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What is an oscillator?
An electronic circuit used to generate high-frequency pulses.
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2002-06-12 TRU-600A: Code mark inversion (CMI) input data
This application note presents examples on how to extract a clock signal from an incoming non-return to zero data stream using the TRU-600A device.
2003-08-29 Tone Generation - An Application of the MX105A
This application note discusses the procedure to configure an MX105A as a tone generator.
2002-11-14 Tone generation - An application of the mx105a
This article describes how to configure an MX105A as a tone generator.
2003-09-01 TLSI crystal oscillators exhibit low-jitter
TLSI has introduced the T73227 and T83027 high-precision VCXO clock generator ICs that are designed to exhibit low-jitter and low phase noise performance.
2004-11-05 Tiny VCO supports wide frequency range
Challenged to develop a miniature VCO with comparable performance to larger packages, Crystek Crystals launched its smallest VCO package.
2008-07-08 Tiny VCO offers ultralow phase noise
Z-Communications has launched a RoHS-compliant voltage-controlled oscillator model CLV1370A-LF in L-band that has a typical phase noise of -108dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset and typical tuning sensitivity of 24MHz/V.
2009-08-26 Tiny ADCs simplify system design
Texas Instruments' newest ADCs offer scalable integration to reduce component count and simplify design.
2002-08-12 Tight-stability OCXOs timed for GPS systems
M-Tron Ind. Inc. has entered the OCXO market with five new families of ultrastable, tight-stability single- and double-oven OCXOs for designers of GPS timing systems.
2002-11-25 Tigers TCXO features 11.5ppm frequency stability
Tigers Electronics Co. Ltd has released a 9.6MHz TCXO that produces a square wave output and exhibits a frequency stability of 11.5ppm, and is suitable for wireless communication equipment.
2006-05-11 Terahertz clock rides rotary wave
MultiGig disclosed a novel approach to semiconductor clocking that could slash power budgets and open the door to chips that clock at terahertz rates.
2012-04-19 Temperature oscillators tolerate -40C to 85C range
Fox Electronics' XpressO oscillators feature frequency range of 0.75-250MHz with extremely low phase jitter down to 0.8pS RMS.
2003-04-30 Temex ceramic material boasts high Q performance
The E7000 series of high-frequency ceramic materials from Temex offers twice the performance of the company's previous materials over the 8GHz to 15GHz range.
2006-10-16 Techniques in designing high-performance amplifiers
Learn the factors that make amps oscillate and the general guidelines in designing high-speed amps.
2001-04-06 Techniques for optimizing UHF front-end Integrated Circuits
This application note discusses S-parameter theory and applications, and details a method for obtaining device noise parameter data for the SA621 and SA611 UHF front-end ICs.
2004-08-02 Technical Crystal oscillators offer 0.3mW drive level
The latest series of surface-mount crystal oscillators from Technical Crystal operates within the 1MHz to 80MHz frequency range.
2004-07-29 Technical Crystal oscillators feature 0.3W drive level
The latest surface-mount crystal oscillators from Technical Crystal feature an operating frequency range from 6MHz to 80MHz.
2002-06-12 TCXOs: Temperature compensated crystal oscillators
This application note offers a brief discussion on temperature compensated crystal oscillators.
2006-01-02 TCXOs tout tight stability
MtronPTI offers a family of low voltage, surface-mount TCXOs and VCTCXOs with tight stability and excellent aging characteristics for network and wireless engineers.
2009-09-29 TCXOs deliver 0.5ppm frequency stability
AVX Corp. has expanded its SMD temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) series to include AEC-Q200 approved versions.
2005-08-02 TCXO touts tight stability, small size
Fordahl said it has introduced the industry's smallest wide temperature range Stratum III and Sonet temperature compensated crystal oscillator.
2011-02-02 TCXO targets femtocells, base stations
The TS05 temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) from Precision Devices covers the frequency range of 10MHz to 52MHz in a 5mm by 3.2mm by 1.5mm package.
2004-05-26 TCE VCOs operate to 70MHz
The VCXO-1 series of VCOs from Jiangsu Changheng Group Top Crystal Electronic operates within the 1MHz to 70MHz frequency range.
2005-07-19 TC-OCXOs from C-MAC deliver high stability in a small package
C-MAC MicroTechnology has introduced its first commercial products based on the company's proprietary temperature-compensated oven-controlled crystal oscillator technology
2001-06-04 Tape and reel packaging for LSM2 VCOs
This application note describes the tape and reel packaging used with M/A-COM's LSM2 package style voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs).
2001-06-04 Tape and reel packaging for LSM1A VCOs
This application note describes the tape and reel packaging used with M/A-COM's LSM1A package style voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs).
2002-07-17 Taiwan quartz crystal companies form industry association
Quartz crystal companies in Taiwan have cooperated and formed an industry group named Quartz Ind. Association in Taiwan.
2003-02-20 Taikeda VCXO operates to 40.96MHz
Shenzhen Taikeda Electronic Co. Ltd's VCXO operates from 1MHz to 40.96MHz from a 5V supply.
2009-09-15 Synthesizers pack nine phase-aligned LVPECL outputs
Maxim's new frequency synthesizers generate high-frequency , low-jitter clock signals from 62.5MHz input.
2002-11-26 Synchronization, timing put on one chip
The latest synchronization and timing solution from 9Co combines all of the timing-selection, phase lock, synthesis, and control functions in a single-chip device.
2009-08-04 Switching regulator boasts wide input voltage range
Linear Technology's LT3663 current mode step-down switching regulator offers programmable output current limit.
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