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What does ODM stand for?
ODM stands for original design manufacturer. It is a contract manufacturer that uses its own designs and intellectual property to manufacture a product, which will ultimately be branded by another firm for sale.
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2004-07-12 Eazix GPS receiver based on SiRFstar IIe/LP chipset
Eazix launched the EZGPM01 GPS receiver that can be embedded with ease into electronics devices to enable location-based services.
2005-07-01 DVB-T/USB chip drives digital TV reception for PCs
Pushing for personal computers to evolve as complete media center devices, fabless semiconductor firm DiBcom introduces a highly-integrated low-power IC for digital TV reception in PCs
2007-12-21 DSP delivers high-definition audio in wireless platforms
STS Inc. has announced the availability of its fourth-generation audio baseband chip for digital wireless audio platforms.
2011-05-19 DRAMeXchange forecasts notebook shipment growth
A DRAMeXchange research shows that notebook shipments in the second quarter of the year will grow 9.5 percent quarter on quarter. Year over year, notebook shipment will be revised to 6.5 percent.
2011-11-01 DRAM price stays flat in October
Thailand floods that have shut down plants, causing disruption of HDD supply chain.
2007-01-09 Draft-n router claims 300Mbps wireless speed
The Netgear WNR854T access point provides backward compatibility with 802.11b/g, but draft-n capability lets it deliver wireless connections at up to a raw claimed 300Mbps.
2012-06-19 Display interface family tips DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4
STMicroelectronics' Mystique family of high-speed active-protocol bi-directional converters are designed for managing audio and video signals between DisplayPort and HDMI.
2003-01-08 Digital entertainment revolution in consumer electronics
Sales of DVD players, home theatre systems, and portable audio has enabled the digital entertainment chip segment to experience outstanding growth, said Cirrus Logic SVP Terry Leeder.
2007-01-23 Digicam platform integrates Wireless USB
Artimi has developed a small-format module pre-integrated into a digicam reference platform to help manufacturers bring Wireless USB-enabled cameras to market more quickly.
2012-02-08 Cylindrical lithium battery prices remain stable
Manufacturers have adjusted their production and have stocked up components in January and this has stabilized the prices of cylindrical lithium battery cells.
2008-08-12 Contract manufacturing market faces slowdown, notes iSuppli
The electronics contract manufacturing industry is undergoing a period of deceleration and consolidation, phenomena that will transform the market by 2013 as competitors are forced to rethink how they deliver value to their customers.
2007-10-19 Contract manufacturing catches on in Japan
Given the enormous presence of Japanese OEMs in the electronics supply chain, it's surprising that the global outsourcing trend is not catching on in Japan.
2015-06-19 Computex turns to IoT, wearables extravaganza
Consolidations in Taiwan are expected to build stronger, more capable companies, enabling the country to pivot and focus future developments onto higher value product features such as wearables and IoT.
2011-10-26 Compal to use Microsoft patents
Compal has been licensed to use Microsoft patents in its mobile device offerings.
2009-09-03 Comment: Nokia loses its magic touch
Rick Merritt predicts that the once darling of the cellphone business and still the largest handset maker is set to be slowly eaten by its PC and cellphone competitors.
2010-08-06 COM Express module targets gaming, industrial automation
The VIA COME8X80 module from VIA Technologies, Inc., is the world's first COM Express product to take advantage of the 64bit VIA Nano E-Series processor, according to the company.
2006-08-08 Chip supports multiple W-USB modes
The new IC from Wisair provides a high-performance wireless solution for PCs and laptops, PC peripherals, and consumer electronics devices such as wireless hubs, external hard drives, digital cameras, camcorders and portable media players.
2013-04-05 China-based fabless firm chases non-Apple market
One of China's oldest fabless chip suppliers, Actions Semiconductors, is often seen as a shrinking player in the diminishing MP3 player market. But under new management, it has proven its resilience.
2010-05-24 China telco licenses Qualcomm modem card
Qualcomm Inc. and China's CK Telecom have entered into a subscriber unit and modem card/module license agreement (including PCB assemblies).
2007-03-22 China firm eyes One Laptop per Child project
A PC maker in China is looking to get in on the One Laptop Per Child project using machines powered by the locally designed Loongson microprocessor.
2006-03-10 CE products to benefit from PCIe bus
During the 11th Annual International IC-China Conference & Exhibition, Philips Semiconductor demonstrated a series of products based on PCIe, including a DVB-T TV receiver card and a 4-channel video server.
2014-07-11 Can Ara create a hardware revolution?
Google's modular phone concept is an ambitious initiative that aspires to forge an equivalent app store for hardware, and to do so will require innovations in many fronts. A top Google tech executive described the picture Ara seeks to paint.
2008-12-02 Bsquare buys automated test solutions provider
BSQUARE Corp. announced it has acquired assets of privately held TestQuest, the leader in test automation and management solutions for mobile and embedded devices and applications.
2014-12-11 Broadcom's open switch pipeline spec aims at carrier network
The OF-DPA 2.0 enables SDN use cases such as network virtualisation, traffic engineering and service chaining. It features OpenFlow switch pipeline that supports multiple platforms.
2009-12-22 Broadcom gears 40nm for HD handsets
Broadcom Corp. announced it is sampling its first 40nm chip, a cellphone media processor capable of recording full 1080-progressive high-definition video.
2014-12-01 Best tech devices at Electronica 2014
The Internet of Things may have been a constant refrain, bringing together sensors, wireless, and microcontrollers, but so was automotive with exactly the same combination.
2007-03-22 Back to the BenQ brand for handsets
BenQ has decided to scrap its BenQ-Siemens branded business and go back to using BenQ brand starting Q3, according to a Digitimes report.
2007-03-21 AVR flash MCUs roll for high-volume USB apps
Expanding its family of AVR MCUs, Atmel has launched two new devices for high-volume USB applications ranging from HID to wireless adaptors.
2005-05-25 Avnet inks global franchise with Toshiba
Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet Inc., has signed a global franchise agreement for the distribution of Toshiba's semiconductor products.
2006-01-23 Audio processor touts 800Mbps 1394b data rate capability
BridgeCo. claims to have the first FireWire audio IC platform that supports 1394b (S800), doubling the bandwidth capacity over older, 400Mbps 1394a systems.
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