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What is an oscillator?
An electronic circuit used to generate high-frequency pulses.
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2013-08-07 Surface mount OCXO boasts output load of 15pF
Fox Electronics' FTM series of surface mount oscillators provides a standard stability of +10ppb across a set of standard frequencies in the 5MHz to 40MHz range and stabilities as tight as 5 ppb.
2000-11-30 Startup time, profile measurement of PLL VCOs and crystal oscillators
This application note intends to alleviate the anxiety and pain that have been associated with startup time and profile measurements of PLL VCOs and crystal oscillators by introducing a test setup that is user-friendly and convenient to build.
2011-07-29 ST launches smallest RTC IC
STMicroelectronics has rolled out a combined crystal and real-time clock IC that is touted as the world's smallest at 3.2 x 1.5mm.
2007-03-07 ST intros factory-calibrated serial real-time clocks
STMicroelectronics announced its serial RTC chips with factory calibration, enabling manufacturers using the parts to simplify assembly and test operations by omitting the time-consuming calibration step.
2001-08-09 Software radio techniques offer new options in basestation design
This conference technical paper focuses its discussion on the specifications and limitations of data converters, as well as wireless architectures suitable for software-defined radios, and the pros and cons of their implementation.
2009-06-15 Smart inductive proximity switch
The STEVAL-IFS006V1 inductive proximity switch demonstration board is designed based on the principle of metal body detection using the eddy current effect on the HF losses of a coil.
2016-03-22 SiTime still standing tall in MEMS timing devices industry
With 90% market share, SiTime has maintained the industry leadership it has held in the last eight years. It has sold more than 400 million devices since 2005.
2006-09-01 Single-chip phone heads for handset market
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has developed a single-chip GSM phone that combines the power-management unit, ARM controller, battery interface and charging circuitry, digital baseband, analog baseband and RF transceiver functionality into a monolithic IC.
2008-05-07 Single, dual frequency crystal oscillators roll
ON Semi has expanded its high-performance clock and data management portfolio with the introduction nine new PureEdge PLL-based clock modules for crystal oscillator replacement.
2003-09-23 Single oven OCXO suits synchronization systems
C-MAC MicroTechnology has expanded its line of frequency control products with the release of a series of single oven-oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) that is suitable as a frequency source and time keeping reference for all synchronization systems, including GPS-based equipment.
2009-11-27 Sine-wave clock buffer replaces three TCXOs
The sine-wave clock-buffers are suited for UMTS/WCDMA/GSM cellphones and smart phones, MIDs, UMPCs, PNDs and GPS.
2003-05-11 Sine Wave Generation Techniques
This application note discusses the various procedures, utilizing both analog and digital approaches, in generating Sine Waves.
2004-10-01 Simplifying direct-conversion receiver design
Direct-conversion receiver ICs eliminate the need for additional IF stages and relax the demands on HF filters.
2011-05-19 Silicon Labs seeks market leadership via one-stop timing shop
Silicon Labs hopes to rule the timing chip domain by growing market share in all segments, becoming a one-stop-shop for timing and oscillator chips, and offering timing technologies unavailable elsewhere.
2000-11-01 Signal leakage mires conversions
This article reviews superheterodyne tuning techniques and offers pointers for more streamlined implementations.
2010-06-10 Signal generator boasts -115dB/Hz at 20GHz phase noise
Anritsu has released the MG3690C series of RF signal generators with phase noise and broad frequency generation designed to allow engineers to conduct highly accurate tests on subsystems
2005-02-01 SiGe direct modulator for multiband upconversion
Recent advances in RF chip technology lead to a resurgence of interest in direct conversion architectures.
2003-02-14 Seiko Epson VCSO provides direct oscillation at 3GHz
The EV-3104 VCSO from Seiko Epson Corp. provides direct oscillation and output in the 2GHz to 3GHz band.
2002-09-05 Seiko Epson ships smallest RTC module
Seiko Epson Corp. has introduced an RTC module that measures 5-by-3.2-by-1.1mm for use in portable information devices such as mobile telephones and digital still cameras.
2002-04-25 Seiko Epson SAW resonator has lower temperature coefficient
Seiko Epson Announces the Successful Development and Mass Production of the World's First (1) High-Precision SAW Resonator for the High-Speed Network Market Seiko Epson Corp. has announced the development of a SAW resonator that features a quadratic temperature coefficient of -1.7x10-8/C?claimed by the company to be 50 percent better than conventional SAW resonators.
2002-06-12 SAW-based frequency control product applications
This application note presents several SAW-based frequency control products, which find application in modern telecom systems, and reviews the challenges and issues associated with their usage.
2002-11-08 SaRonix VCXOs measure 5-by-7-by-1.8mm
SaRonix LLC has released its ST1307/1507 and ST1317/1517 series of VCXOs that are packaged in a 5-by-7-by-1.8mm ceramic surface-mount housing.
2004-12-20 Sanshin clock oscillators function to 54MHz
Sanshin Electric disclosed the availability of its clock oscillators that are rated at 5V, 25mA.
2004-07-13 Rubidium oscillators eye high performance apps
Quartzlock's new HSRO series of high stability rubidium oscillators feature a high stable signal for time-frequency measurements.
2002-06-12 RMS jitter calculation in the 12kHz to 20MHz bandwidth for VI's CO-600V series VCXO
This application note discusses how to calculate the rms jitter of CO-600V VCXOs during 12kHz to 20MHz bandwidth operation.
2002-06-12 RMS jitter calculation
This application note presents the ways of calculating the rms jitter of the company's various crystal oscillator families.
2013-02-18 Richardson rolls out 18GHz Microwave PLL Synthesiser
The ADF41020 can be used to implement local oscillators as high as 18GHz in the up-conversion and down-conversion sections of wireless receivers and transmitters.
2005-05-11 RF synthesizer includes VCOs
STMicroelectronics unveiled a multi-band RF synthesizer with embedded voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), the first in a series of highly integrated RF solutions integrating PLL and VCOs.
2010-05-17 RF mixers operate at 2300-2900MHz range
Analog Devices Inc. has launched two new high-performance RF passive mixers for a variety of wireless applications.
2002-08-19 RF integrates with DSP in 4G apps
This article discusses a direct-conversion RF architecture that uses CMOS technology to design a DSP suitable for 4G apps.
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