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What is an OS?
Operating system, or simply OS, pertains to the computer's master control program. It is a collection of software, firmware and hardware elements that controls the execution of computer programs.
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2003-02-21 OSE RTOS suits telecom infrastructure apps
The company's enhanced RTOS and development environment provides fast, asynchronous interprocess communications suited for fault-tolerant operations.
2002-11-22 OSE rolls OSEck development environment
OSE Systems' enhanced development environment is suitable for wireless, radar, sonar, and media gateway applications.
2005-11-16 Open-source auto-grade Linux is the future
Discover how embedded Linux can offer compelling incentives for designers of next-generation telematics systems.
2002-12-02 Open source hardware
This technical article discusses how open-source techniques in hardware design are still impossible to achieve with the current technology available to engineers.
2011-09-30 Open platform to compete with Android
Just like Android, Tizen would be a standard-based, cross architecture software platform that supports multiple device categories.
2002-06-01 On the move with Real-Time Linux
A brief discussion on how the latest developments in Real-Time Linux for user-space processes provide a good choice for embedded applications.
2002-11-22 OmniWerks adopts Micrium RTOS wireless solutions
OmniWerks Inc. has selected Micrium Inc.'s C/OS-II RTOS to be used on its family of 802.11 wireless development kits.
2008-05-22 OLPC resumes 'Give One Get One' program
OLPC is resuming its 'Give One Get One' program, in which consumers will buy for $400 a rugged green-and-white computer and donate a second one to a child in a developing country, reported the Associated Press.
2003-03-13 Oki extends collaboration ties with UMC
Oki Semiconductor has joined United Microelectronics Corp.'s Gold IP program and Design Plus partnership which will allow Oki access to UMC's 0.155m process and intellectual properties.
2007-01-29 Nucleus POSIX adds networking support
Mentor Graphics has announced that the new version of Nucleus POSIX software includes support for networking applications.
2002-03-26 Novel low-cost web appliances emerge
This news article describes how the TCP/IP standard can serve as the core for Internet communications and embedded Web apps to increase its already distinguished service flexibility.
2007-09-19 Non-Apple-approved iPhone applications underway
Despite discouragement from Apple, some Mac developers are working on a way to easily install and run non-Apple-approved iPhone applications that communicate directly with the smart phone's OS.
2011-02-16 Nokia-Microsoft pact casts doubt on Finn's leadership
Nokia will make Windows Phone its primary smartphone OS and use Microsoft's smartphone developer tools. It will however struggle to differentiate its products from those of other Microsoft handset OEMs.
2002-02-22 Nokia, TI unveil reference platform for next-gen smart phones
Nokia and Texas Instruments have introduced an open and standards-based reference platform for the manufacture of next-generation smart phones.
2008-03-06 Nokia, Microsoft bring Silverlight to smart phones
Nokia and Microsoft have partnered to make Silverlight available for S60 on Symbian OS as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets.
2012-03-02 Nokia, HTC to transform the mobile experience
Nokia and HTC's top honchos talk about how rapidly changing market dynamics are influencing the entire ecosystem, hardware design, software and app integration and the end-user integrated lifestyle.
2011-06-24 Nokia, Accenture settle Symbian agreement
Nokia and Accenture have already finalized their outsourcing agreement on Symbian software development andÿsupport services. More than 2,000 Nokia employees will transfer to Accenture this year.
2012-07-24 Nokia's Lumia smartphones out ship Apple and Samsung
Research conducted by Strategy Analytics has shown that Nokia's Lumia smartphones are out shipping Apple's iPhone and Samsung's smartphones during its initial launch.
2012-02-22 Nokia's Boston office takes apps to a new level
Nokia is said to be putting faith into Navteq, a navigation-software provider the company acquired for $8.1 billion in 2007. So far Navteq hasn't played any part in Nokia's overall strategy.
2010-11-23 Nokia supports Symbian amid foundation change
As the Symbian Foundation reduces its operational activities to become a licensing operation only, Nokia reaffirms its commitment to the Symbian platform.
2008-10-22 Nokia details plans to take Symbian to 'next level'
Since Nokia Corp. acquired Symbian and announced plans to offer S60 and Symbian OS for free to the open source community, the method of handset giant's transition has remained largely unclear.
2008-06-26 Nokia buys 52% Symbian shares for $410M
Nokia has released a cash offer to acquire all of the shares of Symbian that Nokia does not already own, at a price of about $5.67 per share, or approximately $410 for the 52 percent Symbian shares.
2009-02-19 Nokia and Qualcomm: foes to partners
Former patent litigation foes Nokia and Qualcomm have partnered to develop mobile devices based that are compatible with the forthcoming Symbian Foundation platform.
2010-09-14 Next-gen quad-core 2.5GHz processor unleashed
ARM's new Eagle processor promises 2.5GHz clock speed, backward compatibility with older chips
2006-12-22 New RTOS library supports DAQ cubes
United Electronic Industries announced the addition of complete QNX RTOS support for its PowerDNA products.
2005-10-06 New electronic connector lubricant from Santovac Fluids
Santovac Fluids LLC introduced a new phenyl-ether based electronic connector lubricant that promises superior performance for general purpose applications at a competitive price.
2003-08-18 New DVD processors enable single-chip DVD-AVRs
By combining superior video quality with multichannel audio, the DVD-video format has placed the DVD player at the heart of home entertainment.
2007-01-16 New Bluesim supports virtual prototyping
Targeting an emerging niche within ESL design, Bluespec Inc. rolled out a new version of its Bluesim simulator that supports virtual prototyping for software development and hardware validation.
2000-05-03 Networked multimedia appliance software ingredients for success
This paper discusses the advantages of distributed RTOS and windowing system technologies, such as shortening edit-compile debug cycles, cutting maintenance & verification, enabling the reuse of field-tested code across multiple products, upgrading installed systems on the fly, and developing hardware and software platforms concurrently.
2003-11-17 Network programming can be tamed
Embedding network processor requires a carefully structured blend of programming model, facilities and a unifying software infrastructure that enables both performance and flexibility.
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