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2006-03-02 IBM, Novell, Parity contribute to open source initiative
IBM, Novell and Parity Communications announced that they are contributing code to an open source initiative, code-named "Project Higgins," that will spawn a new generation of security software, giving people more control over their personal online identity information.
2005-03-02 IBM ups open-source efforts
IBM Software said it is contributing some 30 open-source projects to, a repository of open-source code and related material.
2006-08-21 IBM to invest more in open source
IBM disclosed it will invest more heavily in open source client-side middleware, development tools, web application servers, data servers, systems management, open hardware architecture, grid computing, and technology services businesses.
2007-11-23 IBM tips open source tech for senior workers
IBM has partnered with researchers from the University of Dundee's School of Computing in the United Kingdom and the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine to develop open source technology for older workers.
2010-03-31 IBM ties up with universities on open mobile interface
IBM is collaborating with universities to explore an open, common user interface platform for mobile devices
2007-10-04 IBM pushes for open RFID standards
IBM convinced RFID device manufacturers to implement the Eclipse open source device model, received certification that its WebSphere RFID Information Center is compliant with EPCIS standards, and is supporting a new Low Level Reader Protocol reader-interface standard.
2005-01-13 IBM offers patents to open source developers
IBM Corp. announced Tuesday (Jan. 11) that it will give open source developers free access to 500 of its software patents.
2011-12-12 HP to offer WebOS as open source
HP will be contributing its WebOS to the open source community. The move suggests that the company was not able to find a buyer for its mobile operating system.
2004-03-30 HDL generation language adds open-source license
Confluence, a declarative programming language, is now available under the GNU General Public License.
2014-07-08 Hadoop embraces open-source analytics upgrade
While seen as an OS for big data, Hadoop yet lacks enterprise-class features including security, recovery, backup, and access control. So Intel has made a deal with Cloudera to merge the two code bases.
2004-11-09 Groups combine to develop open source service availability specs
The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Service Availability Forum are collaborating on the development OpenAIS, an open source interface specification that supports carrier grade Linux for communications applications.
2007-04-16 Groups call for open cellular nets
A growing chorus of companies and public-interest groups is calling for cellular carriers to open their networks to any device or Web application. Carrier restrictions are choking innovation and consumer choice, stalling the next big round in wireless growth, they say
2015-07-21 Google reveals open specification for BLE beacons
Beacons are simple hardware devices that transmit an identification code to devices configured to be attentive to the BLE signal, which typically travels up to 100m.
2007-11-07 Google bares mobile strategy: open platform
Google's long-awaited gPhone has been rechristened "Android," but a briefing on the device focused on the 34-member Open Handset Alliance Google has formed to drive open interfaces for wireless applications, rather than on a handset design
2014-04-04 Flextronics' Volkerink calls for an open innovation
Flextronics CTO Erik Volkerink believes that open developments to qualify technology building blocks will help close the gap between complexity and productivity, and accelerate product innovation
2015-12-11 Facebook sets up open-source system for machine learning
Big Sur packs eight Nvidia Tesla M40 graphics accelerators, each drawing up to 300W, and is the first system to use the high-end cards targeted at training deep neural networks.
2013-07-01 Engineers, hobbyists increase reliance on open source tools
The latest findings of element14's survey found that 56 per cent of professional engineers were more likely to use open source hardware such as Arduino and BeagleBone in 2013.
2002-08-09 Engineer creates open-source HDL in Ruby language
Illustrating the power of the Ruby scripting language, consulting engineer Phil Tomson has used it to create the open-source Ruby hardware-description language.
2002-09-09 Engineer authors open-source register generation tool
An open-source tool created by an ASIC designer promises to automate the laborious process of generating Verilog code for processor registers.
2006-10-02 Encourage innovation through open source
Boingo recently announced its Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit as an open-source product.
2005-04-01 Embedded talks to open IIC-China conferences
Small companies don't have researchers to comb through new technology, that's why trade shows and seminars are indispensible for staying ahead in the electronics industry.
2012-03-21 EEMBC releases open source Android benchmark
The new open source benchmark aims to give engineers and end users a way to measure the performance of Android-based systems.
2007-09-05 DsPIC, PIC24 get open-source RTOS
The DSPnano Version 2 is an open-source RTOS designed for Microchip's dsPIC DSC and PIC24 MCU families.
2005-08-01 Doors 'open' to hardware
Is 'open' hardware a disruptive technology that will foster the kind of collaboration that Linux brought to the software world
2006-08-01 Developers ramp open source
Embedded developers are increasingly turning to open-source tools for building reliable and flexible systems and software. Open-source code can provide both raw material for building system software and applications, and development tools for creating that software.
2003-10-20 Design language links to open-source model checker
Confluence, an RTL generation language, has a new link to an open-source model checker used primarily to verify complex software systems.
2011-01-03 Cortex A8-based development board supports open source
Mistral Solutions launched its Craneboard, which the maker is boldly positioning against TI's AM35x Sitara ARM Cortex-8 MPU evaluation modules.
2008-11-20 Comment: Gphones should be more open in net search
There's no doubt the first phone to use the Google Android mobile software is open in new and significant approaches
2007-03-09 Cisco, IBM team up on open standards communications platform
During the recent VoiceCon conference in Florida, United States, Cisco revealed a partnership with IBM to develop a new communications platform based on open standards
2003-08-20 CD-ROMs compile open-source EDA, IP
An updated CD-ROM package contains some 190 open-source EDA tools and 130 hardware designs - all for a price of $25.
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