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2011-02-03 Op amp family improves sensor measurement
TI's OPAx320 family supports high-impedance sensor signal conditioning with 0.9pA input bias current, zero crossover distortion, 150?V offset voltage, and common mode rejection rate of 114dB.
2005-12-30 Op amp delivers 2.9?A quiescent current
TI's new op amps feature high performance single-supply operation, very low quiescent current (2.9?A) and low noise (80nV/rtHz) relative to the quiescent current.
2009-05-20 Op amp architecture aims for zero offset voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MCP65X series of operation amplifiers (MCP651/2/5) that uses on-chip, one-shot digital calibration to correct the input offset voltage.
2006-06-21 ON Semi unveils op amps for HD video apps
ON Semi expanded unveiled seven new operational amplifiers designed for the rapidly growing high-definition video applications market.
2003-02-12 National Semi rolls out high-speed video, comm amps
National Semiconductor has launched 10 new high-speed LMH amplifiers that feature ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth for HF apps.
2005-01-12 National navigates upstream into precision op amps
National will announce a series of operational amplifiers in a bid to position itself more completely within the precision-amp market.
2007-10-08 National debuts rail-to-rail, current feedback op amps
National Semiconductor has introduced a 5V rail-to-rail input and output and a 36V current feedback operational amplifier.
2001-04-11 Monolithic op ampThe Universal Linear Component
This application note presents some examples (based on the LM101 op amp and the LM102 voltage follower) that demonstrate the range of usefulness of operational amplifiers in linear circuit design. It also discusses a few practical hints on preventing oscillations in op amps.
2008-02-27 Micropower precision amps promise 'lowest' TCVOS
National has launched a family of micropower precision amplifiers with a guaranteed maximum TCVOS as low as 0.4?V/C.
2007-04-30 Microchip unveils sub-microampere op amps
Microchip's new, sub-microampere op amps have a quiescent current of only900nA and a bandwidth of 10kHz, with a maximum voltage offset of just 150?V at 25C.
2003-07-30 Microchip op-amps have I/O rail-to-rail feature
Suitable for use in automotive and industrial apps, the company's three op-amp families feature an I/O rail-to-rail functionality
2002-10-07 Microchip 100kHz op amps have 1?A max quiescent rating
Microchip Technology's MCP614X family of op amps feature a gain bandwidth product 100kHz and a typical quiescent current of 600nA.
2002-07-09 Micrel op amps draw 90 percent less current
Micrel Semiconductor Inc. has announced two rail-to-rail dual op amps that operate from 5V down to 2V.
2002-07-22 Micrel op amps consume 2.5mA
Micrel Semiconductor Inc. has announced the release of the MIC922 unity gain op amp that has a slew rate of 1.5kV/5s with a 230MHz gain bandwidth product while consuming 2.5mA
2004-03-01 Maxim op-amps consume 800nA
Maxim Integrated Products has disclosed that its submicro op-amps are the industry's smallest with and without an integrated reference voltage.
2002-05-07 Maxim op amps have 10nV/0C drift
The MAX4238 and MAX4239 operational amplifiers from Maxim Integrated Products provide an offset voltage of 0.15V and drift of 10nV/0C.
2007-10-25 Low-offset op amp family suits portable apps
National Semiconductor has unveiled five new precision operational amplifiers designed for portable test and measurement, industrial and medical systems that require signal-conditioning.
2011-02-16 Low-noise op amps reduce supply current to 1?A
Maxim's MAX9636-MAX9638 rail-to-rail, low-noise operational amplifiers target interfacing to high-impedance sources such as photodiode and piezoelectric sensors.
2008-11-14 Low-noise amps deliver high accuracy for sensors
National Semiconductor has launched the LMP2021 and LMP2022 zero-drift op amps highlighting low input voltage noise11nV/Hz at a gain of 1,000V/Vand high DC accuracy for instrumentation and sensor interface applications.
2009-02-18 Low noise op amps eye optical sensors
New Japan Radio has launched the NJU7029 low noise CMOS dual operational amplifier with rail-to-rail output optimal for optical sensors of signal process.
2006-11-07 Low distortion op amp drives 12-, 16bit ADCs
Texas Instruments' new fully-differential operational amplifier is suited to driving 12bit and 16bit ADCs for 3.3-5V data acquisition systems and wireless communications, test and measurement, and medical imaging.
2004-03-24 Linear Tech releases lowest power zero-drift amps
Linear Technology has disclosed that its LTC2054 and LTC2054HV power zero-drift amplifiers are the industry's lowest for power sensitive apps.
2002-04-23 Linear Tech rail-to-rail op amps roll
Linear Technology Corp. has single, dual and quad rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifiers that it says consume <2mA.
2002-07-08 Linear Tech op amps produce 1.9nV/sqrt-Hz noise
The LT6203 dual and LT6204 quad rail-to-rail I/O, unity-gain stable op amps feature a noise voltage of 1.9nV/sqrt-Hz (100kHz) while drawing 2.5mA.
2002-09-23 Linear Tech op amp exhibits 0.95nV/Hz noise
Linear Technology's LT6200 unity gain-stable, voltage feedback amplifier exhibits noise of 0.95nV/Hz and operates from a single 3V supply.
2003-06-25 Linear amps feature 0.95nV/rtHz noise
The LT6200-10 and the LT6200-5 rail-to-rail input and output op-amps from Linear Technology Corp. are suitable for use in areas such as medical diagnostics.
2003-12-03 Intersil rolls out six new op amps
Intersil Corp. has expanded its high-speed operational amplifier portfolio with the release of six rail-to-rail output amplifiers.
2003-03-31 Intersil op amps target multimedia, industrial apps
The company's four rail-to-rail operational amplifiers are designed for high-performance requirements in multimedia and industrial systems.
2003-10-13 Intersil fixed-gain amps suit portable apps
Intersil Corp. has introduced two fixed-gain amplifiers that are capable of operating at gains of 1, -1, and 2.
2004-03-04 Intersil expert discusses high-speed amps at IIC-China
In one of the hot sessions at the 9th Annual IIC-China Exhibit, Intersil Corp.'s Richard Yin kept the fires of interest burning among engineers present as he discussed the company's paper.
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