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2007-12-26 ODM test module targets fiber-optic networks
JDSU has introduced the Optical Dispersion Measurement module for its T-BERD/MTS-6000 and T-BERD/MTS-8000 optical test platforms.
2004-07-12 Nokia, STMicro launch camera-module standard
Nokia and STMicroelectronics are releasing a comprehensive specification for camera modules, aimed at standardizing this increasingly important component in mobile devices.
2007-09-21 NI upgrades Vision Development Module for machine designers
NI has announced the newest version of the NI Vision Development Module, a comprehensive library of image processing and machine vision functions for multiple programming languages
2005-02-03 NI development module enables geometric matching, object classification
NI's Vision 7.1 Development Module features hundreds of vision tools for engineers and scientists using the company's LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C/C++ or Visual Basic
2005-11-24 New optical power meter instrument offers 100,000-readings/s
The new optical power meter instrument from dBm Optics provides both speed and repeatability when measuring fiber optic systems
2003-11-21 Network Elements, TriQuint to produce optical modules
Network Elements Inc. has signed a strategic agreement with TriQuint Semiconductor.
2003-03-19 NEC optical transponder transmits to 80km
NEC Corp. has introduced the OD-J8967 10Gbps optical transponder that is capable of transmitting data up to 80km
2006-06-01 NEC develops IC to compensate distortion in optical fiber
NEC has developed an IC that compensates waveform distortion of modulated signals arising from polarization mode dispersion.
2004-10-06 Murata transceiver tailored for optical comm market
Murata commercialized an optical transceiver as its first module designed for the optical communication market.
2006-06-05 Multiplexer module targets LED projection apps
Bookham's multiplexer module is designed for RPTV and pocket projectors that use LED instead of UHP lamps
2002-04-24 Multilink optical transponder transmits up to 100km
The MTC21218 optical transponder from Multilink Technology Corp. is capable of transmitting up to 100km, and is targeted for use in DWDM systems, MANs, IP routers, and ATM switches
2002-10-15 Multilink driver eliminates optical dispersion devices
The MTC5536 9.9Gbps to 11.1Gbps Optical Duobinary modulator driver eliminates the need for optical dispersion devices within the optical link
2006-05-22 Module protects optical networks
Avanex announced the availability of a line of optical protection switch plug-in modules for its PowerNode platform
2006-02-27 Module for IEEE C37.94 testing
Sunrise Telecom introduced the Sunset MTT-45 test solution for IEEE's C37.94 standard.
2002-11-01 MEMS eye dynamic optical products
Product based on D-MEMS has emerged as the leading optical component to control and manipulate light in optically reconfigurable networks
2002-03-25 MegaSense optical attenuator targets =U apps
The company's MEMS-based variable optical attenuator measures 7.6-by-15.5-by-6.5mm, making it suitable to perform amplification, pre-emphasis, and equalization on low-profile =U applications
2004-12-14 Matsushita subsidiary unveils 3MP camera module
A subsidiary of Matsushita Electric has developed a 3Mpixel camera module designed for mobile phones
2002-03-21 Luminent transceiver module targets fiber-to-home apps
Designed to enable cost-effective deployment of fiber-to-home (FTTh) networks, the Integrated Triplexer module provide bundled voice, data, and video through a single optical fiber, for delivery to residential subscribers.
2006-07-14 Liquid lens optical system delivers accurate focus from short distance
Rogers and Varioptic have announced production availability of a liquid lens optical system designed for miniature high-resolution auto-focus cameras for handsets
2010-04-05 Laser modules offer ultralow RIN, high optical power
Emcore Corp. has developed a new line of high-power, >100mW, continuous-wave (CW) source laser modules for 1550nm range DWDM applications.
2003-02-14 Koncent optical power monitor exhibits low loss
Fuzhou Koncent Optical Communication Co. Ltd has developed an optical power monitor that is designed for monitoring optical interface modules
2002-10-10 Koncent DWDM module has 4.5dB max insertion loss
Fuzhou Koncent Optical Communication's 100G DWDM module exhibits a maximum insertion loss of 4.5dB and a minimum directivity of 50dB.
2004-06-17 Japan optical chipmakers release common specs
Eudyna Devices Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Oki Electric Ind Co. Ltd, Opnext Inc. and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have released the common specs for optical devices based on a 10Gbps miniature device multisource agreement
2002-03-21 Infineon rolls out XENPAK-compliant transceiver module
The EXponder 10Gb Ethernet module operates at 1,310nm and complies with the XENPAK MSA for 10Gb Ethernet transceivers that meet the IEEE 802.3ae standard
2003-06-26 Infineon device allows 2-way digital communication over single optical fiber
Infineon Technologies has released the Triport-BIDI optical triplexer that enables telcos and service providers to offer high speed digital services and analog video signal broadcasting in FTTH networks
2002-04-15 Hynix, Konica develop micro camera module for mobile handsets
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and Konica Photo Imaging have announced that they have jointly developed a micro camera module for use in mobile handsets
2002-03-21 Hitachi optical receiver measures 17.4-by-7.4-by-2.6mm
Measuring 17.4-by-7.4-by-2.6mm, the HR1161PDS is claimed to be the industry's smallest 10Gbps optical receiver module for high-speed communication optical transceivers spanning short-to-medium distances.
2002-04-29 Hitachi AWG module offers <3dB insertion loss
Hitachi Cable Ltd has developed an athermal arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) module that offers <3dB insertion loss when used as an optical MUX/DEMUX in DWDM systems.
2010-09-22 High-speed Ethernet optical transceivers unwrapped
Opnext, Anritsu team up to bring high-speed Ethernet solutions to market
2002-04-11 Hi-Optel MQW laser module operates up to 1,550nm
The HLD InGaAsP/InP MQW laser module from Shenzhen Hi-Optel Technology includes an FP and DFB diode that operates at 1,300nm or 1,550nm, and is suitable for use in video transmission and digital communications applications
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