, rotary position, or steering angle sensing
2006-07-10 Displacement sensor eases linear positioning
MTS Systems has developed a low-cost family of displacement sensors for linear positioning.
2006-11-02 Digital position sensor targets car steering apps
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a digital angular position sensor (DAPS) for automotive steering applications
2001-10-15 Non-contact optical position sensing using silicon photodetectors
This application note examines the various types of silicon photodetectors and discusses the theory of operation and relative disadvantages of each type. An example of optoelectronic instruments utilizing these sensors is also presented.
2015-06-10 Role of sensors in industrial Internet revolution
The wide variety of sensors now available can help simplify design-in, minimise integration challenges, and help engineers deliver attractive and easy-to-use smart sensors to market at competitive prices.
2010-05-12 Optical switch enables multiple output configurations
Optek Technology has developed a Photologic slotted optical switch in a right angle package to providing design engineers a flexible optical device with multiple output configurations.
1999-12-16 Optical sensing for the HBCS-1100
This application note describes the electrical and optical design considerations for using discrete optoelectronic devices, or the HBCS-1100 High Resolution Optical Reflective Sensor. The application areas addressed include non-contact transmittive, or reflective sensor systems. Each of these application areas includes an optical emitter, a transmission path, and a detector to perform the sensing function.
2010-03-30 MPR121 proximity detection
MPR121 is a feature-rich, second generation touch sensor controller after Freescale's initial release of the MPR03x series device
2011-06-28 MEMS eliminate temperature errors
Melexis released its third-generation of contactless MEMs infrared temperature sensors designed eliminate errors due to fast temperature variations and/or thermal gradients.
2013-12-11 Fringe light projection offers potential for micro-3D survey
A researcher from University of Freiburg revealed how fringe light projection can be applied to measure the dimension of 3D objects in the micrometer range.
2002-01-15 Nicera sensors exhibit high temperature sensitivity
The RE series dual pyroelectric sensors are temperature-sensitive devices that operate in passive modulation mode.
2015-01-28 Manufacturing boosts demand for safety sensors, switches
Safety sensors and switches have a range of applications in manufacturing processes such as material handling, packaging, assembly, robot cells, conveyor systems, and transport systems and so on.
2006-09-28 Avago unrolls new line of transmissive photointerrupters
Avago recently announced its first series of transmissive photointerrupters targeted at office automation and vending machine applications.
2002-10-15 austriamicrosystems encoder employs contactless measurement
The AS5021-E incremental rotary encoder from austriamicrosystems uses contactless measurement with quadrature output signal.
2006-08-25 IR reflective switch operates in dusty environs
OPTEK Technology said both the emitter and sensor of its long distance infrared switch is protected by a clear window, allowing the device to operate in dusty environments
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