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2005-05-17 TI unveils POLA-compatible non-isolated, plug-in power modules
Texas Instruments Inc. announced two families of POLA compatible, non-isolated, plug-in power modules that are available in single in-line pin packages.
2004-12-09 TI non-isolated modules offer 50 percent size reduction
TI announced three new wide-input, non-isolated modules that promise to simplify power system design.
2011-10-27 Power tip: Role of common-mode currents in non-isolated power supplies
Read about the role of this "type" of current flow as an EMI source.
2005-06-22 Non-isolated positive output buck/boost ac-dc converter
This app note describes how to easily design a simple, non-isolated ac-dc converter for powering the low voltage control portion of line-powered applications that use a triac or SCR power switch
2007-05-07 Non-isolated positive output buck AC/DC converter
This application note describes the way, how to easily design the simple, non isolated AC/DC converter for powering low voltage control part of mains applications with triac, or SCR power switch.
2005-06-22 Non-isolated negative output buck ac/dc converter
This app note describes how to easily design a simple, non-isolated ac/dc converter for powering the low voltage control portion of line-powered applications that use a triac or SCR power switch
2002-04-08 Low cost power supplies using VIPer12A in non-isolated off-line applications
This article presents an overview of not isolated topologies and typical applications using the smart power integrated approach using VIPer12A.
2008-03-28 LM5015 non-isolated two-switch DC/DC regulator evaluation board
The LM5015 non-isolated DC/DC regulator evaluation board provides a low cost and fully functional DC/DC regulator without employing any discrete power MOSFET.
2007-02-05 Isolated and Non-Isolated High Power, High Voltage DC/DC Controllers
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2002-05-06 DN25 Series: Off-line 5V output non-isolated linear regulator
This application note presents a two-stage linear regulator circuit, which provides a solution that is both very compact and cost-effective.
2004-05-03 Bringing energy efficiency to non-isolated apps
Power Integrations' off-line switcher IC addresses the higher load currents and energy requirements that will be demanded of tomorrow's non-isolated power solutions.
2005-06-21 A simple low-cost non-isolated universal input off-line converter
This app note discusses the switch-mode off-line power conversion that entails a means of galvanic isolation from primary to secondary.
2011-02-11 A low-cost, non-isolated AC/DC buck converter with no transformer
Read about an innovative gate-drive circuit for a hysteretic buck controller that have resulted in an ultralow- cost DC power rail.
2002-04-24 Tyco full-brick converter targets 12V intermediate bus environments
The FHW500B full-brick dc/dc converter from Tyco Electronics Power Systems provides a regulated output of 12Vdc, and is designed for use in intermediate bus architectures, enabling OEMs to use downstream, non-isolated dc/dc converters to generate additional logic.
2000-06-15 Topologies for Switched Mode Power Supplies
This application note presents an overview of the most important dc/dc converter topologies, which are divided into two parts based on whether or not they have galvanic isolation between the input supply and the output circuitry: the non-isolated switching regulators and the isolated converters.
2007-05-21 Tiny POL converters deliver up to 780W/inch3 of power
FDK Corp. has added two new high performance DC/DC converters to its Senpai Series of non-isolated point-of-load converters.
2002-05-24 TI power IC makes swift move to 9A
Texas Instruments Inc. says its TPS54910 synchronous-buck (non-isolated) dc/dc converter chip can provide a continuous 9A at voltages down to <1V (adjustable).
2008-07-30 POL converters offer up to 30A output current
FDK Corp. has expanded its Senpai Series of non-isolated point of load (POL) converters with eight products in standard packages.
2006-12-12 DC/DC supports TI's newest 3GHz DSPs
TI says its 10A (non-isolated) power module has the required transient response characteristics to meet the 3 percent accuracy core voltage tolerance spec of TI's newest 3GHz DSPs with just 3,000mF of external output capacitance.
2008-03-03 DC/DC converters suit intermediate bus, distributed power architectures
FDK's new Senpai series DC/DC converters are designed for intermediate bus architecture and distributed power architecture applications that require high efficiency, tight regulation and high reliability in elevated temperature environments.
2007-04-18 DC/DC converters deliver up to 20A at 85C
FDK has added the FPLR05SR75 series of DC/DC converters to its Senpai family of non-isolated POL converters.
2002-03-11 Datel dc/dc converter performs up to 65C without derating
The UNR open-frame series of non-isolated dc/dc converters delivers up to 20A of output current from a 5V input, and functions up to 65C without derating.
2002-05-29 Datel 10A dc converters target DSP, ASIC, CPLD
The LSN D3 series of 10A dc/dc converters from Datel Inc. accepts inputs from 3V to 3.6V and delivers outputs of 1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2, and 2.5V.
2003-11-18 C&D dc-dc converters provide high current
C&D Technologies has announced two high-efficiency, non-isolated dc-dc converters that are targeted at intermediate bus distributed power architectures.
2002-04-29 Bel dc/dc converter provide 10A from 5V source
Packaged in an SIP housing, the V7PC-10B series of non-isolated step-down dc/dc converters from Bel Fuse Inc. provides an output of 10A from a 5V sourcehigher than the 6A output of similarly-sized products.
2003-06-23 Artesyn dc/dc converters have 94 percent efficiency
The company's series of 12V-input, E-class niPOL dc/dc converters features efficiencies up to 94 percent.
2010-09-02 Using the TPS23753A (and family) with an external error amplifier
This application note shows how to use the common TLV431 as an error amplifier in conjunction with the family of parts in a non-isolated flyback converter application.
2005-07-11 TI unveils new power modules
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) launched its first 2.25A and 3A non-isolated, plug-in power modules with its Auto-Track sequencing technology. According to TI, their new POLA-compatible modules simplify power design in industrial and data communications systems that employ high-speed microprocessors, FPGAs, ASICs and its TMS320 digital signal processors (DSPs).
2003-01-06 SynQor SIP dc/dc converters exhibit 92 percent efficiency
The NiQor line of non-isolated SIP dc/dc converters from SynQor can deliver up to 20A of total output current.
2008-07-16 Stepdown DC/DC converters render high efficiency
Aimtec has launched the AMSR-78Z series of non-isolated, DC/DC switching regulators, which offer an ultrawide input, extended output voltage and high efficiency up to 97 percent.
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