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2011-03-30 Honeycomb's limited release irks OEMs
Google has opted not to release Honeycomb to open source, admitting it has more work to do before it can deliver Android features to other devices such as phones.
2006-04-11 HK, China OSS businesses on the rise
The prospects for businesses in Hong Kong and China that leverage the open source development model appear to be on the rise, according to the panelists participating in an Open Source Business Roundtable.
2014-05-28 Heartbleed's impact on Internet, embedded security
Majority of publications on Heartbleed have focused on the security of consumers' usernames and passwords. It should, however, also make us reflect on how we should secure our embedded designs.
2013-07-10 Guide to porting Android on embedded platforms
Find out how to port the Android distribution of the open source Linux OS to your embedded design in four easy steps.
2012-10-12 Guarding against side-channel attacks (Part 2)
Here's a discussion on a differential power analysis attack against AES using EM emissions from the devices.
2006-07-18 Group formed to advance Liberty modeling standard
A technical advisory board was formed to facilitate the development of the open-source Liberty library format.
2009-01-09 Google's org structure demos the flat advantage
Randy Katz, professor of computer science University of California, Berkeley, recollects his experience at Internet search giant Google in 2006.
2009-04-20 Google's Android gets an upgrade
Developers got their first look at an upgrade to the Android environment as the Open Handset Alliance made available for download what it called an early version of a software developer kit for Android 1.5 sporting a host of generally small but significant new features
2011-05-12 Google updates Android, makes it more universal
Google is on its way to launch a new Android version encompassing different environments of its previous Android releases.
2014-06-06 Fujitsu Labs outlines 'monozukuri' innovation quest
Fujitsu's eighth annual technology symposium focused on the transformation of the innovation process, which now involves open-source software development, crowdsourcing, and 3D printing.
2008-03-20 Freescale jumps on ONE-NET bandwagon
Freescale Semiconductors is the newest member of the ONE-NET open-source wireless networking alliance.
2008-06-25 Freescale CodeWarrior crosses over to Eclipse
Freescale Semiconductor's CodeWarrior development tools are leveraging Eclipse technology, an open architecture software platform, to ease tool integration for customers and third-party vendors across the company's portfolio
2015-11-13 Freely-available crowd-sourced IoT networks on the rise
The Things Network foundation aims to offer a free and open source IoT data network that would eradicate expensive infrastructure deployments, data plans and monthly subscriptions to connect IoT devices.
2014-03-03 Ford warrants OpenXC modding
OpenXC is a combination of open-source hardware and software that allows alteration of vehicles with custom-made applications and pluggable modules.
2009-03-05 Firms team on car infotainment common platform
Auto makers and electronics suppliers have formed an automotive electronics industry alliance to drive the adoption of an open-source car infotainment platform by reducing development cost and time.
2010-06-08 Firms join hands to create Linux venture
ARM, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Samsung Electronics, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments have formed a non-profit company to drive Linux software technology in new and emerging markets.
2011-02-10 Firms adopt OSS to gain competitive advantage, says survey
Most OSS adopters use OSS components together with internally developed software to enhance existing systems through integration and automation, and improve business efficiencies and security.
2013-01-18 Facebook server project receives ARM support
Several ARM server SoC vendors are supporting a new CPU agnostic board spec that is part of Facebook's Open Compute Project
2008-05-23 Express Logic signs up with Eclipse Foundation
Express Logic has joined Eclipse Foundation, an open-source community whose projects are focused on building an open development platform for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.
2010-04-27 eSOL helps extend Android reach beyond handsets
eSOL Co. Ltd has released eSOL for Android platform, a one-stop development of embedded systems designs using the Google open source platform.
2010-06-08 ESL modeling, simulation tool generates C code
CoFluent Design set to present a pre-release demonstration of the embedded C code generation feature in its CoFluent Studio ESL modeling and simulation software environment.
2004-01-01 Embedded Linux heading toward mainstream
The last few months have seen embedded Linux transition from early-adoption status across Asian marketplaces to mainstream standing.
2002-11-01 Embedded Linux and the Law
The rising popularity of Linux, combined with perceived cost savings, has spurred many embedded developers to consider a real-time Linux variant as an alternative to a traditional RTOS.
2006-08-01 Eclipse-based development tools go full circle
With the launch of the Eclipse platform, one of the most effective projects in the history of the free software movement revolutionized the industry.
2011-04-05 Digitimes: Google, ARM in talks over Android standardization
Google is reportedly eyeing to standardize its Android OS for an ARM-based chipset in an attempt to use a more disciplined approach to the Android development and resist fragmentation.
2010-07-26 Development board integrates ARM plus floating-point DSP for Linux apps
The HawkBoard, based on the OMAP-L138 processor from Texas Instruments (TI), empowers Linux developers to harness the power of floating-point DSP to design unique open-source applications.
2010-07-29 Database optimized for massive data
Hibari, a database optimized for the reliable storage of Big Data, will be released by Gemini Mobile Technologies as an open source solution.
2007-09-24 Coverity raises the bar for static analysis
At the 2007 Embedded Systems Conference, Coverity has unveiled what it claims to be the first source code analysis engine based on Boolean satisfiability
2003-01-08 Complexities of embedded product development
The success of embedded development today is highly dependent on the decisions that are made on an enterprise-wide, strategic executive level, and not merely on local decisions made by a product manager or an engineer working on a single project.
2010-08-04 Compiler accelerates code execution by 20 percent
National Instruments has incorporated off-the-shelf compiler technologies that execute code an average of 20 percent faster in LabVIEW 2010.It also adds access to a marketplace for evaluating and purchasing add-on toolkits for integrating custom functionality into the platform.
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