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2010-05-11 Low-power modules pack controllers, IGBT switches
From STMicroelectronics come intelligent power modules that provide simple and compact solution for AC motor drive applications.
2008-07-10 Low-cost DC power supplies pack high-end features
Agilent Technologies Inc. offers the U8000 Series single-output, non-programmable DC power supplies, a low-cost expansion of the popular Agilent E3600 series.
2007-07-27 Load switches offer improved thermal performance
Fairchild's new series of advanced load switches offers improved thermal performance for 1.8-5.5V portable devices.
2002-12-26 Littelfuse SMD fuses are lead-free
The company has introduced the 467 series of SlimLine Fast-Acting SMD fuses, which features lead-free fusing element and terminations.
2002-01-14 Littelfuse miniature fuses offer reliable circuit protection
The 461 series miniature, surface-mount fuses that are manufactured with a ceramic body, silver-plated brass caps and tin-lead terminations.
2004-06-22 Linengda switching power supply provides 200W
The TM4250 switching power supply from Shenzhen Linengda features an output power of 200W and comes with a passive PFC circuit.
2002-12-26 Linear Tech voltage monitor has triple current control feature
The LTC4214 -12V Hot Swap controller from Linear Technology Corp. features triple current control via a timed circuit breaker.
2005-03-21 Linear Tech unveils new controller
Linear Tech released an ultra low voltage Hot Swap controller that protects load voltages ranging from 0 to 6V, and allows for the safe insertion and removal of boards from a live backplane.
2005-08-22 Linear Tech rolls "ideal diode" PowerPath controller
Linear Technology unveiled a robust "ideal diode" PowerPath controller for driving large PFETs with substantial gate capacitance.
2002-11-05 Linear Tech MOSFET driver withstands 60V transients
Linear Technology's LT1910 high-side, n-channel MOSFET driver operates from a supply range of 8V to 48V and is protected against supply transients.
2016-02-10 Linear Tech controller yields load current-monitoring output
The LTC4236 regulates a 15mV forward voltage drop across the ideal diode MOSFETs to prevent DC reverse current, while ensuring smooth current transfer during supply switch-over.
2002-06-14 Linear Tech controller sequences three dc/dc converters
Linear Technology Corp, has introduced the LTC4253, a -48V Hot Swap controller, that protects telecom and high availability server boards, and also enables three dc/dc converters in sequence.
2005-04-29 Linear Tech circuit breaker eliminates need for sense resistor
Linear Tech an electronic circuit breaker that senses load currents with the RDS(ON) of an external MOSFET, eliminating the need for a sense resistor.
2009-12-23 Linear regulators leverage BiCMOS technology
Intersil's new LDOs claim the industry's fastest transient response, ensuring that the output voltage is regulated under varying load currents.
2004-11-19 Linear regulators eye SoCs, DDR memory in digital consumer apps
The new devices from CMD are touted to be the industry's first family of fully-integrated, all linear regulator solutions optimized for powering SoCs and DDR memory in digital consumer electronics.
2004-06-16 Linear IC allows voltage conversion at high frequency mode
Linear Tech introduced a 2-phase dc-dc synchronous controller for converting a high input voltage to low output voltages at a high switching frequency.
2005-07-07 Lightning current arresters feature high follow current limitation
The DEHNbloc Maxi family of lightning current arresters from Dehn are single-pole devices that are ideally suited for use in exposed locations or in harsh industrial environments.
2011-05-17 Lighting power supplies target indoor, outdoor apps
Phihong expands its lighting business with the launch of AC-DC LED drivers. The power supplies are suited for both indoor and outdoor luminaire apps.
2011-08-30 LED reference design meets commercial power requirements
Power Integrations' reference design for a 25W LED T8 tube ballast power supply meets commercial requirements for power factor and harmonic distortion.
2007-10-11 LED light-management IC saves board real estate
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8830 LED light-management IC in a tiny, 2.5mm x 2.5mm UCSP housing.
2011-10-27 LED drivers improve 3D performance, power use
austriamicrosystems' LED ICs promise optimized 3D LED performance through smart dimming, and superior bandwidth and transient response.
2010-07-02 LED drivers cut need for external Schottky diode
IXYS Corp. has released the LDS8710/11, LDS8720/24/26 inductor-based, high-efficiency LED driver family that eliminates the external Schottky diode normally used in the rectification loop.
2009-10-23 LED driver delivers over 20A continuous current
The LT3743 provides up to 20A of continuous LED current from a nominal 12V input, delivering in excess of 80W.
2007-11-27 LDOs promise 'outstanding' noise performance
austriamicrosystems has expanded its LDO portfolio with the AS1358/59/61/62 family, which promises noise performance of less than 9?Vrms and up to 92dB PSRR (@1kHz typ).
2008-03-07 LDOs consume 'lowest' quiescent current at 500nA
TI has introduced a family of LDOs with dual-level voltage output that consume the lowest quiescent current in the industry at 500nA.
2010-12-09 LDOs achieve 2% accuracy from -40C to 85C
Diodes is targeting applications like set-top boxes, routers and LCD monitors with a pair of low dropout linear regulators that maintain 2% accuracy over the industrial temperature rating of -40C to 85C.
2012-01-30 LDO regulator works from 0.5-3V
The XC6603/XC6604 series has integrated N-ch driver transistor that allows the minimum I/O voltages of the devices to be much lower than traditional LDOs with integrated P-ch transistors.
2006-02-14 LDO regulator dishes 150mA output
Rohm Electronics' latest CMOS low dropout regulator is said to feature an output current of 150mA and high output voltage accuracy (1 percent).
2007-08-08 LDO reduces energy wastage in battery-run apps
With a low quiescent current of 2?A, Microchip's MCP1703 LDO requires only a small amount of current to maintain regulation, significantly decreasing wasted energy.
2011-02-21 LDO in HSNT-4(0808) package consumes 0.9?A
Seiko Instruments' ultra-small LDO voltage regulator ICs enable high component density designs, improved power dissipation and thermal shutdown protection.
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