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What is an OS?
Operating system, or simply OS, pertains to the computer's master control program. It is a collection of software, firmware and hardware elements that controls the execution of computer programs.
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2005-02-16 Java takes on system-level programming
System-level software written in Java offers better cost/benefit ratio and a viable language for current and future embedded designs.
2003-01-27 Japan-based manufacturers back off proprietary OSs
Consumer electronics manufacturers in Japan are backing away from efforts to push proprietary OSs into wider use and are turning instead to open-source OSs, specifically Linux.
2010-04-29 Japan firms co-develop mobile platform
Docomo, Renesas, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic and Sharp are collaborating to develop a new application platform for mobile phones that will be compatible with both the Symbian and Linux OS.
2007-03-07 January dip in chip sales due to seasonal decline
Semiconductor sales in January hit $21.47 billion, up 9.2 percent from a year-ago periodhowever, this represents a seasonal decline of 1.2 percent from the $21.74 billion reported in December, says SIA.
2008-04-28 Is Microsoft reconsidering decision to ax XP?
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a glimmer of hope to Windows XP fans, saying the company may reconsider its decision to stop selling the OS by June 30.
2010-04-20 Is Android going too fast too soon?
The rapid pace of Android's growth threatens to fragment the platform, according to a new study from IMS Research.
2013-04-11 IPETRONIK rolls out new plug-in options for IPEmotion
With the AVR-NET-IO- and Atmel-Plug-ins, the IPEmotion can now be deployed in other areas beyond typical measurement data acquisition
2013-11-01 iOS smartphone market stagnant at 14% growth
ABI Research reported that smartphone shipment penetration was 56 per cent in Q3, setting a record high for the third consecutive quarter, while Windows Phone achieved 165 per cent growth YoY.
2011-10-31 Intel's struggles in digital TV
The problem, in part, is Intel seems to take a bulldozer approach to new market development. Too often, the company drive ambitious initiatives aggressively without its key stakeholders.
2011-09-30 Intel waves goodbye to MeeGo
Intel Corp. is dropping its MeeGo mobile operating system to support the Tizen project, an initiative announced by Linux-oriented non-profits.
2011-02-22 Intel scouts for new MeeGo allies
With former ally Nokia having switched allegiance to Microsoft's Windows OS, Intel is now looking for new friends for its MeeGo project.
2004-08-16 Initiatives to manage power proliferate
Here are some of the power-management initiatives aimed at efficiently converting power from the source to the load.
2014-04-23 Initialising MPC5777M clock generation module
Read about the MPC5777M specific PLL and clock divider settings to achieve 300MHz Core 0 / Core 1 and 200MHz Fast Crossbar (FXBAR) / Core 2 operation.
2012-01-24 IHS: Nokia Lumia 900 brings Windows Phone back to life
The Lumia 900 is also expected to re-establish Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Phone as a leading contender in the cellphone operating business, says IHS.
2011-08-16 IHS weighs in on Google-Motorola deal
Market researcher IHS iSuppli weighs in on Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
2003-07-01 If the RedBoot ROM monitor fits
This document presents an open-source, portable ROM monitor that offers a download and debug environment.
2006-12-07 IBM sues Intel-based PC maker
IBM is suing an Intel-backed maker of computers that uses a version of IBM's high-end mainframe operating system reconfigured to run atop Intel's industry standard processors.
2012-02-21 IBM buys Worklight, builds mobility strategy
The acquisition said to be worth around $70 million and was finalized just weeks after IBM stated its intent in buying the enterprise mobile app development firm.
2007-03-12 Hybrid flash/hard drive cuts boot time in Vista
Samsung's 2.5-inch hybrid flash/hard drive saves power consumption and cut boot time for Microsoft's Vista OS.
2010-05-04 HP-Palm combo could be time
Hewlett-Packard's acquisition of Palm could result in a winning combination but it will require one key ingredienttime, and lots of it.
2011-12-12 HP to offer WebOS as open source
HP will be contributing its WebOS to the open source community. The move suggests that the company was not able to find a buyer for its mobile operating system.
2011-06-03 HP licenses WebOS to limited partners
HP seems to at least be interested to the thought of licensing its WebOS to other hardware makers which will focus on mobile operating system.
2011-02-11 HP embarks on mobile journey
No doubt, it will be a tough, uphill climb for HP, which must create a new class of smartphones and tablets under a new corporate structure with a new software platform.
2006-11-01 How to effectively evaluate RTOSes
To survive in an increasingly competitive market, companies must maximize software investments by critically evaluating their choice of real-time operating systems.
2009-07-15 How software virtualization works in embedded
The increased use of software virtualization in embedded systems is enabling additional use of open-source operating systems and applications. The term "virtualization" is overused and needs to be broken down to clearly see which virtualization technologies are most relevant to embedded systems developers.
2002-01-10 Hitachi to develop Windows CE.NET mobile devices
Hitachi Ltd has revealed plans to develop mobile devices employing the Windows CE.NET OS.
2001-04-03 High Availability Design For Embedded Systems
This paper examines the market dynamics that drive the requirements of a "high-availability-enabled" embedded OS, shows how these requirements are met by Wind River's OS code-named Cirrus, and explains the benefits of Cirrus for developers engaged in the design of "highly available" smart devices.
2003-11-03 Hardware, software for SME security gear
To design a next-generation SME converged security appliance, a number of security hardware, software and algorithm technology trajectories must be considered.
2013-07-10 Guide to porting Android on embedded platforms
Find out how to port the Android distribution of the open source Linux OS to your embedded design in four easy steps.
2015-02-23 Grasping architectures for ISO 26262 systems
OS architecture is crucial in an ISO 26262 system as it is fundamental to overall system dependability and it determines how easy it is to protect components with different or equivalent ASIL requirements.
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