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What is optoelectronics?
It is the study of electricity interacting with light. Fiber optic communications, laser systems, electric eyes, remote sensing systems, medical diagnostic systems and optical information systems are considered optoelectronic technologies. Any device that functions as an electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical transducer is considered an optoelectronic device.
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2008-01-24 Tool speeds up design of optoelectronic devices
Acceleware and Synopsys have developed a hardware solution that enables up to 20x faster electromagnetic simulation of optoelectronic devices such as CMOS image sensors.
2002-04-26 Taitronics spring, taitronics, electronics show, trade show, Taipeiopto, optoelectronics, optoelectronic component, cetra, teema
The 14th annual Taipei International Electronics Spring Show (Taitronics Spring) formally opened 1030AM yesterday, April 25, in simple ceremonies held at the Plaza of the Taipei World Trade Center.
2002-07-02 Sumagh Tech sets up optoelectronic business unit
Sumagh Tech & Textile Co. Ltd has established an optoelectronic business unit. The plant has begun pilot production of LCD backlights with a monthly capacity of 10,000 units.
2016-01-04 Optoelectronic microprocessors promise lower power usage
Researchers at MIT, University of California at Berkeley and University of Colorado produced a working optoelectronic microprocessor that computes electronically but uses light to move information.
2002-03-21 Multilink, IPAG collaborate on optoelectronic solutions
Multilink Technology Corp. has cooperated with Innovative Processing AG (IPAG) for the marketing, design and test of 40Gbps optical PIN diode receivers, electronic traveling wave amplifiers and optoelectronic, monolithically-integrated devices.
2002-05-16 Market trends for optoelectronic components
This technology news article features a brief discussion on the proliferation of infrared sensors and devices in the optoelectronics market, especially for automobile applications.
2004-02-24 ITIS sees growth in optoelectronic production this year
Industry Technology Intelligence Services (ITIS) forecasts that Taiwan's production value for the optoelectronic industry this year will reach over NT$1 trillion ($30.08 billion at NT$33.24: 1), a 28.9 percent increase from 2003.
2012-09-05 Isorg SA preps its pilot line of optoelectronic sensors
Isorg technology has produced multiple application ideas ranging from automated brightness controls for displays to non-touch user interfaces.
2014-08-05 Is there a bright optoelectronic future for PCM?
Here's a look at a venture modestly described as an optoelectronic framework. It has the potential to spawn whole new families of optoelectronic phase-change-based switching displays and modulators.
2002-08-12 Hanback offers optoelectronic training kit
Hanback Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the availability of the HBE-OPT-303 optoelectronic training kit designed for university students and laboratory engineers.
2000-03-20 GaAs optoelectronic ICs for Gigabit Ethernet
This paper describes the Gigabit Ethernet market and the various GaAs ICs and OEICs available.
2002-03-15 Foshan Optoelectronic IR receiver has 10m controlling distance
The FPS-5038T IR receiver module features a maximum controlling distance of 10m at 0. It can also be controlled up to 8.5m at 30 and 6.5m at 40, at a carrier frequency of 38kHz.
2003-06-26 China poised to lead optoelectronic component market
According to Intex Management Services Ltd's latest research analysis of the world markets for optoelectronic components, the market in the Greater China region is forecast to overtake Europe by mid-2005 and to reach North America by 2007.
2004-12-24 API gets hold of optoelectronic manufacturer
Advanced Photonix Inc. (API) has acquired the outstanding capital stock of Photonic Detectors Inc. (PDI).
2006-03-24 @Lab's optoelectronic mouse SoC sensor features MCU module
@Lab Inc., one of the ten companies from Korea's IT-SoC Association that participated in this year's IIC-China, showcased an optoelectronic mouse SoC sensor, which is embedded with an MCU module.
2002-03-04 Zarlink parallel fiber modules features 30Gbps data rate
The MFT62340A-J transmitter and MFR62340A-J receiver 12-channel parallel fiber modules offer a channel data rate of 155Mbps to 2.5Gbps, for an aggregate bandwidth of 30Gbps.
2002-04-30 Yahequan laser diodes produce up to 300mW
Designed for use in solid-state laser pumping applications, medical instruments, and as infrared sources for night-viewing equipment, the AL980T50 and AL980T200 laser diodes from Beijing Yahequan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd produce 50mW to 300mW of power, and offer an LD reverse voltage of 2V and PD reverse voltage of 15V.
2002-03-01 Xtera DWDM system accommodates 240 10Gbps channels
Using proprietary Wide Reach Raman technology, the Nu-Wave DWDM system is claimed to support up to 240 10Gbps channels over a distance of up to 1,500km without electrical regeneration.
2004-07-07 Xinqiao LEDs have 940nm peak wavelength
Xinqiao has released new LEDs that operate within the 400nm to 1,200nm bandwidth and have a peak wavelength of 940nm.
2004-07-09 Xinqiao LEDs feature 75cd luminous intensity
Xinqiao has expanded its LED portfolio with the release of the XQ-IR116C that features a peak wavelength of 940nm with a luminous intensity of 7.5cd to 75cd.
2004-07-07 Xinqiao LED lamps with up 2.8cd luminous intensity
Xinqiao has released its XQ-1.5 series of LED lamps that is available in red (640nm), orange (600nm), green (525nm to 570nm) and blue (470nm) colors.
2004-07-06 Xinqiao LED lamps provide up to 10cd
The XQ-10 LED lamps from Jiangmen Xinqiao Optoelectronic feature a luminous intensity range between 0.3cd and 10cd.
2004-07-14 Xinqiao chip LEDs feature 120 viewing angle
Jiangmen Xinqiao Optoelectronic Equipment recently released its XQ-SF04SC chip LEDs that feature red (640nm), green (570nm) and blue (470nm) colors.
2004-01-22 Xanoptix completes AraLight acquisition
Xanoptix Inc. has completed the acquisition of AraLight Inc., a manufacturer of optoelectronic components.
2002-09-06 Wuhan fiber-optic transceiver complies with IEEE 802.3z
The RTXM176/177 fiber-optic transceiver of Wuhan Telecommunication Devices Co. complies with the IEEE 802.3z standard and comes on 2x5 SFF dual-in-line package with an integrated LC fiber-optic connector.
2002-03-26 Wavesplitter PBC passes Telcordia endurance tests
Wavesplitter has announced the addition of micro-optic polarization beam combiners (PBC) into its amplifier component product family.
2003-04-09 Wankeda laser pick-up unit has 0.45 NA
The SKD-B13 laser pick-up unit of Wankeda Ind. Co. Ltd operates over the 760nm to 800nm wavelength and exhibits a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.45.
2002-06-21 Vishay ultrabright LEDs shine outdoors
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. says its ultrabright LEDs can replace incandescent bulbs in automotive, traffic and outdoor applications.
2003-03-18 Vishay SMD LEDs deliver 1.25cd at 50mA
The TLMxx33xx series of SMD LEDs from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. provides a luminosity of up to 1.25cd with a drive current of 50mA.
2010-12-22 Vishay receives Philippine environmental, safety, and energy awards
Vishay awarded for being compliant with all legal requirements respecting permits, emissions, wastewater effluent and recycling standards, showing continuous improvement year over year.
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