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What is an oscillator?
An electronic circuit used to generate high-frequency pulses.
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2013-04-01 Linear Tech unveils low frequency clock
The LTC6995 combines a programmable oscillator with precision circuitry and logicconfigurable for long duration power-on reset and watchdog timer applications.
2004-12-16 LIN protocol keeps costs low for automotive nets
The LIN protocol has the potential to be used widely in automotive applications, enabling designers to produce systems at the lowest possible cost.
2005-12-29 Light sensor's spectral sensitivity matches human eye
Intersil's ISL29001 ambient light sensor provides 15-bit effective resolution while rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by artificial light sources.
1999-04-08 LDO regulator stability and ceramic capacitors
This article explains LDO stability related to the output capacitor and why ceramics can have this effect.
2004-10-25 Jingweite VCXOs function to 160MHz
Jingweite Electronics released its latest series of voltage-controlled crystal oscillators that operate within the 1MHz to 160MHz frequency range.
2004-08-11 Jingweite crystal oscillators operate to 150MHz
Jingweite has unveiled its latest surface-mount crystal oscillators that feature an operating frequency range between 1MHz and 150MHz.
2004-06-24 Jiangsu TCE crystal oscillators operate to 100MHz
The CX-7M surface-mount crystal oscillators from TCE operate within the 9.83MHz to 100MHz frequency range.
2003-07-24 Jenjaan crystal oscillators suit PLL, AFC circuits
Jenjaan Quartek Corp. has released its JJ-5 voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) with a 1MHz to 80MHz frequency range and have a current rating of 30mA. The oscillators operate from 3.3V to 5V, and are suitable for use in PLL circuits, AFC circuits, and FM modulators.
2012-08-06 ITE, IDT reach licensing agreement for USB 2.0 controller
ITE Tech, Inc. and IDT have agreed on terms to license certain solid-state oscillator patents required in the design of an integrated USB 2.0 Flash Drive Controller.
2002-05-07 Intel ICH family RTC accuracy and considerations under test conditions
This application note discusses considerations to guarantee the accuracy of ICHn RTC circuit for each specific board design and RTC circuit layout when using Intel chipsets utilizing an Intel ICH family component.
2008-12-01 Integrate video signal capacity with high-speed amplifiers
The composite video signal in the 1950s still has a large influence in today's HD A/D video. Most parameters related to composite video remain major considerations in a system design.
2006-12-07 Instrument tests clock circuits, PLLs, oscillators
Wavecrest is rolling out a family of instruments dubbed signal source analyzers for testing clock circuits, phase locked loops and oscillators.
2013-05-20 IDT targets high-performance comm, networking apps
IDT's latest offerings claim to enable the industry's lowest phase noise voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and fractional output divider to solve phase noise-related challenges.
2013-05-14 Identify interference in complex RF environments
One RF recording technique that may prove particularly useful in addressing this problem is gapless capture.
2005-04-28 IC supplants quartz-based solutions
The new RTC from Dallas Semi has been integrated with several functions that enable it to offer better than 2 minutes per year accuracy over a wide operating-temperature range
2002-03-20 IBM announces new processes for wireless chip fab
Targeting companies that manufacture wireless devices such as cell phones, IBM has announced the development of two new foundry processes for fabricating chips for consumer products.
2002-05-07 HV441 high-voltage ring generator
This application note describes the operation of the HV441, provides design illustrations, and includes complete schematics for both a 5 REN ringer and a 20 REN ringer.
2004-08-06 Hubei Dongguang crystal oscillators measure 5-by-3.2-by-1mm
Hubei Dongguang released its latest series of surface-mount crystal oscillators that operate within the 12MHz to 36MHz frequency range.
2004-08-02 Hubei Dongguang crystal oscillators function to 150MHz
Hubei Dongguang released its latest crystal oscillators that operate within the 500kHz to 150MHz frequency range, and feature TTL, HCMOS or TTL/HCMOS output pulse forms.
2003-05-02 Hualianxing crystal units operate to 85C
The HC-49U series of crystal units from Nanjing Hualianxing Electronics Co. Ltd measures 10.8-by-12.9-by-4.4mm.
2003-05-05 Hualianxing crystal units operate to 85C
The HC-49U series of crystal units from Nanjing Hualianxing Electronics Co. Ltd measures 10.8-by-12.9-by-4.4mm.
2003-05-08 Hualianxing crystal units have >500-megohm resistance
The UM-1 and UM-5 crystal units from Nanjing Hualianxing Electronics Co. Ltd have an insulation resistance of at least 500 megohms.
1999-04-08 How to choose CMOS operational amplifiers
This paper discusses the features and applications using CMOS operational amplifiers.
2001-06-04 High-volume commercial plastic packaged GaAs monolithic devices
This application note describes the technical issues in bringing high-volume commercial microwave plastic devices to market.
2008-04-28 HFF crystal oscillators come in compact sizes
Epson Toyocom's new HFF crystal oscillators were made a compact 7mm x 5mm x 1.6mm by adopting a single-sealed structure instead of the conventional double-sealed structure.
2001-09-20 HF-VHF-UHF voltage controlled oscillators using Hyperabrupt tuning diodes
This application note is intended to assist the VCO designer in realizing the excellent performance attainable through the use of ion-implanted hyperabrupt tuning diodes.
2003-03-03 HDE VCXO measures 7-by-5-by-1.8mm
Hubei Dongguang Electronics has released a surface-mount VCXO that measures 7-by-5-by-1.8mm and operates over the 2MHz to 30MHz frequency range.
2011-11-02 GPSDO targets cost-sensitive LTE apps
Jackson Labs' LC_1x1 is a low-cost Rubidium frequency reference replacement module with very high holdover stability.
2003-08-15 GP2010 and GP2105: Reduction of VCO-related EMC radiation
This application note briefs users of Zarlink's GP2010 and GP2105 GPS RF Front-End modules on how to reduce the radiated emissions of VCO harmonics.
2002-11-14 Generation of non-standard CTCSS tones
This article describes and lists the tone frequencies for three crystal values for each chip.
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