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What is an oscilloscope?
Oscilloscopes are test instruments that display electronic signals (either waves or pulses) on a screen. It creates its own time base against which signals can be measured, and displayed frames can be frozen for visual inspection. It is sometimes abbreviated as CRO, for cathode-ray oscilloscope, or commonly called scope or O-scope.
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2014-07-10 R&S to drop HAMEG product name
HAMEG-made instruments had been carrying both company names but now that R&S established itself as a major player in the oscilloscope market, the company decided to cease the HAMEG name.
2015-03-02 R&S bares oscilloscope probe interface
The R&S RT ZC20B current probe from Rohde & Schwarz can measure current conveniently. The interface can measure AC and DC of 30A (RMS)/50A (peak) current with a resolution of 10mA and low noise.
2013-07-18 QSFP+ solution enables data rates of 4x10Gb/s
Tektronix new QSFP+ solution includes all the necessary components to design, test and validate QSFP+ designs including HCB fixtures and test automation and debug software tools.
2013-04-23 PicoScopes add EZ-USB FX3 controller for USB 3.0
The PicoScopes 3207A and 3207B use Cypress's EZ-USB FX3 USB 3.0 controller and have 250MHz bandwidth, 1 GS/s sampling rate, 512MS buffer memory and a built-in function generator.
2004-08-02 Pendulum counter, analyzer unit uses USB, GPIB
Pendulum Instruments' new CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer unit can measure frequency, time interval and phase.
2006-02-15 PCIe tool delivers in-depth characterization testing
Dishing up parallel BERT software that enables compliance and characterization testing for PCIe, Agilent announces this capability for its existing 81250 series ParBERT.
2015-12-08 PCIe clock jitter measurement tool streamlines timing design
Silicon Labs' clock jitter tool features an intuitive graphical user interface that guides developers through the few simple steps required to compute clock jitter from an oscilloscope data file.
2005-05-02 PCI combo card generates spectrally pure mixed-signals
ZTEC's ZT530PCI is a single-width 3U-sized PCI instrument that combines the functions of an ARB (arbitrary waveform generator) and a function generator.
2006-12-18 Oscilloscope-based compliance tester rolls for DDR2
Test-and-measurement equipment supplier Agilent Technologies is debuting what it says is the industry's first oscilloscope-based DDR2 compliance test application.
2012-02-07 Oscilloscope training kit for EE students
Read about Agilent's education training kit to help EE students learn how to use an oscilloscope more effectively.
2013-01-30 Oscilloscope supports 20Gsps in 8-channel config
The Agilent Infiniium 90000 X-Series MSOs, which range from 70MHz to 33GHz of analogue bandwidth, boast up to 400 million points of data capture behind each digital channel.
2007-11-01 Oscilloscope probe withstands extreme temperatures
Agilent Technologies has released what it touts as the first probing solution for making oscilloscope measurements in environmental chambers and in other settings with extreme temperature conditions.
2008-01-23 Oscilloscope function steps up system integrity analysis
Vitesse Semiconductor claims its high-speed IC-based oscilloscope function will significantly change the economics of signal integrity analysis and network reliability.
2006-08-16 Oscilloscope delivers easy time-domain testing
National Instruments released a new general-purpose digitizer/oscilloscope, extending its digitizer offering to 2GSps by providing a 1GSps real-time sampling rate on two simultaneous channels or 2GSps on one channel.
2010-06-17 Oscilloscope comes with JTAG protocol app
Agilent Technologies has expanded its Infiniium oscilloscope application portfolio with JTAG protocol decode and triggering application.
2002-12-02 Open source hardware
This technical article discusses how open-source techniques in hardware design are still impossible to achieve with the current technology available to engineers.
2009-12-28 Op amps cut signal conditioning error
The devices combine low noise, low power, low offset voltage, low bias current drift and minimal offset drift over temperature.
2009-08-25 One-button 10GBASE-T measurement halves cost
Tektronix's new oscilloscope-based solution removes complexity and improves usability.
2006-04-20 NI PXI-5922 digitizer available in PCI version
Design and test engineers can use the new PCI version of National Instruments' PXI-5922 flexible-resolution digitizer.
2004-11-24 New solution evaluates total jitter with reference-clock-based, non-clock-based methods
LeCroy released what it claims as the first jitter solution that can evaluate total jitter using both reference-clock-based and non-clock-based methods.
2005-08-19 New broadband microwave amplifier can be remotely controlled
AR Worldwide's newest broadbanded linear amplifier has a number of hooks that are likely to make it user-friendly, especially in the lab and on the factory floor.
2004-05-25 National Semi ADC requires 75 percent less power
National Semi has disclosed that its CMOS ADC requires 75 percent less power than most comparable products on the market.
2002-07-08 National Instruments: Offering virtual instrumentation-based solutions
In its bid to differentiate itself from other measurement solution providers, National Instruments pioneered the development of virtual instrumentation solutions for the measurement and automation sectors.
2004-10-05 National ADC consumes less power
National said they have developed a high-performance CMOS ADC that consumes significantly less power than competing products.
2003-12-01 MSO resolves clocking issues in serial bus system debugging
MSO solves the difficult problem of triggering on the specific protocol conditions encountered when one uses a separate logic analyzer and oscilloscope.
2011-09-02 Mixed domain oscilloscope features spectrum analyzer
TI has claimed an 'industry first' with an oscilloscope that can capture time-correlated analog, digital and RF signals.
2012-08-08 Minimum required sample rate for 1GHz bandwidth scope
Read about a test conducted to assess the measurement capabilities of a 1GHz bandwidth scope.
2002-10-08 Microstar adopts Tektronix measurement tools
Microstar Int. Ltd has purchased multi-units of test instruments from Tektronix Inc.
2013-02-11 Memory test tip: Alternative NVM options (Part 1)
Learn about the search for alternative NVM technologies caused by the growing concern that floating-gate flash memory would soon no longer be able to satisfy the requirements.
2016-05-06 Measuring PAM4 symbol levels
There are different techniques for measuring PAM4 symbol levels such as those offered by IEEE and OIF-CEI. While they are strongly correlated, they're not the same.
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