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2004-01-26 Torex chip has 300kHz oscillation frequency
The XC9303 series from Torex USA Corp. is a highly efficient, synchronous PWM, PWM/PFM switching step-up and down dc/dc controller IC.
2003-02-14 Seiko Epson VCSO provides direct oscillation at 3GHz
The EV-3104 VCSO from Seiko Epson Corp. provides direct oscillation and output in the 2GHz to 3GHz band.
2004-11-23 Preventing parasitic mode oscillation in MAX2104 circuits
Preventing parasitic mode oscillation in MAX2104 circuits
2009-04-09 Power Tip #3: Avoiding oscillation issues in input filters
While switching regulators are often preferred over linear regulators because they are more efficient, the switching topology leans heavily on an input filter. This circuit element, combined with the supply's typically negative dynamic impedance, can contribute to oscillation issues. Here's how to avoid the problem.
2005-02-04 LED driver includes PWM controller, oscillation circuit
The NJU6061 RGB LED driver from NJR includes a PWM (pulse width modulation) controller, LED drivers, oscillation circuit and 8bit serial interface.
2001-09-26 Crystal and oscillation issues
This application note discusses the analog signaling issues introduced by an oscillator module to the NET2888 USB interface controller.
2002-04-19 Using the LOCK output from GIGA receivers
This application note explains the operation of the LOCK output from the PLLs of the high-speed devices from GIGA.
2016-03-18 Surface waves may set early alarm, detect tsunami
Find out how MIT researchers connect interactions between surface and deep ocean waters with atmospheric forces that affect surface waves for early tsunami detection.
2002-03-25 Some tips on stabilizing operational amplifiers
This application note discusses the stable operation and maintenance of a feedback amplifier wherein it exhibits a condition with no oscillations, no overshoot and no peak in the closed loop response.
2003-05-11 Sine Wave Generation Techniques
This application note discusses the various procedures, utilizing both analog and digital approaches, in generating Sine Waves.
2002-04-25 Seiko Epson SAW resonator has lower temperature coefficient
Seiko Epson Announces the Successful Development and Mass Production of the World's First (1) High-Precision SAW Resonator for the High-Speed Network Market Seiko Epson Corp. has announced the development of a SAW resonator that features a quadratic temperature coefficient of -1.7x10-8/C?claimed by the company to be 50 percent better than conventional SAW resonators.
2002-03-25 Phase imaging: Beyond topography
This application note discusses how phase imaging promises to play an important role in the ongoing study of material properties at the nanometer scale.
2000-09-07 On-chip oscillator design
This application note covers common theory of oscillators, and requirements of the circuitry that come from the theory for crystal and ceramic resonator-based circuits.
2002-07-16 JARO offers film capacitors in 0603 sizes
The PPC series of low noise and low ESR film capacitors from JARO Components Inc. is offered in 0603 casings.
2002-09-02 Jaro film capacitors fit in 0603 pack
Jaro Components Inc. has tucked its high-grade surface-mount PPC-series film capacitors in an ultramini 0603 moldless package.
2002-05-07 Intel ICH family RTC accuracy and considerations under test conditions
This application note discusses considerations to guarantee the accuracy of ICHn RTC circuit for each specific board design and RTC circuit layout when using Intel chipsets utilizing an Intel ICH family component.
2011-12-01 Guide to stability boundary conditions charts in TL431, TL432 data sheet
Here's an application note that provides guidance when referring to stability boundary conditions charts in the TL431, TL432 data sheet.
2002-05-06 Avoiding turn-on oscillations in HV91 family PWM ICs
This application note describes the process of avoiding turn-on oscillations in HV91 family PWM ICs.
2002-04-15 A tutorial introduction to simulating current mode power stages
This application note details the utilization of 90's models developed around the PWM switch model and more recent ones included in the new INTUSOFT's IsSpice4 SMPS library package.
2003-10-03 Programmable Oscillator Uses Digital Potentiometers
This application note describes the design of an oscillator where setting the resistance of the digital potentiometers programs the oscillation frequency and amplitude independently.
2002-10-15 NJR VCXO IC suits SONET/SDH systems
The NJM2555 622.08MHz VCXO IC incorporates an oscillation amplifier and a variable capacitor diode for use in SONET/SDH communication systems.
2004-08-26 NJR oscillator IC tailored for high-speed net apps
New Japan Radio's new "LVDS output" C-MOS quartz crystal oscillator IC consists of an oscillation amp and LVDS.
2011-05-02 Design tips for amplifier and video filter board
Learn how to protect amplifiers against unwanted oscillation.
2007-02-05 A/D conversion control of the 7542 group
The function of the A/D conversion in this article is applied to MCUs of the 7542 group with 8MHz oscillation frequency, 32Kbytes ROM and 1Kbyte RAM.
2002-12-19 Zarlink offers high-voltage process for foundry work
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has introduced a commercial foundry service for producing analog chips based on its high-performance, high-voltage process.
2005-11-21 Zarlink AEC reduces noise in hands-free communication apps
Zarlink's new acoustic echo canceller improves voice quality and reduces noise in hands- free communication applications.
2004-09-24 Yale team builds chips for quantum computing
Demonstrating a new paradigm for quantum computing, Yale University researchers have built what they call QED IC to manipulate quantum bits.
2010-11-10 VTI makes consumer-grade MEMS
VTI Technologies Oy takes its automotive MEMS expertise into the consumer arena with consumer-grade MEMS chips targeting mobile handsets, gaming consoles and TV remote controls.
2005-08-26 Voice chips from Zarlink enable hands-free communication
Zarlink Semiconductor unveiled voice processing chips aimed at improving voice quality and reducing noise in hands-free communication devices.
2014-09-26 Vision in wearables: Broader applications, functions
Vision processing can now take place right on your wrist or your face at price points that enable adoption by the masses. This article tackles a key factor in this burgeoning technology success story.
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