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2003-02-10 Network Photonics rolls 1x4 MEMS-based wavelength switch
The company has announced the availability of the CrossWave 1400, hich it claims to be the industry's first 1x4 MEMS-based wavelength switch
2002-04-26 Network Photonics offers MEMS-based wavelength switch
Claimed by the company to be the world's first commercially-available MEMS-based wavelength switches, the CrossWave 1200 and 2200 all-optical wavelength switching subsystems from Network Photonics Inc. can be used by OEM DWDM system providers as ROADMs and wavelength cross-connects (WXCs
2008-08-22 VTN selects Fujitsu's optical mux for next-gen network
Fujitsu Ltd has announced that Vietnam Telecom National will deploy Fujitsu's Flashwave 7500 high-speed optical wavelength division mux as the transmission backbone of its next-generation network
2009-08-07 Wide-temp optical sensors geared for automotive apps
Vishay has extended the temperature range of its AEC-Q101-qualified TCPT1300X01 and TCUT1300X01 surface-mount transmissive optical sensors for the automotive market
2003-07-16 The realities of optical network design
The past 10 years have seen extraordinary leaps in the capacity of optical networks mainly because of the D-WDM revolution
2006-07-27 Switch supports all 10/100 Ethernet optical standards
Micrel's new 3-port switch supports all 10/100 Ethernet optical standards and is suited for short wavelength optical applications.
2003-12-04 Sandia: Output/wavelength firsts for deep-UV LEDs
Sandia National Laboratories is reporting new levels of wavelength/power output for deep-ultraviolet LEDs, which are critical to future comms apps
2005-07-05 Optical switches from Omron offer low loss, high repeatability
Omron announced a family of fiber-optic switching components, offering reduced insertion loss and higher repeatability meeting the demanding applications of Ring Protect, OADM and signal monitoring in Data and Telecommunication access networks.
2003-04-28 Optical switch exhibits 0.9dB insertion loss
Optiwork (Shanghai) Telecommunication Devices Co. Ltd has released a 1x8 optical switch that exhibits a typical insertion loss of 0.9dB
2010-05-12 Optical switch enables multiple output configurations
Optek Technology has developed a Photologic slotted optical switch in a right angle package to providing design engineers a flexible optical device with multiple output configurations
2008-07-14 Optical switch does non-contact object sensing
Providing design engineers with a transmissive sensing device for office and automation applications, TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a slotted IR optical switch for non-contact interruptive object sensing
2006-06-07 Optical subsystem puts tunable filters in add-drop mux
Nistica's optical subsystems, which are being demonstrated at this week's Globalcomm, can be integrated, internally or as "pizza-box" adjuncts, to systems ranging from DWDM to multi-service provisioning platforms
2003-02-17 Optical layer needs management
The need for sophisticated optical monitoring has arisen as the MAN has evolved. Thus, new advanced management capabilities for the optical layer are key to network and business improvement
2002-03-18 OMM MEMS-based optical switches consume 15mW
The company has introduced a pair of MEMS-based optical switches that operate from 1,290nm to 1,610nm, while consuming only 15?W of power
2002-05-30 NEC, Tellium develops multi-vendor transport switch
NEC Corp. and Tellium Inc. has announced the development of what they claim to be the industry's first commercially-available multi-vendor integrated transport-switch
2013-07-08 MIT researchers develop all-optical transistor
The researchers describe an optical switch controlled by a single photon that allows light to govern the transmission of light intended for new designs for both classical and quantum computers
2003-03-28 Emcore ships smaller parallel optical modules
Emcore's MTX9512 and MRX9512 (optical transmitter and optical receiver) modules offer 40 percent smaller footprint than previous devices
2013-03-12 Electro-optical switches developed from liquid crystals
These materials are especially sensitive to electrical fields, exhibit short response times on the sub-micron scale and feature excellent transparency over a broad spectral range.
2002-11-22 Chiaro router employs optical phased array switching
Chiaro Networks Inc. has emerged from stealth mode after signing a contract with the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology for an optical-networking grid program
2002-11-01 Building up to transparent and reconfigurable optical networks
To achieve economy and flexibility, transparent optical networking must adopt advanced switching, adaptive technologies, and fault management capabilities
2002-01-23 Agilent attenuator, modular switch reduce time to market for next-gen devices
The 8157xA attenuators and 8159xA modular optical switch allow manufacturers and integrators of optical amplifiers to reduce the costs of tests and enable characterization of next-generation devices
2002-04-30 Lockheed Martin, Tellium sign optical switch contract
Aeronautics and technology integrator Lockheed Martin Corp. has entered into a multiyear agreement with Tellium.
2002-04-17 Infineon ROADM dynamically selects wavelength
Infineon Technologies AG's Smart ROADM 20-channel reconfigurable OADM module dynamically selects the wavelengths to be added or dropped, as opposed to traditional OADMs that need to be physically-configured to drop specific, predetermined wavelengths.
2003-07-16 Dynamic channel equalization improves optical switch designs
The slowdown in telecom spending clearly indicates that increased bandwidth capacity will not automatically translate into increased demand for optical components and sub-systems needed to enhance the network infrastructure in place today. Instead, the industry debates continuously on which architecture, technology and equipment will ultimately provide the speed, performance and economy required in 2G optical networks
2002-10-02 Corning, Movaz enter strategic business agreement
Corning Inc. and Movaz Networks have entered into a strategic business agreement.
2014-09-02 What's switching: Nine takeaways from Hot Interconnects
The event sizzled with announcements and discussionsFacebook introduced its high-profile switch, critics attacked Ethernet's shortfalls, experts scrutinised Wi-Fi, and silicon photonics took centre stage
2002-09-19 Vectronics to distribute OMM MEMS-based products
OMM Inc. has signed Israel-based Vectronics Ltd as the sole distributor for its products in the Israeli market.
2002-08-12 Taiwan prepares for MEMS technology battle
Taiwan is looking to repeat its success with semiconductors by tackling both the design and manufacture of microelectromechanical systems.
2002-05-02 Startup's service to meld optics, GPS time stamp
Time stamp references from global-positioning system satellites will create accurate time slices for the "fractional lambda switching" service of optical startup Synchrodyne Networks Inc., the company said in its initial description of the service Monday (April 29) at the IEEE International Conference on Communications
2014-05-15 Start-up arises from VTT MEMS-based tech
Fabry-Perot interferometers consist of two parallel Bragg reflectors whose spacing can be modulated to tune the transmission peak at selected frequencies of interest.
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