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2004-01-20 Intersil amps feature 0.3mV output offset voltage
Intersil has introduced six high-accuracy, high-speed amplifiers for measurement and data acquisition applications that require 0.01 percent accuracy or more.
2003-09-19 IC Op Amps Beats FETs on Input Current
This application note discusses using an IC operational amplifier instead of a FET, when an input error current in the order of 100pA over the -55C to 125C temperature range is required.
2007-05-09 High-precision op-amps suit automotive, industrial apps
ST has released TS507, a high-precision op-amp that benefits customers with an ultra-low input offset voltage guaranteed over a wide common-mode voltage range
2005-06-14 Frequency response errors in voltage feedback op amps
This app note focuses on the error analysis, so each equation is analyzed in detail
2009-01-22 FET op amp fit for medical, portable devices
Analog Devices Inc. introduced one of the industry's fastest FET op amp that operates at 1GHz. The ADA4817 was designed for high-performance medical diagnostic and portable devices, as well as instrumentation equipment
2006-03-07 Dual, quad op amps in DFN packages
Linear Technology introduced the 1.8V LT6001 and LT6002 dual and quad operational amplifiers available in a tiny DFN package.
2016-04-12 Dual op amps from ST operate from 2.7V to 36V
The dual TSB572 and single TSB611 BiCMOS op amps support wide supply range and tolerate ESD up to 4kV HBM, aimed at automotive and industrial applications.
2006-10-10 Dual op amp lowers voltage noise by 80 percent
ADI has unrolled a dual op amp that lowers noise by 80 percent without sacrificing precision for medical, instrumentation, ATE and other industrial applications
2009-04-15 Driving capacitive loads with op amps
This application note is for circuit designers using op amps that drive capacitive loads. It assumes only a basic understanding of circuit analysis.
2008-04-03 Designing RF with op amps (Part 2)
The conclusion of a two-part series addresses the practical circuit examples of RF and intermediate frequency (IF) amplifiers.
2008-03-27 Designing RF with op amps (Part 1)
Operational amplifiers were not originally thought of as candidates for RF design, but the advent of newer, faster devices has made them an attractive option for some applications.
2007-06-27 DC/DC converter has five op amps
Maxim's MAX8795A TFT-LCD DC-DC converter saves both space and cost by integrating a step-up regulator, two linear-regulator controllers, five high-current operational amplifiers and a logic-controlled, high-voltage switch with adjustable delay in a small 25mm? footprint.
2007-01-16 Current-feedback op amps for high-speed apps
Applications that benefit from the unique qualities of a current-feedback amplifier include: presentation-quality video line drivers and routers, ADC drivers, IF amplifiers and clock buffers. Current-feedback amplifiers shine anywhere signal fidelity and high speed are the primary goals.
2008-09-22 Compact op amp delivers stable protection circuitry
ADI has launched a highly integrated precision operational amplifier with on-chip over-voltage protection circuitry.
2005-09-15 CMOS amps deliver optimal balance of precision, low power
The new family of CMOS amplifiers from Linear Technology is touted to deliver extraordinary DC precision at the lowest possible supply current
2008-04-29 Class D amps claim 'lowest' solution cost
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9736A/B, a family of versatile single-supply, filterless Class D speaker amplifiers, which provide high-performance, thermally efficient amplifier solutions at the lowest solution cost.
2002-11-06 Cirrus op-amps achieve low-noise functionality
A proprietary MultiPath design developed by Cirrus Logic for dc measurement ADCs is working in op-amps to achieve low-noise with low-drift capabilities.
2003-09-15 Buffer op amp to ADC circuit collection
This document describes various techniques that interface buffer op amps to ADCs.
2007-08-20 Biasing and decoupling op amps in single supply applications
This paper by ADI's Charle Kitchin discusses biasing and decoupling of op amps in single-supply applications.
2007-07-25 Audio op amps offer 'lowest' distortion, 'highest' linearity
Two new op amp families for high-end audio applications from National Semiconductor set new standards for performance, offering extremely low distortion, low noise, high speed and high output drive
2004-07-23 ADI op amps target communications apps
ADI announced that its latest family of operational amplifiers deliver the optimal combination of low noise and low power at the higher speeds.
2004-08-27 ADI op amps offer high speed, rail-to-rail output
ADI announced that they have developed a family of op amps that deliver many of the performance benefits usually found in more expensive amplifiers.
2006-08-22 50MHz CMOS op amp offers low noise, high precision
With a gain bandwidth of 50MHz and input characteristics that challenge precision bipolar amplifiers, Linear Tech said its LTC6244 dual op amp offers breakthrough performance
2006-06-16 500MHz-1.4GHz op-amps target HD video apps
ON Semi's new cost-effective NCS25xx family of 500MHz-1.4GHz devices are designed for high definition video applications.
2013-02-18 50?V op amp supports 76V input range
Linear Tech's LT6016 and LT6017 claim to combine high precision with the ruggedness and versatility of the company's Over-the-Top architecture, and boast high voltage gain of 1000V/mV.
2016-04-19 36V op amps aimed at industrial, automotive apps
The TSB572 and TSB611 devices from ST are made using 40V-ready BiCMOS semiconductor process that claims to deliver superior GBW/Icc efficiency resulting in about five times lower supply current.
2010-05-17 1.8mA op amps support multiple channels
Texas Instruments Inc. has rolled out a family of JFET-input op amps featuring ultralow noise and distortion to maximize audio system quality and performance.
2006-10-16 Microchip intros 'first' amps with gain-select pin
Microchip's MCP6G0x are said to be the first amplifiers with a gain-select pin in place of a negative-input-pin, enabling digital gain control for better system accuracy and dynamic range.
2006-05-16 JFET op amp achieves high input impedance
New Japan Radio announced a JFET input operational amplifier.
2006-10-03 Dual audio op amp practically 'eliminates' distortion
National Semiconductor has announced a dual, high-fidelity audio op amp claimed to practically eliminate distortion, with a THD+N of 0.00003 percent
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