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2009-05-25 Downturn puts fab tool market in the red
This is the worst downturn in the history of semiconductor equipment. Most would agree about that but what individual sector is the worst? ATE, inspection, lithography or wafer cleaning?
2002-04-03 Distributors share huge portion of U.S. switch market
Venture Development Corp. finds that distributors make up a significant portion of the U. S. switch market, accounting for nearly $450 million of the estimated $1,084 million in total switch sales to the market in 2001.
1999-11-10 Digital audio dominates multimedia trends
The recent Analog and Mixed-Signal Conference in California keyed on the three major applications of mixed-signal technology: Communications, Multimedia, and Power Management.
2005-06-09 Developers hold key to Apple's X86 success
If Apple CEO Steve Jobs is to ensure the success of his plan to jettison long-time support for IBM's PowerPC and transition the Macintosh to processors made by Intel Corp., he'll have to make converts out of one key constituency: software developers
2003-08-13 Designers gravitate toward RTL sign-off
Support appears to be growing for RTL sign-off, a radical concept that would see mainstream ASIC designers bypass the synthesis and IC layout steps.
2010-12-24 Design methods shift to software, part 2
Designing via block level IP integration with virtual platforms shortens the number of steps between design intent and having working hardware and software.
2002-04-30 Deep-submicron flows need an overhaul, designers say
Design flows for deep-submicron ICs need an overhaul, attendees of last week's Electronic Design Processes (EDP-2002) workshop agreed.
2009-01-13 Court: Rambus intentionally destroyed evidence
The U.S. District Court of Delaware has found that patents Rambus Inc. had asserted against Micron Technology Inc. are unenforceable, according to Micron. The Delaware Court found that "the spoliation conduct was extensive, including within its scope the destruction of innumerable documents relating to all aspects of Rambus' business."
2008-04-22 Court junks FormFactor's patent complaint
The Seoul (Korea) Southern District Court issued an oral ruling dismissing wafer probe card supplier FormFactor Inc.'s complaint alleging Phicom's infringement of seven claims of FormFactor's Korean patent no.252457, and four claims of FormFactor's Korean patent no. 324064.
2009-02-10 Court halts Rambus case vs. memory makers
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California stayed the coordinated cases involving memory manufacturers Hynix, Micron, Nanya and Samsung, in view of a recent ruling from the Delaware District Court.
2014-06-20 Court dismisses software patent as abstract idea
The unanimous ruling in Alice Corp. v CLS Bank renders software patents ineligible as abstract ideasa decision following a precedent set by earlier cases and that may impact the tech industry later.
2006-09-05 Court dismisses Broadcom complaint vs. Qualcomm
Qualcomm announced that the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey has dismissed Broadcom's antitrust complaint against QUALCOMM in its entirety.
2005-02-16 Conexant tips MPEG coder for STBs
Today's STB architectures require MPEG-2 encoding hardware to address local storage issues.
2005-01-10 Conexant tips MPEG coder for set-tops
A year ago, set-top box architectures were so simple. For a given network, audio and video signals came out of a baseband chip in a fixed format, usually some dialect of MPEG-2.
2009-09-11 Comment: Winners, losers in ATIC-Chartered deal
Mark LaPedus gives his take on the winners and losers of Abu Dhabi's Advanced Technology Investment Co. (ATIC)-Chartered Semiconductor deal.
2009-02-24 Comment: Wasted calls
"Why can't people get breathalyzers embedded in their cellphones, so they won't torture the rest of us by drinking and dialing?"
2009-05-29 Comment: TI should revamp MCU strategy
Texas Instruments may be the leading supplier of analog and DSPs, but it needs to do more and expand its wings to pull itself up from the No. 8 ranking in the microcontroller arena.
2009-12-11 Comment: Samsung still lost in foundry arena
Samsung is still learning the foundry ropes. But in reality, the South Korean memory giant has been a major bust in the foundry business and it still doesn't really understand the arena.
2005-05-27 CMOS Image Sensors Come of Age
I must admit to harboring a bit of bias when it comes to CMOS image sensors.
2008-12-16 Clearing the RTOS confusion
Even experienced RTOS users have trouble distinguishing the proper uses of mutexes and semaphores. Here's a clarification to help avoid errors in embedded systems.
2013-09-10 Choosing the right RTOS scheduling algorithms
Learn how to do away with the need for a full RTOS implementation by using a hardware/software system modelling tool to build a dedicated scheduler.
2009-12-04 China, India EEs set sights on better opportunities
China and India engineers want more societal recognition and establish their own companies to compete with their onetime employers.
2006-02-16 China taps U.S. partner to keep EVD spec afloat
As the HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical-disk formats slug it out for market dominance, China's lesser-known standard is struggling to survive and has made the unlikely move of using an American company's red-laser-based technology to challenge the high capacities of blue-laser disks.
2005-03-30 China gains in 2004 pure-play foundry rankings
China's fledging silicon foundry vendors moved up in the pure-play rankings in 2004, as suppliers from that nation tripled their overall market share gains in a relatively short period, according to IC Insights Inc. on Monday (March 28).
2013-02-01 China faces great wall to No. 1
Bolaji Ojo, EBN editor in chief, discusses why China's rise to the top of the global economic rankings will take more time than expected, pointing out certain weaknesses of the middle kingdom.
2006-08-14 Cellphone users are not fussy, reveals survey
These days, consumers typically sign up for cellular service and select a phone made by a cellphone manufacturer. But soon, service providers may start offering their own brand of cellphone.
2015-04-07 CCD image sensors have one foot in the grave
Sony is expected to discontinue the production of CCD sensors at its 200mm wafer line at the Kagoshima Technology Centre in March 2017 with a phase out lasting until 2020.
2014-07-02 Can PCIe compete and win against Ethernet?
While nothing is on the horizon that will fundamentally change the status quo, PCIe is showing every sign of growing and competing for space once the domain solely of Ethernet.
2006-09-18 Cadence CTO mulls over CAD architecture, EDA
Cadence Design Systems Inc. senior VP and CTO, Ted Vucurevich, sat down recently with EE Times' Richard Goering and discussed developments ranging from new CAD architectures to EDA tools for nanotechnology-based systems like labs-on-a-chip.
2008-03-03 Buzz: Nvidia to acquire AMD?
Despite the long string of potential problems, analysts and industry observers insist that the idea of Nvidia acquiring AMD has significant merit.
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