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2012-05-23 Power module enables monitoring via PMBus
Ericsson's PIM4800PI series of power interface modules sustains 16.5A current across the full telecommunications input voltage range of 36V to 75V to provide output power of 660W to 890W.
2008-02-01 Power management IC tipped for Intel's Montevina platform
Intersil has introduced a new power management IC for notebook, server and desktop PCs running on Intel's upcoming Montevina platform.
2008-07-10 Power management IC eyes mobile GPS
The AAT2603 from Advanced Analogic Technologies, a power management IC targeted at mobile GPS devices, PMPs and other handheld mobile systems operating off a single Li-ion battery.
2007-07-18 Power input module design fits ATCA applications
SynQor releases its iQor Power Interface Module designed for applications complying with the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) specifications.
2012-02-09 Power controller optimized for AC/DC, DC/DC design
TI's UCD3138 combines a 32bit microprocessor, high-speed precision data converters and multiple programmable hardware control loops in a 6 x 6mm package.
2011-04-19 Power amplifier for automated, computer-controlled systems
TREK introduces the 10/10B-HS, a power amplifier for use in electrostatic deflection, material characterization, and plasma applications.
2006-06-27 Power adapter solution delivers 88% efficiency
ON Semi said its latest design blueprint achieves low standby power and promises 88 percent energy efficiency.
2010-02-15 POL regulator handles radiation-intensive set-ups
Intersil Corp. has launched a reliable, efficient, single-chip POL regulator designed for use in systems that required POL power in extreme temperature and radiation-intensive environments.
2008-07-30 POL converters offer up to 30A output current
FDK Corp. has expanded its Senpai Series of non-isolated point of load (POL) converters with eight products in standard packages.
2008-05-23 POL converters deliver high power efficiency
Power-One's new series of DC/DC converters uses topologies that help generate efficient power conversion in communications and server applications.
2010-06-18 PoL converter supports 500?F load capacitance
Extending its range of Okami non-isolated PoL DC/DC converters, Murata Power Solutions has introduced the OKI-78SR series of switching regulator converters for industrial applications.
2006-05-10 PoE interface modules drive down component count, cost
C&D Technologies' family of fully-integrated powered device interface modules aim to reduce component count, design time and installation cost of Power-over-Ethernet applications.
2002-12-09 Philips termination regulators deliver 3.5A at 1.25V
The company has released the NE57810 and NE57811 DDR termination regulators that are capable of providing 3.5A of peak current at 1.25V.
2002-10-01 Philips regulators save 60 percent board space
Royal Philips Electronics' new regulator device is designed to reduce the overall cost of DDR termination by 50 percent.
2007-10-22 PCIe hot-plug controllers ups design flexibility
Maxim's fully integrated, 3-/4-channel PCIe hot-plug controllers increase design flexibility and save board space and production cost.
2006-12-29 PCIe controller suits servers, embedded apps
Linear Technology's dual-slot PCIe hot swap controller suits mid-range networking or storage servers and embedded apps.
2008-01-28 OVP controllers guard Hi-Speed USB signals from ESD
Overvoltage protection controllers that provide ESD protection for Hi-Speed USB D+/D- signals have been introduced by Maxim Integrated Products.
2008-03-12 OVP controller protects USB-charging devices
ON Semiconductor has introduced an integrated OVP controller dedicated to USB charging protection in portable and consumer devices.
2009-02-12 Overvoltage protectors handle up to 28V faults
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX14527/MAX14528 overvoltage protectors (OVPs) designed to protect low-voltage systems against voltage faults up to 28V.
2005-09-16 Overvoltage protection controllers suit space-constrained apps
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled its new overvoltage protection controllers that have an integrated battery disconnect switch with a current-limit range of 0.525A to 1.1A, depending on which part is used.
2004-03-01 ON Semi PWM controller lowers system cost
ON Semiconductor has disclosed that its NCP1280 PWM controller is the first in the industry to offer a start-up voltage of up to 700V.
2003-02-27 ON Semi PWM controller fits 42V systems
ON Semiconductor has released the NCP1560 voltage-mode PWM controller for use in 42V automotive systems.
2004-04-29 Omron dc buffer block prevents interruptions
Omron's dc buffer block is designed to prevent interruptions in equipment operation, loss of data or other problems resulting from a momentary power loss.
2007-05-31 OLED boost regulator delivers 50mA output
Intersil Corp.'s ISL97701 boost regulator chip provides the industry's most complete boost regulation solution for passive matrix OLEDs (PMOLEDs).
2006-12-20 Octal serial switches suit car body electronics
Freescale said its new octal serial switch IC family provides the control flexibility automotive designers need to develop electronic systems that can detect a variety of vehicle conditions and act quickly.
2003-05-09 NSC linear regulators drop out 160mV
National Semiconductor Corp.'s LP3881 dual-input LDO regulator kicks out as little as 75mV.
2008-03-05 No-noise LED drivers suit low-cost portable devices
Leadis Technology's new family of no-noise, 4-channel white LED drivers target a new generation of low-cost handsets and portable products that use lower-VF white LEDs and lower-cost TFT-LCD modules.
2005-10-05 New negative high-voltage hot swap controller from Linear Tech
Linear Technology unveiled a negative high-voltage Hot Swap controller that features an onboard 10-bit ADC and I?C compatible interface, allowing sophisticated power monitoring by measuring card voltages and currents.
2006-07-17 New LDO regulator ICs tailored for battery-operated portable devices
New Japan Radio unveiled two new products that target battery-operated portable devicesthe NJU7777 and NJU7254.
2006-05-23 New electronic monitoring relays measure current, voltage
Phoenix Contact offers a family of electronic monitoring relays for single- and three-phase applications.
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