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What is OLED?
Also known as organic light emitting device, organic light emitting diode, this light-emitting device typically consists of a series of organic layers between two electrical contacts (electrodes). OLEDs can be made using small-molecular weight organic materials (SM-OLEDs) or polymer-based materials (PLEDs, LEPs).
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2007-09-25 Sumitomo acquires P-OLED pioneer for $258M
Sumitomo Chemical Co. announced it has completed its $285 million acquisition of P-OLED pioneer Cambridge Display Technology Inc. by means of a merger.
2012-09-03 ST and MicroOLED team up for OLED expansion
STMicroelectronics and MicroOLED move aims to revolutionize micro-displays as well as expand the potential market.
2008-01-09 Sony-Samsung rivalry to drive OLED market
Sony Corp. and Samsung SDI's brewing competition will cast OLED technology as a solid contender for both mobile applications and standalone TVs, whether as tethered or wireless units.
2007-10-10 Sony, Samsung push OLED to consumer segment
OLEDs will soon break into the consumer market as Sony and Samsung SDI are making moves to bring the displays to a larger commercial audience.
2012-06-28 Sony, Panasonic join forces on OLED tech
Sony and Panasonic team up to develop the next-generation of OLED panels and modules by utilizing their core and printing technologies.
2007-10-03 Sony to roll out OLED TV in time for Christmas
Sony announced it will debut the XEL-1, claimed to be the world's first OLED TV, on December 1.
2003-06-17 Sony to establish OLED production line
Sony Corp. has disclosed plans to invest $76.64 million in establishing an OLED production line in ST-LCD Corp.
2003-06-23 Sony to commence mobile OLED display mass production
Sony Corp. is set to begin mass production of its "Super Top Emission" active-matrix full-color OLED display panels.
2004-08-18 Small color OLED targets security apps
The new color OLED from One Stop Displays has an ultra-thin 1.65mm-thick display that makes it suitable for next-gen security cards and programmable card apps.
2003-03-05 SKD commences OLED display production
SK Display Corp. has begun production of active-matrix full-color OLED displays.
2005-05-23 Samsung takes OLED display panel to 40 inches
South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd claims to have developed the world's first 40-inch display panel made from a single sheet of organic light-emitting diode material.
2005-04-11 Samsung takes lead in OLED market, says iSuppli
Samsung SDI leveraged its strong presence in the mobile-phone business to become the leading supplier in the global OLED panel market in 2004, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2009-04-22 Samsung sees smart phone, OLED boost
Samsung Mobile Display expects a significant increase in the number of smart phones that will be shipped over the next few years, rising to 500 million units in 2012 from a projected 170 million in 2009.
2006-05-29 Samsung SDI may speed OLED ramp-up
Samsung SDI said it would launch active matrix OLED mass production at the beginning of October.
2005-04-22 Samsung SDI licenses OLED tech from Universal Display
Samsung SDI will integrate Universal Display Corp.'s proprietary organic LED technologies into its active-matrix OLED products under patent license agreement between the companies.
2010-05-21 Samsung readies large-screen OLED TVs
Samsung is increasingly confident in the future of OLEDsnot just for smart phone displays but also for large-size TVs, especially 3D TV.
2015-06-16 Samsung mirror OLED panels offered as 'virtual fitting room'
The Samsung Display OLED panel technology, integrated with Intel RealSense technology, provides a digital viewing platform for making the consumer purchasing experience more visually engaging.
2015-02-12 Samsung invests $3.6B in OLED panels
The new production line will begin by producing curved panels like those on the Galaxy Note Edge but will aim to help win Samsung Electronics external customers to drive future earnings growth.
2016-04-20 Samsung inks deal with Apple for iPhone's OLED display
Samsung is forecast supply an annual 100 million OLED panels, worth $2.6 billion, to Apple from the 2Q17 for three years.
2005-01-06 Samsung develops 21-inch OLED display for TVs
Samsung Electronics said Tuesday (Jan. 4) it has developed the largest single-panel active matrix-based organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display for TVs, measuring 21 inches diagonally and displaying 6.22 million pixels.
2005-01-06 Samsung develops 21-inch OLED display for TVs
Samsung has developed a single-panel active matrix-based OLED display for TVs that measures 21 inches diagonally and displays 6.22 million pixels.
2012-01-19 Samsung allots $42B for logic, OLED outlay
Despite the uncertain global economy, the South Korean company plans to boost manufacturing capacity for logic chips, MEMS sensors and OLED displays as well as memory and LCD production.
2012-07-24 Roll-to-roll processing for small molecule flexible OLED devices
Read about a roll-to-roll line designed to carry out research and develop flexible OLED lighting modules.
2003-07-09 ROHM, eMagin co-develop OLED microdisplay
ROHM Co. Ltd and eMagin have collaborated on the development of active matrix OLED microdisplays for viewfinders for digital still and video cameras.
2003-03-21 RiTdisplay OLED panel operates to 70C
The RGC10096016GR000 OLED module of RiTdisplay Corp. is rated at 4V and is screened for operation over a temperature range of 20C to 70C.
2009-07-22 Report: OLED market to reach $7.1B by 2016
DisplaySearch's latest Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report, forecasts the total OLED display market will grow to $7.1 billion by 2016, from $0.6 billion in 2008, with a CAGR of 36 percent.
2008-10-28 Report: OLED lighting to achieve higher growth
Looking at the new report of NanoMarkets, an industry analyst firm, the OLED industry is finally ready to inch away after having investments amounting to billions of dollars over the past decade.
2004-05-26 Renesas rolls out solution for OLED graphic panels
Renesas developed the C64665 constant drive type data driver and the C64666 scan driver that feature 128 and 88 push-pull outputs, respectively.
2009-12-28 Q3 OLED shipments hit record high with $250M
Increased demand in high-end mobile and smart phones has driven growth despite the state of the economy.
2008-06-25 Project improves efficiency of OLED lighting panels
The 20-million euro (around $31 million) Organic LEDs for Lighting Applications (OLLA) project that has been partly funded by the European Union since 2004 has concluded, claiming it met and exceeded its goals and produced record-breaking OLED lighting panels.
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