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2013-09-02 Bulk Metal Foil resistors tweaked for batteries in avionics
VFR's Bulk Metal Foil current sense resistors feature an ultra-low TCR of 0.05 ppm/C typical (0C to 60C) and 0.2ppm/C typical (-55C to 125C, 25C ref.).
2013-02-04 BlackBerry ready to catch second wind with BB10 smartphones
Junko Yoshida discusses why the tech community, not the financial community, has to give credit to BlackBerry's entry into the Apple and Android dominated smartphone market.
2009-11-25 Beyer: Freescale is a viable IC vendor
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. chairman and CEO Rich Beyer gives ten reasons why the company is a viable long-term player in the chip market.
2014-05-21 Bell Labs reverts to 'game-changing research' model
Along with its return to basic research, it has "FutureX" projects targeted at solving a practical communications or information technology challenge in sectors including communications and datacentres.
2010-03-10 Battle over e-book display alternatives heats up
E Ink used to worry about the many e-paper competitors until Apple launched iPad, which uses standard LCD that sacrifices e-paper's readability and zero-power modes but offers higher refresh rates and full color.
2006-09-19 Azimuth Systems announces Vo-Wi-Fi handset test suite
Azimuth Systems has announced a VoWi-Fi test suite that enables service providers, handset providers and semiconductor vendors to streamline the testing of VoWi-Fi phones and converged wireless devices.
2008-04-08 AVS analysis tool aims at China IPTV
An A/V Coding Standard analysis and monitoring solution has been introduced by Agilent Technologies Inc. for its Triple Play Analyzer platform aimed at China IPTVs.
2014-01-15 Auto industry takes calculated risks in digital tech
Carmakers are amazed by what digital technology can do but still hopelessly tentative in their approach to the new automotive human-machine interface.
2010-02-03 Atmel mulls smart card biz sale
Following Atmel Corp. announced it will continue to explore the potential sale of its smart card business and discontinue sale of its CSP and aerospace businesses.
2015-06-25 Atmel marks spot in IoT space
Atmel's place in the IoT universe is in wireless routers/smartphones and customised gateways. Atmel is not present in the enterprise IoT space where databases and servers play critical roles.
2002-10-09 AT&T verifies TI echo canceller as 'carrier grade'
AT&T's Voice Quality Assessment Laboratory has ranked Texas Instruments Inc.'s Telogy Software echo canceller as "carrier grade".
2003-10-01 Asian engineers hold on as industry recovers
EE Times - Asia has interviewed 1,459 engineers to determine the state of the semiconductor industry in our region today; results have shown that growth is existent - albeit a slow one.
2010-02-11 ARM graphics core gains traction
ARM has signed up two licenses for its Mali graphics cores bringing the total number of licenses signed to 27, and giving the company enough encouragement to boast of signings that include Samsung.
2014-12-29 Apple, GTAT debacle: Underlining OEM-supplier negotiations
What started out as a supposedly win-win situation for both Apple and GT Advanced resulted in a horrible falling-out as negotiations crumbled that eventually led to the supplier filing for bankruptcy.
2015-09-22 Apple's recent court victory over Samsung raises some issues
The case has never clearly found what technology patents actually mean, since innovations are usually built on top of older ideas and designs, but at what point can a company patent something?
2010-06-07 Apollo, CECS ink solar partnership
Apollo Solar Energy has entered into a non-binding collaboration agreement with China Energy Conservation Solar Energy Technologies (CECS) to build scaled thin-film solar energy power stations.
2009-11-16 Antennas handle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ops simultaneously
SkyCross'single-antenna solution offers >35dB of isolation between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling their coexistence in compact devices.
2001-01-01 Analyzing commodity and star intellectual properties
This technology news article describes the progression of the silicon IP market with the star IP as well as the commodity IP and their implications to the electronics industry.
2010-02-12 Analysts take on Micron-Numonyx deal
Analysts give their opinions on Micron Technology Inc.'s $1.27 billion acquisition of Numonyx Holdings B.V.
2005-09-16 Analysts give thumbs up to CDNLive!
Though there was nothing unanticipated about a group of new products, technologies and marketing tactics announced earlier this week by Cadence Design Systems Inc., industry analysts by-in-large applauded the No. 1 EDA vendor for following through with previously disclosed strategies and hosting a successful user conference, re-branded this year as CDNLive!
2009-01-29 Analyst: IC market to plummet 28% in 2009
The global semiconductor market will drop 28 percent in 2009, according to Malcolm Penn, founder and principal analyst with market research firm Future Horizons Ltd.
2009-08-21 Analyst: HP results spark hope for chipmakers
Hewlett-Packard Co.'s net profit fell considerably in Q3, but a financial analyst said the results bode well for semiconductor suppliers.
2004-08-20 Analyst puts 'hold' rating on TSMC, SMIC stocks
Semiconductor stocks remain depressed in the marketplace, including those in the booming silicon foundry sector.
2009-04-29 Analysis: Winners and losers in Renesas-NEC merger
Renesas Technology Corp. and NEC Electronics Inc. have announced they will merge in a blockbuster deal. If the merger goes through, here are the winners and losers.
2009-02-04 Analysis: What's in store for IBM's chip unit?
IBM Corp.'s recent move to implement job cuts within its semiconductor unit follows a dramatic slump in sales, product setbacks and numerous false starts in the sector.
2009-06-17 Analysis: SiRF's ticket to survival
SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. is not in a good place. The GPS chip supplier faces a declining market for PNDs; increasingly tougher competition for design-wins in mobile handsets; and on-going legal entanglements with Global Locate.
2013-05-29 Analysis: More to join ST in FDSOI ecosystem
STMicroelectronics will soon find company in what's currently seen as an empty FDSOI ecosystem as momentum slowly but surely builds up on a global scale.
2008-09-15 Analysis: Magma struggles to difficult times
The stock price of Magma continues to slide near an all-time low after last month's surprise, when the company cut revenue guidance for the current fiscal year by about 30 percent.
2009-11-26 Analysis: How Apple is changing the CE industry
Apple is already a great CE company. It's hard to argue against it. But the question is whether it has secured its position as king of the consumer market in the future.
2012-06-06 An Asian view of the evolution of fixed line broadband
As speeds in fixed broadband services grow, the need for products that can keep up with the increasing speeds are also on the rise.
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