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What is an oscillator?
An electronic circuit used to generate high-frequency pulses.
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2003-06-19 Configuring the internal and external oscillators
This application note describes how to configure and use internal and external oscillators.
2010-01-15 Compact oscillators draw 1.5?A current
Fox Electronics has released the new compact 3.3V F32K 32.768kHz oscillator series as an expansion to its HCMOS oscillator offerings.
2010-05-05 CMOS oscillators operate up to 133MHz
IDT is rolling out a line of CMOS oscillators that obsolete the ubiquitous quartz crystal that maintains a time base in most electronic devices today but without having to resort to MEMS.
2009-08-19 Clocks, oscillators offer wide frequency range
Raltron Electronics has introduced two families of products that allow users to select of frequencies from either a clock or voltage controlled oscillator.
2004-11-02 Clock oscillators reduce EMI by up to 12dB
Mercury Electronic announced that its new HM57 spread spectrum clock oscillators can reduce EMI by as much as much as 12dB.
2008-11-05 Clock oscillators meet FCC interference standards
SiTime has expanded into the electromagnetic compliance business with a family of MEMS electromagnetic interference products.
2003-07-31 Clock oscillators feature 130dBc/Hz phase noise
The SMD TCXO crystal clock oscillators from MotorJoy Corp. feature a nominal frequency range of 10MHz to 33MHz.
2002-06-12 Clock oscillators and non-compensated sinewave crystal oscillators
This application note discusses the three primary parameters that must be considered for moderately stable crystal oscillators, where temperature-compensation and oven operation are not required.
2004-05-25 Changheng crystal oscillators operate to 80MHz
The new crystal oscillators from Jiangsu Changheng Group operate within the 6MHz to 80MHz frequency range.
2003-10-10 C-MAC OCXO outperforms Rubidium oscillators
C-MAC MicroTechnology has expanded its frequency control products with the release of a range of self-calibrating, oven controlled crystal oscillators.
2002-05-03 Band switching voltage controlled oscillators
This application note describes how additional tuning bandwidth can be obtained by band-switching two VCOs with a TTL compatible input.
2005-12-16 Auto apps for silicon spread-spectrum oscillators
Spread-spectrum oscillators are increasingly beneficial for use in automobiles. Read on.
2010-04-14 ASSP crystal oscillators handle 2-159MHz frequency
From Pericom Semiconductor Corp. comes a family of ASSP crystal oscillators for frequencies ranging from 2MHz to 159MHz.
2005-06-08 App Note 3512: Spread-spectrum clock oscillators lower EMI
This app note discusses how spread-spectrum clocks can aid EMI reduction, as well as reduce BOM cost, by reducing the amount of filtering and shielding required
2010-11-10 VTI makes consumer-grade MEMS
VTI Technologies Oy takes its automotive MEMS expertise into the consumer arena with consumer-grade MEMS chips targeting mobile handsets, gaming consoles and TV remote controls.
2006-08-18 VCXOs feature up to 700MHz frequency range
MMD Components has expanded its MVIP series of compact, low-jitter LVPECL VCXOs with a frequency range up to 700MHz.
2008-04-22 VCSO has expanded frequency range, ultralow jitter
The VS-705 VCSO from Vectron International delivers new and improved features including an expanded frequency range and power management capabilities that support "green" initiatives.
2007-09-28 Ultracompact SPXO rolls for wireless telecoms tech
Epson Toyocom has announced the commercial development of a new series of SPXO for high-stability reference clock applications in WLAN, WiMAX and other wireless telecoms technologies.
2002-06-20 Triquint acquires assets of IBM's wireless phone chipset business
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. has acquired a portion of the assets of IBM's wireless chipset business.
2006-08-18 Tiny TCXOs deliver 2.5ppm frequency stability
NDK offers one of the smallest and lightest TCXOs available in the market with an excellent frequency stability of 2.5ppm maximum over the wide operating temperature range.
2002-12-16 Temperature compensation for Stratum 3 holdover
Pluto delivers stability over industrial and automotive temperature ranges which makes the oscillator suitable for applications that were formerly the domain of OCXOs including Stratum 3 and other SDH/SONET clocking applications.
2007-03-07 ST intros factory-calibrated serial real-time clocks
STMicroelectronics announced its serial RTC chips with factory calibration, enabling manufacturers using the parts to simplify assembly and test operations by omitting the time-consuming calibration step.
2007-11-01 Spread spectrum confronts EMI
The sleepy clock-generator chip market shook itself awake as two rival vendors, Cypress Semiconductor and SpectraLinear rolled entries in a new class of programmable devices.
2005-02-15 Spectrum Control acquires RF amp maker
Spectrum Control Inc. announced Friday (Feb. 11) that Spectrum Microwave Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, has acquired the assets of Amplifonix Inc. for $10 million.
2013-06-28 Silicon Labs touts single-die alternative to quartz crystals
Silicon Labs joins the scalability and economy of CMOS and the stability of MEMS in its patented single-chip MEMS oscillator, dubbed CMEMS.
2004-05-31 Richardson to offer Z-Comm VCO, PLL products
Richardson Electronics Ltd has signed a distribution agreement with Z-Communications Inc., a manufacturer of voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and highly integrated signal source solutions, including compact phase locked loop (PLL) modules.
2007-09-14 RF synthesizer with embedded VCOs handles up to 5GHz
STMicroelectronics has unveiled its new RF synthesizer with integrated voltage-controlled oscillators said to be the highest frequency coverage in the market at 5GHz.
2006-12-22 Revenues for silicon, crystal timers to continue flourishing
From $4.2 billion this year, total revenues for silicon- and crystal-based timing devices will continue growing to over $5.7 billion in 2011, reported ABI Research.
2011-05-09 Quake crisis disrupts crystal component shipments
As expected, crystals are among the critical electronic components produced in Japan that have been affected by the March 11 Sendai quake and tsunami.
2000-05-03 Power Supply Concept for the C515C 8-bit Microcontroller
The application note introduces a power supply concept for the C515C and deals with the enhanced feature of this controller to switch off the Address Latch Enable (ALE) output signal during accesses to internal ROM.
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