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2002-10-28 GaAs photodiode array revs response at low bias
Hamamatsu Corp.'s G8921-01 GaAs photodiode array provides high-speed response at low bias voltage as well as low dark current and low capacitance
2015-11-20 Test active optical cables during design, production
Testing and analysis done at critical junctures during the design process can further reduce costs by optimising the design for high yield given specified manufacturing tolerances.
2007-05-16 Optical transceiver moves data at speed of light
IBM scientists have announced a prototype optical-transceiver chipset that transfers data at a rate eight times faster than currently available components
2002-03-21 Hitachi optical receiver measures 17.4-by-7.4-by-2.6mm
Measuring 17.4-by-7.4-by-2.6mm, the HR1161PDS is claimed to be the industry's smallest 10Gbps optical receiver module for high-speed communication optical transceivers spanning short-to-medium distances
2004-07-01 Comms rides power lines via optical AFE
A new approach to the analog front end used in BPL applications is built on optical coupling technology
2003-07-18 Bi-directional optical module eyes ATM networks
Sunstar Communication Technology's bi-directional optical module features a 1,310nm FP-LD for the transmitter, and a 1,550nm PIN photodiode for the receiver.
2001-10-15 Real-time biomechanical position sensing based on lateral effect photodiode
This application note describes the use of lateral-effect photodiodes for position sensing in biomechanical communication systems
2002-07-31 OCP introduces extended transmission distance transceivers
Optical Communication Products Inc. has introduced its High Sensitivity CWDM Transceivers in GBIC format with an extended transmission distance of over 100km
2004-02-26 JDS Uniphase tips integrated modulator
JDS Uniphase will show its first prototypes of a tunable-laser modulator at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition
2002-09-11 Inphi, u2t develop 40Gbps photoreceiver
The XPRV2021 40Gbps photoreceiver combines Inphi Corp.'s 4334TA TIA and u2t Photonics AG's waveguide-integrated pin photodiode into an SMD package ready for integration into OC-768 communication systems
2002-01-07 Intevac photodiodes fit OC-192, OC-768 systems
The company's high-speed PIN photodiodes are intended for integration into the receivers and transceivers of optical communication systems operating at OC-192 and OC-768 rates
2011-07-29 Ethernet transceiver supports up to 100Mbit/s
Avago Technologies has released a fast and compact Ethernet transceiver that provides reliable data transmissions over plastic optical fiber
2004-07-12 Vishay optocouplers rated for 100C
The new series of devices from Vishay is touted to be the industry's first single- and dual-channel 10MBd optocouplers to be rated for 100C.
2004-12-23 Optocouplers with reinforced-insulation construction
Vishay rolled out a new series of 10MBd optocouplers in an SOIC-8 packaged rated for operating temperatures up to 100C.
2014-03-31 Light fidelity prototype transmits data at 10MB/s
CEA-Leti's wireless Li-Fi transmission prototype achieves the data rate at three metres using LED-based light power of less than 1,000 lumens.
2006-03-06 First color sensor to support two-wire serial interface
Avago Technologies said it has introduced the industry's first CMOS digital color sensor that can be directly interfaced to a microcontroller without the need for additional components.
2013-03-11 Developing a fertility monitor
Here's a look at the design of a fertility monitor, a small portable device used to monitor a woman's fertility levels by checking the hormone levels in her body.
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