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2002-05-14 Shifting opinion shakes footing of embedded Linux
The embedded Linux waters grow murkier, as analysts disagree over the future of the upstart operating system and one vendor, Lineo Inc., fights for its life.
2008-07-02 Opinion: Why ST-NXP JV needs a new name
A new corporation shouldn't kick-off battling an identity crisis but that's precisely what STMicroelectronics NV and NXP BV handed their joint venture wireless semiconductor company.
2008-08-20 Opinion: Why Cadence gave up Mentor takeover
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has issued a press release stating that it was abandoning the effort to acquire Mentor Graphics Corp.
2009-05-05 Opinion: What's next for Nokia?
The recently concluded Nokia Developer Summit did not answer many big questions, but it raised a few. The biggest is: What's next for Nokia? And, almost as big, among all of its competitors, who should Nokia be most worried about?
2009-06-19 Opinion: Welcome back design innovation
Altium's Irwin: Tooling up is no longer an issue, design options expand, and the potential to explore new technology is now wide open.
2015-06-01 Opinion: Vietnam gives China, India a run for the money
Setting up a design centre in Shanghai or Bangalore is not financially viable, says Majeed Ahmad. With China and India losing their "lustre," Vietnam has become a cost-effective location with a growing talent pool.
2009-02-27 Opinion: UWB outlook gets bleaker
Staccato Communications CEO Marty Colombatto's passionate column defending the UWB technology may have scored with some arguments, but also completely missed with others.
2010-07-08 Opinion: Tsunami to hit electronics shore
There's a tsunami to the vast electronics ocean. EDA might well be able to catch the wavewith a little bit of savvy, ingenuity and engineering know-how.
2008-02-27 Opinion: The time for parallel computing is now
A veteran computer science professor asserts that the electronics industry is not investing enough time, energy and money to address what has become a pressing need for a genuine technology breakthrough in parallel programming.
2008-10-30 Opinion: Tech longs for R&D backing, not simply cash
The U.S. government cannot stop America's auto market from imploding. Neither can it save the equity market simply by pouring money into it.
2008-10-20 Opinion: Tech firms will have enough investment
The nightmare du jour on Wall Street springs from the idea that the whole global economy is being starved of investment because bankers are not willing to lend each other or even among companies.
2008-11-11 Opinion: ST, NXP ready JV for market setbacks
Reality or as they would have it as the new market realities have claimed 500 jobs at the ST-NXP JV, with the ink hardly dry on the deal that integrated the bulk of the wireless activities on ST and NXP.
2008-08-27 Opinion: ST, Ericsson must decide on new JV's future
STMicroelectronics and Ericsson LM have accomplished the easier task of forming a joint venture (JV) IC and mobile platform business. But ST and Ericsson must now decide the real future of the new business and their continued role in its management.
2013-01-11 Opinion: Smart TV not living up to its potential
EE Times' Junko Yoshida analyses how major manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Panasonic scramble to redefine smart TV.
2008-10-09 Opinion: Setting up a new foundry a 'tough choice'
Most foundries are losing money and the business is tough. It needs big capital and good technology. Competition now is fierce in both the trailing-edge and leading technology segments.
2012-10-12 Opinion: Saving Moore's Law
With Moore's law losing steam in a big way, manufacturing process technology developers need to make a series of changes at a given node.
2009-12-17 Opinion: Samsung can make it big in foundry biz
Samsung Electronics plans to challenge Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. at the foundry game. Is Samsung serious? Should others take the company seriously?
2008-02-19 Opinion: Profit is not a crime, neither is charity
'Connecting the unconnected' in developing countries is an absolute good, the engineers of these projects insist, because it's 'not charity.' By implication, one assumes that charity is a bad thing.
2012-10-31 Opinion: NXP's China conundrum
NXP discusses how the economic slowdown in China, where it generates close to half of its revenue, is affecting the chip maker.
2012-10-22 Opinion: Japan needs to bow out of the TV market
The decline of Japanese products in China goes hand in hand with the territorial dispute over the islands in the East China Sea.
2012-10-23 Opinion: Is NFC the successor to Bluetooth?
Are NFCs positioned to follow Bluetooth's path as a massively sold product that is underutilised?
2008-05-13 Opinion: Infineon takeover unlikely
While Infineon might be an attractive takeover candidate, with Samsung and Intel reported to be among interested parties, the reality looks somewhat different.
2008-05-30 Opinion: Infineon needs a leader to survive
Infineon's decision to replace the office of president and CEO with the ambiguous title, "Spokesman of the Management Board," is not only puzzling but is also symptomatic of deeper problems at the company.
2009-06-12 Opinion: Infineon has bigger problems than relocations
Infineon Technologies AG is moving another part of its production activities from Germany to the Far East and will further move parts of its backend from Malaysia to China.
2008-10-29 Opinion: India achieves another milestone
Driven by national pride and powered by an economy and workforce that has benefited from a decade of foreign investment and resurgent education, India has introduced the Chandrayaan-I lunar module.
2010-03-12 Opinion: How to survive mobile systems stampede
A flux of new mobile systems is thundering on the horizon. Two words of advice for system makers who want to survive itthink different.
2009-09-16 Opinion: HDDs need patterned media boost
It goes without saying that crossing the 1Tbit/in? areal density threshold by 2011 requires significant investment from the HDD manufacturers and the supporting supply chain.
2008-09-05 Opinion: Google's Chrome not yet for mainstream computing
My short test drive of Google's Chrome beta browser made it clear that the application is not ready for mainstream computing.
2010-03-30 Opinion: Google PowerMeter is watching you
The Google PowerMeter, while an ambitious project and potentially a good thing, is also surrounded with social implications and potential pitfalls.
2010-05-21 Opinion: Custom IC design needs variation analysis
Incorporating optimal sampling and design-specific corner methods into variation-aware custom IC design can avoid costly over-margining or under-designing, and avoid delaying project schedules.
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