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2004-04-16 Tight DSP and NP integration produces enhanced VoIP chip solutions
This technical paper discusses how VoIP has altered the landscape of telecommunications by adding a new level of intelligence to networks.
2007-02-13 Quantum processor solves NP-complete problems in record time
The D-Wave quantum computer, called 'Orion,' solves the most difficult problemsNP-Completein a just a few cycles, compared to the thousands of cycles needed by conventional computers.
2003-11-25 Ezchip evaluation system based on NP-1C processor
EZchip has released an evaluation system for its NP-1c 10Gb network processor that is compliant with the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture.
2004-05-26 Tyco power-distribution module facilitates battery-backup
Tyco Electronics' new 1U, NP CDM connects the company's NP series of 48V rectifier systems to one or two battery strings.
2003-01-30 SiS selects Agilent tester for HyperTransport devices
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. has purchased Agilent Technologies Inc.'s 93000 SOC Series NP-models for the testing of its HyperTransport devices used in PCs, workstations, and servers.
2009-06-29 Power MOSFETs zoom into automotive apps
NEC Electronics Europe has expanded its NP-Series of PowerMOSFETs. The two devices have a breakthrough voltage of 100V and complement the lineup of low-voltage PowerMOSFETs for automotive apps.
2004-01-01 PC eyes digital home, network processor ready for limelight
Multimedia and network processors are seen to expand in the upcoming year due to the growing consumer demands on multimedia apps.
2014-08-14 Moore's Law gets new lease on life
The semiconductor industry realised that energy-efficiency can be improved a bit, but instead of traditional scaling one must rely on new, clever tricks, including micro-architectural restructuring.
2006-06-21 Mini transducer measures currents up to 100A RMS
LEM has introduced a miniature PCB-mounted transducer for the measurement of currents up to 100A RMS.
2002-01-08 Innovative Microdevices SRAM module touts 10-year data retention
The IMI265 8Kb no-power (NP) SRAM module features a built-in miniature lithium battery that facilitates battery retention in the absence of a regular power supply.
2002-01-10 EZchip samples 10Gb, seven-layer packet processor
EZchip Technologies is sampling a 10Gbps, single-chip packet processor that allows fully programmable packet classification, modification, forwarding and policing at full-duplex wire speed.
2005-06-30 ADI's network processors tailored for SME gateway market
Analog Devices unveiled its Fusiv-NP family of network processors, which promises to provide industry-leading network throughput performance with IPSec security.
2002-11-18 Using QDR for NPF's LA-1 specification
The NP Forum voted to use QDR, which is a proven technology as the basis for the LA-1 interface, thus reducing the implementation risk for NPE vendors
2009-09-30 Thyristor protectors offer ultralow capacitance
ON Semi offers the NP-MC series of ultralow capacitance thyristor surge protection devices that provide protection to sensitive electronic equipment from transient overvoltage conditions.
2015-01-08 Network processor supports multiple 40Gb, 100Gb ports
Geared for data centre networks, the 200Gb NP-5 from EZchip sells at roughly a 50 per cent higher ASP and enables vendors to double and triple the port density of their line cards.
2008-01-22 Low on-resistance for this power MOSFET
The latest addition to NEC Electronics America Inc.'s NP Series is the NP180N04TUG low-voltage power MOSFET, which features an advanced architecture and package designed to manage heat dissipation and reduce power loss.
2002-09-04 EZchip processor powers next-gen ZTE metro switch
ZTE Corp. has selected EZchip Technologies' NP-1 network processor to power its next-generation metro switch.
2010-01-25 100Gbit network processor handles Carrier Ethernet
EZchip Semiconductor Ltd is sampling the single-chip NP-4 100Gbit network processor (NPU) for Carrier Ethernet equipment.
2007-06-06 100Gbit network IC has integrated traffic manager
EZchip Technologies Ltd claims that its NP-4 network processors can offer system vendors a significant cost reduction by integrating all the key components of their line card into a single chip.
2014-11-20 Zytronic outs EMI-resilient capacitive touch controller
The ZXY110 boasts improvements in the speed, accuracy and EMI stability of self-service touchscreens, and supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux OS.
2004-04-28 Zymet rolls out silica-filled encapsulant
Zymet has developed a new reworkable BGA underfill encapsulant that is a silica-filled version of its earlier CN-1432.
2003-12-04 Zuanbao terminal blocks rated to 50Vac, 3A
The WP8-5 terminal blocks from Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics Co. Ltd features a withstanding voltage of 500Vac at 50Hz/min.
2003-02-17 Zuanbao terminal blocks rated to 3A
The WP6-3 WP series of terminal blocks from Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics Co. Ltd is rated at 50V, 3A.
2004-03-23 Zuanbao terminal blocks operate to -40C
Rated at 3A, 53V, Zuanbao Electronics' WP2-17 terminal blocks operate within the -40C to 55C temperature range.
2003-10-21 Zuanbao RCA connectors rated to 50Vdc
Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics Co. Ltd's RCA connectors feature a withstanding voltage of 500Vac at 50Hz, and rated load of 50Vdc.
2003-11-13 Zuanbao A/V connectors rated to 50Vdc, 0.2A
Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics has announced the availability of its AV2-8.4-36 A/V connector that features a withstand voltage of 500Vac per minute.
2004-02-02 ZTT devices offer rapid wire connection
Zhejiang Tiandi Telecommunication Equipment Co. Ltd has released its TD-T1/T2/T3/T4/T5/T6 UY, UB, UR and UCC connectors that offer solid and rapid connection of wires.
2005-08-29 ZTEC's 90MHz digital scope plug-ins play in PCI, PXI
ZTEC will be making its newest PC-hosted digital storage scope plug-in available in both PCI Extensions for Instrumentation flavors
2012-01-16 zSFP+ connector geared for 25Gb/s Ethernet
The 20-circuit connectors support 10Gb/s Ethernet and 16Gb/s fiber channel applications.
2006-05-31 ZigBee transceivers use TI SoCs
AeroComm is offering OEMs two ZigBee RF transceivers based on Texas Instruments' recently released IEEE-802.15.4 SoC and Z-Stack firmware.
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