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2015-11-20 Test active optical cables during design, production
Testing and analysis done at critical junctures during the design process can further reduce costs by optimising the design for high yield given specified manufacturing tolerances.
2015-09-23 Tektronix outs automated 100G optical conformance test sol'n
The TDEC/100GBASE-SR4 is based on a DSA8300 equivalent time oscilloscope equipped with an 80C15 optical module that supports full clock recovery and TDEC automation beyond 25.781Gb/s.
2008-02-27 Startup unrolls low-power 10G optical module
Lightwire is sampling out an optical transceiver based on a novel CMOS design, claiming lower power and size than competing alternatives
2002-02-14 Startup Network Elements gets TriQuint optical team
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. is transferring some 20 engineers to an optical-module startup in which it has invested.
2001-10-15 S3029 to WAC-413 and 3.3V optical module applications note
This application note describes the implementation of a true four-channel 3.3V STS-1, STS-3/OC-3 or STM-1 solution with the use of the AMCC S3029 CRU, WAC-413 UNI processor and a Siemens 3.3V 1-by-9 fiber-optic transceiver.
2010-06-11 Qualcomm injects cash in optical module developer
Qualcomm Inc. has made a strategic investment in Anteryon, a wafer-based, miniature optical module production for mobile phone cameras and laser projection developer.
2006-02-08 Prismark lists ST as world's leading camera module supplier
STMicroelectronics announced that it has recognized as the world's number one supplier of camera modules by the independent industry analyst Prismark Partners.
2010-09-02 Platform enables optical networking development
The fully programmable development system can be used with individual optical modules or with multiple 40Gbit/s optical paths connected together into a network
2008-05-28 Phyworks rolls ref design for 1.25Gbit/s optical modules
Phyworks has launched a complete hardware and software reference design for 125Mbit/s to 1.25Gbit/s SFP optical modules offering a digital configuration and monitoring capability
2007-03-30 Optical transceiver operates in -40C-85C range
Fujitsu's new 10Gbps XFP-type optical transceiver is capable of operating over the -40C to 85C temperature range and at distances of up to 40km
2005-11-15 Optical modules support 30Gbps per port
2003-07-17 Optical modules enjoy increased market acceptance
Over the last three years, optical modules have been growing in popularity due to declining prices as a result of better yields
2008-10-03 Optical module upgrades RF test measurements
Anritsu has improved its Site Master family of handheld analyzers for deploying, installing and maintaining wireless networks.
2008-06-17 Optical module targets high-def video market
Omron is set to showcase at the InfoComm 2008 Show its transmitter optical module and the receiver optical module, targeting the high-definition video market.
2003-10-03 Optical Module Development Platform 2.5 Gbps Transmitter with Digital Diagnostics
This application note describes the Optical Module Development Platform 2.5 Gbps Transmitter with Digital Diagnostics.
2010-03-29 Optical module controller supports SFF-8472 spec
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the DS1873 SFP+ controller that monitors all functions for SFF, SFP, and SFP+ optical modules, while fully supporting the SFF-8472 standard
2005-06-16 Optical forum completes electrical interface work
Electrical interfaces for 6Gbps and 11Gbps backplanes have been firmed up by the Optical Internetworking Forum, completing work started by the High-Speed Backplane Initiative
2008-04-01 Optical communications migrate to SFP
Interface chip vendors in growing numbers are tailoring chips to support the migration of datacom and telecom routers and switches to SFP+, the latest pluggable optical module form factor for use in 10Gbit/s Ethernet and 8.5Gbit/s Fibre Channel systems.
2015-01-30 One-inch optical module carries up to 300Gbit/s data
FCI touts 1in optical transceiver system that promises up to 300Gbit/s throughput, is designed with the latest VCSEL and PIN array technology for low power consumption
2003-02-04 OCP acquires Gore optical module assets
Optical Communication Products Inc. has acquired the parallel optical module assets and IP of Gore Photonics.
2002-09-06 NEC optical transponders function up to 40km
NEC Corp. is sampling its new line of 10Gbps MSA optical transponders that consumes 4W and supports bit rates of 9.95Gbps, 10.3Gbps, and 10.7Gbps, as well as distances of SR-2 (25km) and IR-2 (40km
2004-01-28 NEC optical modules suit MAN, high-speed LAN
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH have announced the sample shipment of two optical modules for the 10Gbps optical transceivers for metropolitan access networks (MAN) and 10Gbps high-speed LANs
2008-03-04 More bandwidth at less power with new IBM optical tech
Researchers at IBM have unveiled a prototype optical technology that could bring massive amounts of bandwidth in an energy-efficient way to all kinds of machinesfrom supercomputers to cellphones
2003-12-16 How to add value to MSA optical transceivers
The evolution of today's optical transceivers and transponders is driven by MSA, which establish a standard for optical and electrical characteristics, module form factor, and pin functions of optical transmitters and receivers.
2004-07-20 Emcore acquires Corona Optical Systems
Emcore Corp. has acquired Corona Optical Systems in a stock merger
2013-03-22 Embrionix buys video optical module line from Semtech
Embrionix is a provider of coaxial, converter and intelligent SFP solutions to the video industry and claims to be the only optical SFP supplier focused on the broadcast video market
2010-02-19 Connection of a 3.3V optical module to a CY7C924ADX
This application note provides an analysis and guide of how these devices can be interconnected together in a mixed supply environment.
2005-10-17 Component vendors address module challenges
Get a bird's eye view of the changes, challenges and opportunities facing optical component and subsystem vendors today
2003-07-25 Canon optical transceivers offer 1.25Gbps transfer speed
Canon Inc. has introduced three optical transceivers that enable the creation of a bi-directional wireless connection for high-speed low-cost data transmission - the CANOBEAM DT-110 and DT-120 with transfer speeds up to 156Mbps, and the CANOBEAM DT-130 with a data transfer rate of 1.25Gbps
2002-01-02 Blaze optical module complies with IEEE 802.3ae standard
The Flamethrower-XGLX4 optical module is a 10GBase-LX4 compliant transceiver that comes in a XENPAK MSA pluggable form factor.
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