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What does OEM stand for?
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It is an organization that sells products that are made by other companies. The term can be confusing since some of the OEMs are often the designer of the equipment, and "original equipment designer" or "original concept designer" would be more fitting terms.
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2002-12-03 Low-cost FPGAs: A prospect for Chinese OEMs
Altera Corp. and Xilinx Inc. are honing up low-cost FPGAs for Asian OEMs.
2008-07-21 Low-cost audio, video codecs offer versatile features
eASIC Corp., a provider of zero mask-charge ASIC devices, has announced the immediate availability of the eDV9100, the first member of their eDiVeo family of low-cost single chip audio and video codecs.
2011-09-06 LNAs target cellular infrastructure apps
Skyworks has released two LNAs that offer low noise amplification at 32db high gain.
2005-06-16 Learn how FPGA pares costs in digital displays
To maximize savings provided by a platform-based approach, system electronic components must be carefully selected
2002-04-09 Jinling to install equipment, expand manufacturing area
Shanghai Jinling SMT Co. Ltd has disclosed plans to install six SMT productions lines, and expand its manufacturing area to 30,000 square meters, in a bid to become the largest OEM and ODM SMT production base in Shanghai.
2003-05-02 Is semiconductor inventory corrected?
Misconceptions about the reasons behind the semiconductor industry's recent collapse need to be corrected; one such hazy idea is the inventories on the balance sheet of semiconductor companies.
2002-08-26 IPC makes first move into Asia
IPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, has made its first move into China with the opening of its Shanghai office.
2016-04-08 IoT supply chain benefits from mobility expansion
No longer niche markets, automotive and related "mobility" markets, have rapidly taken centre stage at leading electronics events, and hence, gained in supply chain prominence and importance.
2014-12-11 IoT sees more action in 2015
Companies are always looking for ways to drive business transformation, and many are now realising that the Internet of Things can help them deliver against these goals.
2005-03-23 Intel exec: dual-core transition will be 'evolutionary'
Intel's transition to dual-core processors in the second quarter should be "evolutionary" and cause little disruption in the supply chain, a top executive for the company said Thursday.
2014-12-30 Integrated reverse logistics promises cost advantage
For best results, organisations need to partner with a single reverse logistics provider rather than diluting the process across multiple vendors, where cost and security issues are hard to control.
2010-05-12 Infineon zooms past Freescale in auto IC vendor list
Freescale has been unseated by its archrival Infineon, according to Strategy Analytics report, Automotive Semiconductor Market Shares 2009: Infineon Takes Top Spot from Freescale.
2003-01-15 Infineon to supply Kingston with memory products
Infineon Technologies AG and Kingston Technology Co. Inc. have signed a Long-Term Agreement in which Infineon will supply Kingston with DRAM components.
2003-01-06 Industry consolidation favors Asia
In 1996, the PC industry went through a major consolidation - one that saw Taiwan ODMs venture into their own.
2006-11-17 India's HCL forms JV with Celestica
HCL Technologies Ltd is forming a joint venture with EMS firm Celestica Inc. of Canada to provide complete concept-to-manufacturing solutions for OEMs.
2006-07-25 India sees budding WiMax support
India's contribution to WiMax development comes through the support of hardware developers at both the chip and OEM levels.
2007-07-02 Image chip makes car vision affordable
the Swiss Center for Electronics and CSEM S.A. claim to have the technology to lower the cost of automotive vision systems from thousands of dollars to hundreds.
2005-02-16 IIC-China, ESC-China '05 gathers huge crowd
The largest tradeshow in the mainland draws an even larger crowd of vendors and suppliers equipped with exciting products.
2013-06-24 IC inventory drops in Q1, down 4.6% from 4Q12
Semiconductor makers' inventory in Q1 declined to $37.6 billion from $38.4 billion over the previous quarter as a resurgence in consumer demand for electronic products is expected by 2H13.
2013-11-26 IC firms, OEMs to log healthy growth by year's end
Revenue in the final quarter of the year is expected to climb at an even more blistering pace, reaching $540 billion with sequential growth of 10 percent, said IHS.
2003-06-02 Hybrid FPGA/ASIC devices address market needs
Hybrid FPGA/ASIC devices allow instant design changes like FPGAs, while leveraging the more efficient ASIC logic for fixed blocks of a design.
2012-11-02 Huawei chooses ASIC over FPGA
China's Huawei Technologies is doing away with FPGAs in some of its gear for the first time and replacing them with using ASICs.
2015-04-02 How to simplify the process of demand management
Effective planning of supply chain involves sound demand management such that OEMs can intelligently respond to emerging situations to maintain a balance between demand and supply.
2015-12-10 How to make your online buyers happy: Tips for OEMs
As soon as the purchase is made, a series of seamless events must happen in the warehouse to ensure that the customer receives the right product quickly and in the perfect condition.
2006-08-21 Hitachi enters RFID partnership with WJ Communications
WJ Communications has signed an OEM agreement with Hitachi America Ltd, to supply fixed readers for use with Hitachi's RFID u-chip.
2013-08-12 High shipment growth expected for sub-$200 smartphones
ABI Research predicted that low cost smartphone shipments will grow from 238 million in 2013 to 758 million by 2018.
2001-05-01 HAL levels the playing field
A case study shows that the hot air leveling (HAL) process is more robust and capable than what everyone thought. This article discusses some of the advantages HAL has to offer.
2002-07-16 GTT licenses Deep Video display technology
GTT has licensed Deep Video Imaging's Multilayer Display technology to be integrated into its desktop monitor solutions.
2006-11-07 Group meets to promote adoption of WLCSP semicon
The first meeting of the Wafer Level Chip-Scale Package Forum was held last week in San Jose with the agenda to discuss WLCSP issues.
2002-06-16 Gigabit Ethernet finds solid ground in design puzzle
The advent of 10GbE standard is generating widespread interest in designing low cost triple-speed networking cards, cabling, stacking switches and core routers for high-speed network apps.
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