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2004-11-29 ST92195 OSD enhanced features
This app note is an extension of how to manage the ST92195 OSD.
2005-08-18 ROHS-compliant TFT display from OSD suits handheld devices
One Stop Displays targets cellphones, PDAs and high information content handheld instrument applications with its new RoHS-compliant 3.5-inch portrait mode QVGA transflective thin-film-transister display.
2006-12-04 OSD unveils QVGA display with white LED backlight
OSD Displays added to its active-matrix TFT-LCD line a 3.5-inch diagonal transmissive QVGA display with a white LED backlight.
2006-06-27 OSD unveils 'smallest' PLED display
One Stop Displays has developed a 64 x 16 dot array PLED character module, which is said to be the smallest offered in the industry.
2007-11-07 OSD generator meets needs of CCTV security industry
Fulfilling the CCTV security industry's requirement to generate and overlay user-defined text and graphics onto a video image, Maxim has introduced the MAX7456, a single-channel, monochrome OSD generator with integrated non-volatile memory (EEPROM).
2005-09-14 New 7-inch TFT from OSD
One Stop Displays unveiled its new 7-inch TFT that delivers high color saturation, wide viewing angle and low power consumption.
2004-10-18 Turnkey HDTV promises perfect picture
Liquid crystal-on-silicon microdisplay technology offers OEMs an HDTV display with high-quality audio and compact industrial design in a complete and customizable system.
2007-03-26 TFT-LCD display has digital RGB TTL interface
OSD Displays released a QVGA TFT display featuring a digital RGB 18bit TTL interface that offers 200nit brightness after the installation of the touch panel at 200:1 contrast ratio.
2007-01-23 TFT display targets PMP apps
OSD Displays announced the OSD043TN14, a 4.3-inch diagonal 16:9 aspect a-Si TFT display with a white LED backlight for handheld devices.
2007-01-17 SVGA TFT-LCD has digital RGB TTL interface
OSD Displays has introduced the OSD080TN42 SVGA 8-inch TFT-LCD with an embedded timing controller. It also features a digital RGB 18bit TTL interface.
2005-11-23 Small display touts high brightness for handheld devices
One Stop Displays launched its new 3.5-inch full VGA transflective TFT display with 6-bit color (262 K colors) for pocket PCs and other handheld devices.
2006-05-15 QVGA display targets indoor and outdoor apps
OSD has introduced a 3.5-inch transmissive landscape mode 320 x RGB x 240 QVGA TFT module for indoor and outdoor applications.
2006-01-24 PLED display fits 20x4 form factor
One Stop Displays said it has developed the industry's largest character PLED display with a 20 character x 4-row module.
2004-10-18 PLED display available in new module size
One Stop Displays now offers its 16-by-2mm PLED displays in a new module size of 80-by-36mm.
2005-05-02 Picture-perfect resolution for high-definition TVs
Find out how LCoS displays give real-life pictures and high-resolution functionalities for HDTVs
2006-09-20 One Stop Displays develops 'first' 20x4 PLED module
One Stop Displays said it has developed the industry's first 20x4 character PLED module featuring low-current consumption and high contrast ratio, which makes it suitable for battery-, solar- or other low-power systems.
2005-12-14 OLED displays achieve long life
One Stop Displays has unveiled a new series of 256 x 64 monochrome OLED displays that are rated for 100,000 hours.
2006-05-31 OLED display offers high contrast
One Stop Displays has introduced a low cost 0.87-inch 104 x 16 monochrome OLED for consumer-type applications such as MP3 players and caller ID.
2002-07-19 Maxim video generator allows arbitrary graphics display
The MAX4455 arbitrary graphics OSD video generator from Maxim Integrated Products supports the overlay of graphics and text on up to eight video output channels in 15 levels of gray.
2005-03-10 Largest color OLED display?
The new OSDC180-2I color OLED display from One Stop Displays, with a 128 x 160 resolution display, promises a stunning image at 127 pixels/inch density.
2002-12-05 Interfacing to the VP5311/VP5511 video encoder
This article describes the different interfacing options on the VP5311 as well as the genlock and closed captioning features.
2014-02-20 Global chip shipments to surpass $1 trillion
Standard semiconductor unit shipment numbers are forecast at one trillion, following the 2016 achievement.
2006-06-08 Genesis enters strategic agreement with Taiwan software developer
Genesis Microchip will bundle EnTech Taiwan's softOSM software with its Phoenix LCD monitor controllers.
2000-03-20 Designing a progressive scan DVD player and advanced set-top box
This paper describes the DVD system performance and the enhancements that are expected from this multimedia technology.
2002-04-08 Choose converters for image displays
This article describes the various factors that affect image display in the conversion of analog signals to digital.
2006-11-01 7-inch TFT display includes white LED backlight
The new 7-inch WVGA 800 x RGB X 480 transflective TFT display from One Stop Displays comes with a white LED backlight.
2006-09-27 3.5-inch TFT-LCD targets consumer, industrial handhelds
One Stop Displays has expanded its line of active matrix TFT-LCDs for handheld consumer and industrial applications with the addition of a low-cost 3.5-inch transflective TFT module.
2006-05-11 3.5-inch p-Si TFT-LCD for handheld apps supports 262k color depth
One Stop Displays unveiled a 3.5inch full VGA transflective p-Si TFT-LCD for handheld devices that supports 262k color depth.
2005-04-29 128 x 64-pixel PLED comes with LCD interface
One Stop Displays introduced a 128 x 64-pixel graphic PLED with a standard LCD interface. The OSD2401-4 has the same 8-bit interface as many popular 128 x 64 LCDs that use S6B0107 and S6B0108 driver ICs.
2009-08-19 C-code software routines for using the SPI interface on the MAX7456 on-screen display
The MAX7456 on-screen display (OSD) generator has an SPI-compatible control interface. This application note describes the operation of the SPI interface.
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