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What is fiber optics?
Fiber optics refer to any filament that is made of dielectric materials, which guides light, whether or not it is used to transmit signals.
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2006-05-15 Plug connector targets industrial systems
Phoenix Contact's Variosub plug connector family has expanded to include connection systems for industrial FireWire, USB and SC RJ (fiber optics) applications.
2004-02-23 Photonics Center opens optical component lab
The Photonics Center at Boston University in the U.S. has opened an Integrated Optics Laboratory which will facilitate in the hybrid integration, device characterization, and measurement of active and passive photonics devices.
2008-03-04 Parallel optic modules handle 6.25Gbit/s per channel
Avago Technologies has rolled its next-generation parallel optics modules, which include the AFBR-776/786BxxZ 12-channel devices that provide 6.25Gbit/s per channel.
2012-02-21 P-cap tech opens new possibilities for ITO touch sensing
Zytronic has been able to develop a sensor series that combines the benefits of enhanced optics and volume manufacturing from ITO processing with a p-cap technology.
2015-07-24 Oculus VR to acquire Israeli start-up for $60M
Pebbles Interfaces, founded in 2010, has developed technology that uses custom optics, sensor systems and algorithms to detect and track hand movement.
2011-01-14 LSA system tips ms annealing for 28nm node
Ultratech's LSA101 highlights coherent optics that generate a longer, more focused laser beam at the wafer plane, increasing throughput by 200 percent over its predecessor.
2005-04-06 LightPath unveils long wavelength infrared lenses
LightPath Technologies announced it now has the ability to mold long wavelength infrared aspheric optics.
2007-05-09 KDDI R&D Lab concludes trials on Novera's DWDM tech
KDDI R&D Laboratories has concluded lab testing on Novera Optics' -PON DWDM technology to conduct a feasibility study for use in next-gen transport services.
2004-08-06 JDS Uniphase acquires light engine maker
JDS Uniphase has acquired light engine maker Advanced Digital Optics Inc. for $12 million in cash to expand its capabilities in designing and manufacturing microdisplay light engines for the high-definition TV market.
2004-04-05 ITO glass supply on the rise
Supply of mainland China-made raw materials for midrange and low-end LCDs is on a climb, according to the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association.
2008-05-05 Intel takes wraps off 10GbE network interface card
Intel has introduced a network interface card that delivers 10GbE performance over standard copper cables, making it possible for companies to take advantage of higher data flows without installing expensive fiber optics.
2003-09-26 Infineon demonstrates fiber-optic solutions
Infineon Technologies AG has demonstrated several fiber optics products and offerings, which include a 1,310nm VCSEL-based, 4Gb fiber channel module.
2007-03-22 Hittite unveils MMIC LNA, frequency multiplier
Hittite Microwave has introduced a GaAs PHEMT MMIC low noise AGC amplifier and a GaAs MMIC x2 active frequency multiplier for VSAT, fiber optics and other applications.
2009-05-26 High-voltage amp fits piezoelectrics, MEMS apps
Trek Inc. is offer the PZD350A high voltage power amplifier, which offers wide bandwidth and additional features important in piezoelectrics, electro-optics, MEMS and other applications.
2002-03-14 GSI Lumonics combines several micro-optic components into one package
The company has developed what is claimed to be the industry's first Integrated Block Optic component, combining the functions of standard micro-optics into a single miniaturized part.
2007-06-15 GPONs achieve cable, Ethernet breakthroughs
Hitachi Telecom USA Inc. announced the first GPON deployment by a cable TV multisystem operator while Wave7 Optics completed the hardware expansion of its Trident7 access platform
2011-05-25 Georgia Tech demos 25Gbit/s plastic fiber transmission
Georgia Tech has successfully boosted plastic optics transmission to 25Gbit/s. VI systems, on the other hand, has reported a performance of 40Gbit/s.
2005-01-27 Finisar, Infineon revise deal to include only optical transceivers
Finisar Corp. and Infineon Technologies AG have agreed to a revised deal under which the U.S. company is acquiring Infineon's loss-making fiber optic transceivers business, but Infineon retains its parallel optics and fiber operations.
2008-06-02 Evolving PONs demand FPGA flexibility
FPGA technology, low-cost optics, and a passive architecture have made significant contributions to passive optical networks and to the evolution of these networks. Prior to 2002, lower-performance FPGA generations served primarily as prototyping tools. Today's FPGAs are high performance, feature rich, and well suited to meet growing PON design requirements. In addition, FPGAs that offer lower design costs, flexibility, and scalability are the linchpin for turbo-charging the PON market.
2002-01-24 ESI camera integrates sensors and multiple modes of lighting
Unlike traditional cameras, Electro Scientific Industries' CorrectCam incorporates sensors, optics and multiple modes of lighting that can illuminate complex parts.
2011-10-26 Emcore manufacturer falls victim of floods
Emcore's primary contract manufacturer for its fiber optics products have fallen victim of the massive floods in Thailand.
2003-12-08 Emcore converter solution employs fiber-optic devices
The company has released SmartLink, a 10Gbps patent-protected media converter solution that uses fiber-optics.
2012-02-20 Embedded tech in optical fiber ups telecom speed
Researchers built an optical fiber with its own integrated electronic component, bypassing the need to integrate fiber-optics into a chip.
2004-10-20 eMagin demonstrates UXGA OLED display
eMagin's new active-matrix, OLED display is capable of showing 5.7 million pixels that uses fiber optics to enhance performance and improve design flexibility.
2006-09-22 DWDM FTTx transport platform delivers 20Gbps
Novera Optics released a new DWDM FTTx optical access transport platform that is touted by the company as the first PON system to deliver 20Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth via a single feeder fiber.
2002-05-03 CIOM's LED backlight passes government appraisal
Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CIOM) has successfully developed a new LED backlight.
2002-03-11 CAS, Fenghua Hi-Tech establish microelectronic equipment venture
The Chinese Academy of Sciences' Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics and Guangdong Fenghua Hi-Tech Co. Ltd have established Changchun Guanghua Microelectronic Equipment Engineering Center Co. Ltd.
2003-01-30 Boulder to manufacture FLC optical shutters for Meadowlark
Boulder Nonlinear Systems has agreed to manufacture FLC shutters for Meadowlark Optics, a supplier of polarization optical components.
2002-03-19 BitBlitz retimer trims parts from WDM modules
A retimer chip from BitBlitz Communications is said to eliminate as many as six components from designs for WDM optical transponders, parallel optics modules, and serial backplanes.
2009-02-11 3D camera solution simplifies handset design
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has unveiled the CameraCube technology, a 3D reflowable, total camera solution that combines the full functionality of a single-chip image sensor, embedded image processor and wafer-level optics in one compact, small-footprint package.
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