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2003-10-09 Organic materials seen for non-volatile memory
Organic materials will probably be the quickest route to dense, non-volatile memory chip: Infineon researchers
2007-05-23 Organic material promises to improve OLED visibility
OLED-T has patented a contrast-enhancing layer that has the potential to remove the expensive polarizing layer in OLED displays with significant improvements in efficiency and cost
2002-02-25 Material converts IR waves into visible light
A team from the University of Buffalo has developed an organic material, which is capable of absorbing three photons at IR wavelengths and re-emitting the light in the visible spectrum.
2009-03-26 Collaboration aims to dig into organic TFT
Novaled AG and Holst Centre will collaborate under a joint development agreement to investigate the feasibility and benefits of Novaled's dopants in Holst Centre's organic TFT (OTFT) technologies qualified for displays and circuits
2004-03-03 Spin valves open organic chip era
A research technique for making organic spin-valve electronics could herald the coming of nonvolatile semiconductors melded with optical emitters, transducers and sensors
2008-08-25 Spice model shapes up organic TFT panels
Cambridge Display Technology has collaborated with Silvaco Data Systems to develop Spice model for organic TFT technology
2005-05-16 Self-assembling organic semiconductors reported
Israeli researchers have taken a page from nature's book to create self-assembling organic semiconductors
2003-01-06 Philips develops EL material that generates red, green light
Researchers at Philips, collaborating with the University of Amsterdam, have developed the first electroluminescent (EL) material that can generate either red or green light
2009-01-21 Organic solar for energy harvesting
Organic solar, also called thin-film plastics, which has been long considered promising for low (and ultra-low) power applications is gaining momentum
2007-08-03 Organic solar cells to beat silicon-based alternatives
A new composite material for plastic solar cells formulated by Ohio State University researchers promise to beat today's inorganic silicon-based solar cells
2006-06-14 Organic semicon help develop printed electronics
Advance Nanotech announced progress in the development of new organic semiconductors
2002-05-15 Organic polymers would connect prosthesis to nerves
A Sweden-based PhD research student from Linkvping University is developing organic polymer components structured to allow severed nerves to grow right into them and connect with electrodes in a prosthetic hand, for example
2007-12-20 Organic electronics materials promise $15.8B market
The market for organic electronics materials will hit $15.8 billion in 2015, according to industry analyst NanoMarkets in its report, 'Organic Harvest: Opportunities in Organic Electronic Materials
2003-01-03 Organic displays near critical mass
Organic polymers are expected to play a larger role soon in enabling flexible color displays for computers, comms devices and consumer electronics
2007-05-21 Organic advancements drive OLED adoption in Europe
A new report from Frost & Sullivan found that OLEDs are likely to be one of the key technologies of the future, particularly in the context of display and lighting applications.
2013-09-30 Novel method enables sub-micron patterning in organic ICs
Fujifilm and Imec have developed a new photoresist technology that enables sub-micron patterning on large-size substrates without damaging the organic semiconductor materials
2009-01-19 New opportunities abound in organic electronics
Organic electronics (OE) manufacturing has advanced to a stage where companies can now produce electronics devices in volume that can compete with products offered by the traditional semiconductor companies, according to a NanoMarkets LC report
2013-11-05 New material for wafer-scale mass processing of lab-on-chips
With JSR's innovative photo-patternable adhesive material, Imec has processed microfluidic cell-sorter devices, merging microheaters and sensors with wafer-scale polymer microfluidics
2010-10-01 New lightweight organic nanomaterial as strong as steel
Israeli researchers produce new durable nanomaterial from organics
2010-06-29 Low-cost organic ICs close gap with silicon
McGill University researchers claim a breakthrough that could help organic semiconductors bridge the considerable performance gap with silicon chips
2009-04-27 IMEC, Cytec aim to extend organic PV life
Cytec Industries Inc. and IMEC have together to develop a commercially viable technology for organic photovoltaic devices with enhanced stability and extended lifetime
2013-02-06 Imaging organic, biological materials with SEM
Learn how to facilitate imaging of organic and biological materials using Agilent 8500 low voltage scanning electron microscope
2012-03-14 Heliatek opens organic solar film production facility
According to Heliatek, they developed the world's first manufacturing line producing organic solar panels in a roll-to-roll process using vacuum deposition at low temperatures
2015-02-23 Graphene-based material improves semiconductor performance
In addition to graphene's highly desirable electrical properties, flexibility and strength, combining it with other materials could extend its range even further, as experiments show.
2007-06-29 Germany to invest $483M in organic PV
The German government and several industry giants launched an initiative to invest heavily in the development of organic photovoltaics (OPV), targeting to lower the price of solar cells and widen its application range
2011-02-01 Georgia Tech develops top-gate organic field-effect transistor for plastic electronics
Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a top-gate organic field-effect transistor with a bilayer gate insulator that gives excellent stability and performance for use on plastic electronics
2009-07-06 GE ventures into organic printed electronics
General Electric has announced it will commence volume production for flexible, paper-thin lighting panels next year.
2005-07-18 For flexible future, think organic
One day, we'll download books and use electronic paper to read them,' says a pioneer in the field of organic electronics
2013-08-13 Controlled electron spin boosts organic solar cells
Researchers discovered a synthetic, high-performance polymer that behaves differently from other tested materials and could make inexpensive, highly efficient organic solar panels a reality
2005-06-21 OLED material suppliers ramp up capacity
As manufacturers of organic LED (OLED) displays -- such as Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and LG. Philips Co. Ltd -- target mass production, suppliers of OLED materials are also boosting their capacities to expand their market by releasing light-emitting materials, electron transporting materials and ITO coating glass
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