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2002-02-20 Wireless Online GSM smart antenna improves network capacity, coverage
Wireless Online's ClearBeam 900 Smart Applique smart antenna system is claimed to provide network operators with a 200 percent capacity improvement and 300 percent coverage improvement over conventional sector solutions.
2014-12-24 What is the real impact of online shopping to the env't?
Environmental impact assessments are one way the IT and ICT industries try to predict the environmental impact of products and services, but researchers at KTH say these assessments need to go further.
2015-08-17 Vivo shuns online portal, expands retail network in India
Vivo Mobile is increasing its physical retail network in semi-urban areas in India, refusing to sell smartphones through online portals like its rivals Xiaomi, Gionee, Motorola and Micromax.
2003-02-12 THUS to use Ciena online edge deployment platform
THUS plc has selected Ciena Corp.'s Online Edge Multiservice CWDM platform to support its LAN extension services, known as "City Ethernet."
2002-04-18 The Online X-Y Plot extension for Chart 4 (Windows)
This application note explains how to use online x-y plot, an extension for Chart 4 that plots data from one channel against data from another, in real time.
2002-07-31 Synopsys launches real time online support services
Synopsys Inc. has launched ViewConnect, an online customer support that enables users to interact with Synopsys support personnel to solve tool and methodology issues in real time via a secure Internet connection.
2002-09-23 Startup to offer online Verilog training sessions
Mindbrook Inc. will initiate an online Verilog training program that offers software design collaboration in 1H of 2003.
2008-11-11 SSDs drive better performance for online tasks
Samsung is now in volume production of its 25Gbyte and 50Gbyte SSDs for performance-optimized server applications like video on demand, Web serving and on-line transaction processing.
2005-04-21 Skyworks launches online store for select Linear products
Skyworks Solutions Inc. announced
2008-05-20 SK Telecom all set for China's online gaming scene
SK Telecom is stepping up its efforts in advancing into China's online gaming market as the company participates in the management of Magicgrids Networks.
2009-08-10 Simulation tool goes online
Fairchild Semiconductor has released a Web-based simulation tool to help designers of portable applications to quickly and accurately assess the performance of advanced load switches in actual application circuits.
2009-12-23 RoodMicrotec, X-FAB collaborate online
Rood Testhouse International NV (RoodMicrotec) has signed a collaboration agreement with foundry company X-FAB .
2007-09-25 Remote Vietnam village goes online
The Vietnamese village of Ta Van now has wireless broadband access to the Internet, using a combination of WiMax and a geosynchronous satellite.
2011-11-30 Online videos to boost Internet TV uptake
A recent study reveals that 45 percent of consumers in India and China use the Internet for searching TV content.
2010-10-07 Online videos rising but pay-TV market not yet affected
Enthusiasm as well as consumption for online media continue to escalate. Meanwhile, pay-TV operators have not yet seen a significant impact on their subscriber bases; early indicators suggest online media will later compete with pay-TV.
2014-06-12 Online tools promise to improve SoC design
eSilicon announced a couple of online tools with which designers can use to explore design and delivery options, essentially bringing e-commerce to chip designers.
2012-06-18 Online tool speeds DC/DC power supply system design
Texas Instruments' WEBENCH System Power Architect lets users build and optimize a power system from the edge of the card to the smallest point-of-load in as fast as 60s.
2003-06-02 Online tool provides product support status
A Product Support Status Tool was launched on the website of Universal Instruments, which allows users to locate the company's support status.
2005-01-25 Online tool leverages skill in analog design
If you provide analog design engineers an easier way to create, develop and implement a typical analog circuitry, they would do whatever it takes to grab that opportunity.
2005-03-01 Online tool leverages skill in analog design
Analog circuit design can now be made at a fast and easy pace. All you need is a PC with a browser
2011-03-18 Online tool eases power supply design for Atmel, Freescale ARM chips
National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Processor Power Architect accelerates the design of multiple load power supplies for Atmel and Freescale ARM processors, providing designers with options to cut cost and footprint.
2006-08-21 Online tool eases evaluation of DDS chips
ADI has launched the ADIsimDDS online evaluation tool, which assists users in selecting, evaluating and troubleshooting direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs.
2014-09-19 Online tool eases clock tree design for Internet infrastructure
The Clock Tree Expert tool from Silicon Labs allows embedded developers to generate sophisticated, streamlined clock tree block diagrams, reducing BOM count and speeding time to market.
2006-06-20 Online tool eases backplane connector design
Molex Inc. offers backplane designers an online Backplane Connector Configurator tool to help them streamline their design process.
2015-01-06 Online strategy drives Xiaomi's IoT goals
Despite the lack of factories and physical retail stores, handset maker Xiaomi has managed to keep up with the consumer electronics industry through its mobile Internet strategy.
2013-03-07 Online storage cuts NAND flash capacity in mobile devices
Memory capacity per cell phone has declined to 12.8GB on average in 1H13, compared to 13.2GB the same time last year, noted IHS.
2009-02-25 Online simulation tool trims design time
Maxim Integrated and Transim Technology have launched the Maxim's EE-Sim Design Center, a virtual design environment that allows engineers to create and simulate complex circuits online in a matter of mere minutes, reducing design time.
2012-04-04 Online simulation tool targets DC/DC circuits
Vishay's free PowerCAD Simulation tool allows the designer to perform DC, transient and startup simulations with visibility of all the circuit node waveforms.
2015-08-14 Online retailers drive smartphone sales in India
According to IDC, smartphone shipments increased to 26.5 million from 18.4 million for the same period last year, allowing to market to grow by 44 per cent.
2013-10-03 Online quoting service drastically cuts MPW quote time
eSilicon's automated, instant, online quoting service for MPW Shuttle Services takes only around 15 minutes, a vast improvement from the usual process that takes 40 hours.
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