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What does OEM stand for?
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It is an organization that sells products that are made by other companies. The term can be confusing since some of the OEMs are often the designer of the equipment, and "original equipment designer" or "original concept designer" would be more fitting terms.
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2002-12-10 CSR, BlueGiga partner for Bluetooth product development
CSR and BlueGiga have signed a non-exclusive partnership agreement.
2000-01-01 Convergence trends challenge Asian engineers
The growth of the Internet and e-commerce is speeding the marriage of computers and communications. You will need to reinvent yourselves constantly to excel in the future, when consumer demand will push you to the limits of technology.
2000-03-31 Controlled impedance design and test
This application note provides information to assist OEMs and PCB vendors to design and test motherboards that will meet a 28-ohm (10 percent) impedance specification.
2005-09-08 Consolidation hits GaAs foundry market
nsolidation hits GaAs foundry market
2005-07-07 Compal set to make, design Motorola 3G phones, says report
Taiwan's Compal Electronics Inc. has received contract orders for third-generation (3G) mobile phone handsets from Motorola Inc. according to a China Economic News Service report, which cited Hsu Sheng-hsiung, chairman of the Kinpo-Compal Group, as its source.
2009-07-07 Compact 20W power supplies suit volume OEMs
SL Power Electronics is offering a series of compact, 20W single output power supplies designed specifically for the volume commercial OEM who is looking for a reliable power source at a budget price.
2005-02-16 Comms, consumer electronics lead tech trends
Mainland manufacturers eye on developing new products and solutions targeting communications and consumer devices.
2002-01-24 Comms OEMs urged to adopt configurable platforms
OEMs need to abandon proprietary systems architectures and adopt configurable platforms to weather the current recession, said a keynote speaker at the Bus and Board conference Monday (Jan. 21).
2015-05-07 Common standard key to boost wearables adoption
Supply chains/OEMs need common standards that would allow wearables to readily and seamlessly interact with each other and the many different device types that will eventually exist in the IoT space.
2003-01-03 Committing to collaborative design
It is a new economy of ubiquitous electronics - an economy that delivers innovative electronics products that instantly become indispensable tools to our business, home, and leisure activities.
2008-07-22 Commentary: Ruiz carries on processor fight
It's going to be a really long goodbye for Hector Ruiz. When industry executives hand over the reins of power to a successor, they might stay on briefly as chairman of the board of directors before relinquishing even that position to enjoy their retirement.
1999-06-29 Code compression technology benefits portable products
This paper explains how the ARM thumb code compression is implemented in both the ARM9T and the ARM10T and the benefits for portable OEMs.
2002-07-05 Cirrus MPEG codec chip integrated into Intel reference design
Cirrus Logic Inc.'s CS92288 MPEG A/V codec chip has been incorporated into Intel Corp.'s Media Center Reference Design.
2005-06-01 Choosing the right interconnect
The march of technology has made it important for digital designers to use skills that were once only required of supercomputer engineers.
2007-01-01 Chip foils Blu-ray-DVD war
The battle between competing next-gen DVD standards may soon be over as electronics companies promise to unroll universal players within the year.
2015-09-23 Chinese OEMs to boost smartphone sensor demand
China is proving to be an ideal environment for sensor suppliers seeking to enter the smartphone market and for smartphone OEMs hoping to differentiate their models with innovative features.
2005-02-21 China's top 50 OEMs outpaced 2004 equipment market, says iSuppli
With electronics systems production in China rising 13 percent to $209.5 billion in 2004, from $185.5 billion in 2003, and China's top 50 OEMs outperforming the market, with a 23 percent year-on-year increase in sales, once-obscure Chinese OEMs are rising up the ranks of the world's makers of electronic equipment, according to iSuppli Corp.
2009-05-20 China OEMs boom as wireless market slides
Revenues for wireless infrastructure systems fell off a cliff in Q1 09 despite record sales of base stations. Sales are expected to be generally flat over the next four years, forcing a consolidation in which China's top OEMs will rise.
2007-08-15 But for OEMs, industry tapers inventory glut
Except for OEMs, which increased their days of inventory 7 percent during the recent quarter, all other segments of the electronics industry supply chain had reduced their stocks.
2002-07-01 Business models for Open Source success
Companies need to revisit some common notions in embedded system design before they make their "Leap to Linux."
2015-12-10 Broadcom expands wireless MCU line-up for embedded design
The WICED CORE ELP family features an ARM Cortex CM4 MCU with FPU and DSP extensions and a clock speed up to 100Mz, and aims to give IoT applications simultaneous multi-protocol support.
2002-05-29 Bliss white paper reveals SMT inefficiencies, solutions
Bliss Ind. Inc. has published "Profit-Driven Manufacturing (PDM)," a white paper detailing the PDM process intended to improve SMT line throughput by 40 percent.
2002-06-16 Beyond LAN: 10GbE for high bandwidth metro systems
With 10GbE, system designers are under pressure to incorporate this technology in their products. Multiple vendors aid them by providing building blocks for this technology.
2005-07-14 Avnet to create specialty semiconductor distribution division
Following Avnet's acquisition of Memec Group, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas has disclosed its plan to establish Avnet Memec Americas, a specialty semiconductor distribution division within the Americas region.
2012-08-29 Avnet to buy Japanese electronic components distributor
Established in 1970, Internix is an electronics components distributor representing both Japanese and foreign suppliers serving primarily Japanese OEMs.
2004-12-01 Audio/power ICs answer call for multi-tiered wireless
The three new ICs from Freescale provide highly integrated one-chip solutions customized for the wide range of today's consumer wireless products.
2006-10-09 ARM, SPIRIT DSP ink audio and voice software partnership
ARM has selected SPIRIT DSP to deliver highly optimized software audio and voice engines with low power consumption at a small core size and footprint.
2002-07-15 ARM opens Shanghai office
ARM has officially opened its headquarters in Shanghai, China.
2004-09-13 ARM opens second office in China
Processor technology licensor ARM Ltd is extending its reach in China with an office in Beijing that it says is intended to support the capital's fast-growing pack of design houses, its long-established base of universities and research groups, as well as OEMs and new foundries.
2001-05-16 Application-specific DRAM needed for communication apps
This news article describes how DRAM vendors need to work more closely with communications systems OEMs to define new comms-specific memories.
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