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What is an oscilloscope?
Oscilloscopes are test instruments that display electronic signals (either waves or pulses) on a screen. It creates its own time base against which signals can be measured, and displayed frames can be frozen for visual inspection. It is sometimes abbreviated as CRO, for cathode-ray oscilloscope, or commonly called scope or O-scope.
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2005-07-27 ST op amps deliver very-low noise, ultra-low power consumption
ST launched a family of high-speed operational amplifiers featuring very-low noise and ultra-low power consumption, designed for logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, video drivers, imaging systems and battery-powered instrumentation
2007-10-26 Solution tests PCIe, HDMI, DisplayPort compliance
Tektronix said its DPOJET software, used with its latest oscilloscopes, is the only solution with enough record length and sample rate on all channels to perform advanced measurements for PCIe, HDMI and DisplayPort compliance.
2005-11-22 Software helps peer into UWB, WiMedia
Tektronix extended its TDS6000C series of 15GHz realtime oscilloscopes' debug and analysis capabilities to include analysis of UWB RF and electrical signals.
2002-09-01 Smart scope allows USB pre-compliance testing
This technical article discusses how "smart oscilloscopes" with built-in measurements features can help ease pre-compliance USB signal testing time.
2005-03-10 Scope offers 16bit logic input
Yokogawa now offers a 16bit logic input capability on its DL7400 series of digital oscilloscopes, previously available only as an optional extra.
2005-04-05 Sampling technique underpins 100GHz-bandwidth scopes
LeCroy's new 100GHz bandwidth WaveExpert 9000 and SDA 100G mainframes combine the high bandwidth and accuracy of sampling oscilloscopes with the speed and utility of realtime scopes.
2011-08-03 Oscilloscope touts 100GS/s sampling rate on 2 channels
Tektronix has launched four oscilloscopes that feature 50GS/s on four channels at 33GHz that the company claims make them the fastest and most accurate on the market.
2008-07-16 Oscilloscope Tools provide faster decode, debug
Amherst Systems Associates Inc. has added a waveform decode functionality to its M1- Oscilloscope Tools software that enables faster and easier decode and debug on Tektronix, Agilent, LeCroy or Yokogawa oscilloscopes.
2010-02-26 Oscilloscope provides four channels at 30GHz
LeCroy has extended the WaveMaster 830 Zi 30GHz real-time oscilloscope, offering a simple and fast method to combine two oscilloscopes and provide four channels at 30GHz.
2014-08-25 Matlab software expands Keysight oscilloscope features
Keysight Technologies revealed that the frequency domain analysis option for some of its oscilloscopes allows users to extend the device's analysis capabilities.
2005-04-27 Low cost scopes big on features
These new DSO3000 series oscilloscopes from Agilent drop down a notch. They serve the so-called value user, much like value notebooks serve mainstream cost-sensitive PC users.
2003-02-03 LeCroy unveils general-purpose DSOs
The WavePro 7100 and WavePro 7300 digital oscilloscopes feature the company's X-Stream Technology and WaveShape Analysis System.
2004-03-31 LeCroy oscilloscope offers high sample rate, long capture time
LeCroy has conducted interviews with more than 50 of its customers that resulted in the development of its new line of WaveSurfer digital oscilloscopes.
2005-05-16 LeCroy NROs deliver 100x faster signal acquisition speed
The WaveExpert series from LeCroy is touted to be the world's highest performance digital oscilloscopes.
2004-10-19 LeCroy DSOs offer 'new level of performance'
LeCroy disclosed that its new WaveRunner 6000A series of digital oscilloscopes marks a new level of performance for everyday testing scopes.
2008-04-29 LabVIEW SignalExpress 2.5 supports Tektronix scopes
National Instruments has released the latest version of LabVIEW SignalExpress interactive PC-based measurement software that supports Tektronix value line oscilloscopes.
2005-06-01 Isolated channels improve power measurements
The ability of oscilloscopes ability to isolate two waveforms of different amplitudes improves productivity by reducing guesswork
2006-02-17 Hardware search engines let scopes analyze long records
Tektronix's DPO4000 digital phosphor oscilloscopes offer 10Mpoints of memory.
2009-05-07 Firmware boosts oscilloscope throughput
Tektronix Inc. has released a new firmware for the DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000 and DPO/DSA70000B series oscilloscopes that provide up to 20x throughput improvements for all measurements and applications utilizing finite impulse response filters.
2008-10-10 Evaluating oscilloscope sample rates vs. sampling fidelity
Digital storage oscilloscopes are the primary tools used today by digital designers to perform signal integrity measurements such as setup/hold times, eye margin, and rise and fall times.
2012-02-06 Ease ARINC 429 bus debugging
Read about Agilent's InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series oscilloscopes that provide ARINC 429 triggering and decoding, as well as eye-diagram mask test capability to help you debug your ARINC 429 buses faster.
2005-11-01 DPOs enable faster troubleshooting
With its parallel processing, digital phosphor oscilloscopes can carry out more acquisitions in the time it takes a DSO to complete one
2007-07-18 DPOs deliver more signal information for faster design
Powered by DPX acquisition technology, the latest DPOs allow designers to capture, view and measure dynamic signal information much more quickly and easily than other oscilloscopes, to propel a serial bus design ahead to meet a tight schedule, or to solve erratic troubleshooting problems quickly.
2015-01-13 Compliance test app eases LPDDR4 design characterisation
The Keysight N6462A DDR4 and LPDDR4 test application, which runs on Keysight Infiniium 90000A, 90000 X-Series and Z-Series oscilloscopes, provides LPDDR4 physical-layer compliance measurements.
2002-10-01 Capturing random events with storage oscilloscope
In response to solve deep memory responsiveness in digital oscilloscopes, MegaZoom offers faster digitized update rates and has full user-access to memory records.
2010-04-26 Calibrating the 16MHz IRC on the MPC5510
This application note describes a method that can be used to re-calibrate the 16MHz internal reference clock (IRC) against an external crystal without the use of any external components such as signal generators or oscilloscopes.
2012-03-21 Automated sol'n released for MIPI M-PHY testing
The Opt. M-PHYTX for Tektronix DPO/DSA/MSO70000 series oscilloscopes boasts automation of about 700 tests in regression of all high speed and PWM gears, amplitude and termination combinations.
2005-02-23 Agilent rolls two jitter analysis toolsets for its realtime scopes
Agilent has two new jitter analysis software packages for its previously released Infiniium DSO80000 series 10GHz, 12GHz, and 13GHz realtime oscilloscopes.
2002-09-06 Agilent oscilloscope displays 20 time-aligned signals
The 54830 series of Infiniium mixed-signal oscilloscopes allows R&D engineers to view up to 20 time-aligned (4 analog + 16 timing) signals on one instrument.
2013-03-05 Agilent expands compliance testing for MOST, BroadR-Reach
The company's solution covers all equipment needed for physical layer testing, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers and pulse/function generators.
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