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What does OEM stand for?
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It is an organization that sells products that are made by other companies. The term can be confusing since some of the OEMs are often the designer of the equipment, and "original equipment designer" or "original concept designer" would be more fitting terms.
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2003-05-09 PCMCIA releases latest PC card specification
PCMCIA has introduced its latest PC Card specification, codenamed "Newcard".
2006-05-01 Overcoming DSL STB design challenges for IPTV
In a bid to overcome DSL set-top box design hurdles, component manufacturers are introducing fully designed and documented development boards, with interfaces and other design issues resolved.
2006-11-01 Outsource the interconnect
Outsourcing the SoC interconnect design is a direct, straightforward measure to significantly reduce the impact of the OEM software-shift phenomenon on the semiconductor industry.
2014-05-09 OSM-distributor cooperation mitigates spread of fake chips
A procurement strategy involving original semiconductor manufacturers selling their products only through authorised distributors is said to maintain 100% control of products across the supply chain.
2008-08-27 Opinion: ST, Ericsson must decide on new JV's future
STMicroelectronics and Ericsson LM have accomplished the easier task of forming a joint venture (JV) IC and mobile platform business. But ST and Ericsson must now decide the real future of the new business and their continued role in its management.
2005-01-25 OMAC user group to merge with ISA
The Open Modular Architecture Controls Users' Group and Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society said Friday (Jan. 19) they would merge, with the OMAC group becoming a subsidiary of ISA.
2006-01-17 OEMs/ODMs deploy Microtune TV tuner for PC USBs
Microtune Inc. announced that its MicroTuner MT2060 silicon TV tuner has been deployed by several OEMs and ODMs in their new USB adapters for PCs.
2008-07-17 Numonyx NOR reaches out to 65nm
Numonyx has extended its family of high-density NOR flash memory products to its 65nm process lithography to meet the demands of embedded customers.
2011-06-28 Notebook ODM shipment grows, threats seen ahead
Research arm DRAMeXchange reported June shipment growth of notebook ODMs, but sees previous generation platforms, sluggish consumer purchase in Europe, and tablet PCs as threats.
2002-01-14 Nortel eyes broader global reach with manufacturing reps
Nortel Networks Corp. has expanded its network of manufacturing representatives for optical components in an effort to complement its direct sales activity in the OEM market.
2002-01-30 Network OEMs stick with Sonet, ATM attack
Makers of network equipment are putting new emphasis on tuning products for traditional, old-world architectures, as radical ideas fall out of style in step with the recession.
2002-11-19 Neesus to deliver WLAN solutions Avnet subsidiary
Wavelength Design Solutions has signed Neesus Datacom Inc. to provide WLAN software development services to their customers who incorporate wireless technology into their end products.
2005-11-16 Multiprocessor nets get middleware
Enea moves into networking middleware with the introduction of a suite of networking services dubbed Element.
2002-09-23 Monterey Design licenses Synplicity ASIC solution
Synplicity Inc. has granted Monterey Design Systems access to its Synplify ASIC synthesis software.
2007-10-29 Module adds Zigbee sans additional programming
Cirronet's ZMN2405HP OEM modules feature the company's proprietary CSM profile that virtually eliminates additional programming when adding Zigbee wireless connectivity to products.
2006-12-18 Mobile TV chip integrates RF, DSP
Telegent Systems Inc. unveiled a single-chip mobile TV architecture late in October that integrates RF, DSP demodulation and video post-processing.
2005-11-14 Mobile phone makers to stay in-house, says iSuppli
Despite a marked trend toward outsourcing to contract manufacturers, mobile-phone OEMs will keep most manufacturing in-house the next few years, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2003-05-08 Mobile handset sector grows, albeit slowly
iSuppli Corp. said the gravy train has officially left the station while the 3G express has been downgraded to a local.
2002-07-24 MIPS acquires Algorithmics
MIPS Technologies Inc. has acquired U.K.-based Algorithmics Ltd to form MIPS Technologies (U.K.).
2005-08-05 Microsoft, Langchao open Beijing outsourcing center
A joint Microsoft-Langchao Group Offsite Development Center (ODC) opened in Beijing in recent days and, according to the Chinese firm, is aimed at increasing "the efficiency of outsourcing collaborations between Langchao and Microsoft."
2013-11-19 Microsoft to join elite rank of chip buyers with Nokia buy
IHS forecasted that by next year, Microsoft will become the eighth-largest OEM chip buyer, up from No. 13 this year and 15th place in 2012.
2004-02-06 Mentor readies PCB tools for Intel chipset
Mentor Graphics has along with Intel Corp. developed drop-in core layout kits for OEMs and ODMs that design motherboards using Intel's latest chipset.
2004-09-02 MegaChips calls on MIPS for mobile apps
MIPS Technologies Inc. is continuing to score with major Japanese OEMs and ODMs for its 32-bit processor architecture, with MegaChips LSI Solutions Inc., (MCL) deciding to standardize on the architecture for a range of mobile consumer electronics applications, SOCs from which are expected to ship to system OEMs in Japan and Asia by 2005.
2002-04-15 Matsushita, TCL sign collaborative agreement
Matsushita Electric Co. Ltd and China-based TCL Holdings have reached a collaborative agreement under which the companies will undertake feasibility studies in areas such as R&D, production, sales and procurement for the consumer electronics business.
2000-01-01 market forces drive manufacturing trends
Evolving product specifications are altering the manufacturing process, what with OEMs passing on their responsibility to EMS providers, and a slew of changes in the IC packaging, PCB assembly and wafer processing industries.
2012-11-08 Many OEMs to cut volume of contract services, says analyst
Citing increased pressure to maintain profitability and streamline operations, 51 per cent of OEMs said they would reduce their outsourced manufacturing services providers.
2003-09-16 Managing the transition from parallel to serial storage interfaces
This paper discusses how OEMs can make the most out of parallel-to-serial inflection occurring now for HDDs and PC chipsets.
2002-06-04 MAGMA provides PCI expansion solution to U.S. chipmaker
MAGMA has provided a U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer with its Split Bridge Link Kits PCI expansion solution for a current design project.
2002-06-14 Magis licenses ARM core for networking ICs
Magis Networks Inc. has licensed ARM's processor core from for its first-generation chipsets used in 5GHz wireless networking.
2014-04-07 LTE physical layer module gives savings boost to OEMs
The module combines the MIMOon PHY and CommAgility's signal processing hardware, reducing development costs and enabling OEMs to deliver projects more quickly.
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