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What is an oscillator?
An electronic circuit used to generate high-frequency pulses.
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2013-06-06 OCXOs boasts phase noise performance of -172dBc/Hz at 100kHz
IQOV-200 series Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator nominally operates from a 12V power supply and consumes just 1Watt of power at steady state.
2005-10-10 OCXO shrinks in size
Packaged in a 1-by-0.8-by-0.5-inch footprint, the new XO5183 family of high-performance OCXOs from MtronPTI features a phase noise performance of -90dBc at a 1Hz offset for a 10MHz sinewave device.
2002-10-15 NJR VCXO IC suits SONET/SDH systems
The NJM2555 622.08MHz VCXO IC incorporates an oscillation amplifier and a variable capacitor diode for use in SONET/SDH communication systems.
2003-04-15 NJR quartz crystal oscillators operate up to 5.5V
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released a pair of quartz crystal oscillators that operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V supply.
2006-08-21 NIST scientists release update on bistable atomic switch research
NIST scientists injected a charge that switched a single cobalt atom between two locations on a crystalline substrate. This single-atom oscillator development could become the basis for a future bistable atomic switch.
2006-02-15 New quartz crystal clock oscillators from Pericom
Pericom's new series of quartz crystal clock oscillators are contained in a 3.2-by-2.5mm package.
2004-07-01 NDK VCXO extends frequency range in smaller package
NDK is offering a new miniature voltage controlled crystal oscillator with an extended frequency range up to 180MHz in a 7-by-5-by-1.6mm footprint.
2004-02-03 National expands RF product offerings
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the first member of its family of standalone, monolithic voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) for mobile handsets.
2010-06-04 Nanowire transistors key to planar challenges
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center researchers have developed a series of functional 25-stage ring oscillators using silicon nanowire transistors with diameters down to 2.6nm.
2006-05-01 Nanotransistors ripe for CMOS
IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center has crafted an experimental IC that uses a single-molecule nanotube as the common transistor channel for five CMOS-like inverters wired as a ring oscillator.
2002-04-15 Modeling board level dc/dc converters in SPICE
This application note is a macro model which is applicable to any fixed frequency dc/dc converters and provides a fast and accurate simulation of the circuit behavior at the device terminals.
2005-11-24 Mixers integrate LO driver amps
Hittite Microwave unveiled a mixer family with integrated local oscillator amplifiers designed for cellular/3G infrastructure apps from 0.7GHz to 1.4GHz.
2005-09-05 Mixed-signal IC specialist enters frequency control market
Silicon Laboratories has entered the frequency control market with the introduction of two families of high-frequency, low-jitter crystal oscillators (XOs) and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) for apps up to 1.4GHz.
2006-02-03 Minimize lightning damage on satellite antennae
A dedicated IC, an LNB voltage regulator can be damaged by a lightning strike on the coaxial cable or antenna that generates a high current, high voltage surge at the voltage regulator. Here's how to protect without restricting data transmission performance.
2003-02-10 Micro oscillators set for dense wireless systems
MF Electronics' new line of clock oscillators is aimed at high-density wearable, implantable, and handheld electronic products.
2012-03-20 Micrel takes controlling stake of PhaseLink
The acquisition will complement Micrel's high performance clock generation and distribution products for the communication market and expand its offerings into the consumer and industrial markets, the company said.
2009-06-16 MEMS oscillators tout 25ppm frequency stability
Discera has expanded its PureSilicon product offering to include industrial temperature ranges (-40C to +85C) with 50ppm and 25ppm frequency stability.
2009-07-01 MEMS oscillators set frequencies
Discera's Dragonfly is the world's first truly portable programmer for oscillator frequencies.
2011-04-14 MEMS oscillators for tablet PCs, E-book readers
SiTime Corp. introduces a portfolio of MEMS oscillators for tablet PCs and E-book readers, based on the SiT8003 Low Power MEMS Oscillator platform.
2010-05-18 MEMS oscillators break into mass market
After years of R&D and manufacturing capacity build-up, MEMS oscillators appear to be taking off.
2008-12-16 MEMS aim at consumer, networking apps
SiTime Corp. offers two new MEMS chip families for high-frequency stability and multiple-frequency output realms of GPS, cellphones and mobile devices, as well as servers, routers and other networking equipment.
2005-09-01 Meet demanding specs of control systems
Technology requirements of control systems for consumer and industrial electronics are diverse, yet share many similarities
2005-10-24 MCU delivers 500nA standby mode
Texas Instruments recently disclosed that its newest MSP430F20xx low pin-count, ultra-low power MCU series will deliver a 500nA standby mode utilizing very low-power oscillator technology.
2010-10-04 Maxim undergoes a makeover
Maxim president and chief executive Tunc Doluca presented “Maxim 2.0?, a makeover of the erstwhile analog chip-focused business. The company has shaken up its corporate culture and expanded its range.
2007-07-12 Mattel develops radar gun from inexpensive components
Mattel's Hot Wheels Radar Gun is an ingenious toy with a businesslike design that can measure scaled miniature Hot Wheels speeds along with real-world speeds (mi/hr or km/hr) at the flick of a switch.
2011-04-25 Macro Sensors unveils 4-20mA output LVDT signal conditioners
Macro Sensors introduces mini-module single-channel signal conditioners with a low-noise 4-20mA output that supports process control and factory automation applications often requiring longer cabling facilities.
2002-02-19 M-tron crystal oscillators range to 800MHz, run off 3.3V
M-tron Industries Inc. has launched two lines of 5-by-7mm crystal oscillators with frequency capability between 750kHz and 800MHz.
2007-03-07 Low-jitter VCXOs offer high data transfer rate
Fox Electronics has announced that its XpressO line of VCXOs has low levels of jitter and high-performance features that make it possible for more information to be transmitted than with traditional programmable oscillators.
2008-09-11 Low-jitter oscillators withstand high frequencies
Raltron Electronics has released the VSO9900A series of voltage-controlled SAW device-based oscillators that provides very low jitter at high frequencies.
2006-12-19 Low-jitter clock oscillators suit mass storage nets
The Pb-free low-jitter clock oscillators from Raltron are designed specifically for use in mass storage networks, Fibre Channel and Ethernet applications.
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