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2008-12-22 PLX to acquire Oxford Semiconductor
PLX Technology Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares of capital stock of Oxford Semiconductor Inc., a privately held fabless provider of silicon and software.
2004-01-13 Oxford Semiconductor opens Taiwan office
Oxford Semiconductor has opened an office in Taipei, Taiwan. The new office is anticipated to provide local commercial and technical support to the company's expanding Greater China market.
2003-12-17 Oxford Semiconductor establishes Taiwan office
U.K.-based Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has announced that they have opened an office in Taipei.
2011-01-21 Oxford PV creates printable, low-cost solar cell
Oxford Photovoltaics’s solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells can be manufactured at low-cost and scaled to any volume. Replacing the liquid electrolyte with a solid organic semiconductor, the new technology enables entire solar modules to be screen printed onto glass or other surfaces.
2003-06-09 Oxford PCI interface chip features 60Mbps data rate
The OXmPCI954 quad UART PCI interface chip from Oxford Semiconductor handles serial data rates up to 15Mbps.
2008-07-24 Oxford controllers reduce cost for storage devices
Oxford rolls out four new controllers for consumer storage systems in its effort to expand into a growing field beyond its core competency in more mature 1394 and USB silicon. The latest controllers aim to raise performance while keeping costs low for digital home storage devices.
2004-01-08 Oxford chip supports FireWire standards
audio controller ic, oxford semiconductor, oxfw970, arm7tdmi, processor
2002-05-29 Oxford bridge IC supports 1394B, USB 2.0
The OXUF922 programmable bridge IC from Oxford Semiconductor Ltd combines an 800Mbps 1394B Link layer and PHY controller with a 480Mbps USB 2.0 PHY.
2002-10-03 Oxford bridge IC integrates embedded compatibility mode
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has added an embedded compatibility mode to its OXCF950B 16-bit PC Card UART bridge chip.
2004-02-05 Oxford bridge IC increases data transfer
The bridge IC from Oxford Semiconductor Ltd offers increased data transfer performance.
2003-11-03 Oxford bridge chip offers 88MBps transfer rate
The OXFW912 from Oxford Semiconductor is claimed as the first FireWire800 (IEEE1394b) to IDE (ATA7) bridge chip to maximize transfer rates for both single- and dual-disk drives.
2002-03-01 Western Digital external FireWire HDD spins 7,200rpm
The company has announced the availability of its 120GB WD FireWire external HDD that boasts of a rotation speed of 7,200rpm.
2001-08-21 Using CMOS digital image sensors with Ax36 video DSP chips to build Smart cameras
This application note describes the use of the Ax36 family of video DSPs to build smart cameras.
2001-08-22 Use of Ax36 video DSP chips to build smart lenses
This application note describes the use of the Ax36 family of video DSPs to build smart lenses for digital image applications such as biometrics, cameras, bar code readers, microscopes and machine vision.
2001-08-21 Use of A236 video DSP chip to build a three-way automobile, truck and bus blindspot elimination systems
This application note describes the use of the A236 family of video DSPs to create automobile, truck and bus blindspot elimination systems.
2001-08-22 Use of A236 video DSP chip for broadcast quality MPEG-2 video compression
This application note describes the use of the A236 parallel video DSP for real-time broadcast-quality MPEG-2 video compression system.
2006-12-22 USB controller delivers high-speed data rate
Oxford Semi's new USB peripheral controller supports communication with PC and laptop host systems at the high-speed USB data rate.
2006-02-14 UART/PCI controller tackles high density serial connectivity
Combining eight high performance UARTs and a PCI compliant host interface in a single chip, Oxford Semiconductor's new communications controller provides designers with the means to dramatically simplify multi-port serial to PCI bus design.
2003-03-18 Reference design evaluates digital audio over FireWire 800
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has announced the availability of a reference design that provides "plug and play" evaluation of digital audio.
2014-07-17 Nano-pixels to bring flexible, high-res displays
Oxford University scientists found that phase change materials could lead to low-energy, flexible displays for applications such as 'smart' glasses, synthetic retinas and foldable screens.
2001-08-21 Image/Video Processing/Compression using the A436 video DSP chip
This application note describes the use of the A436 family of video DSPs for image/video processing/compression applications.
2001-08-21 Image/Video Processing/Compression application notes for A336FP video DSP chip
This application note discusses the benefits provided by the A336FP DSP chip for image/video processing/compression applications.
2006-12-18 DRM creates content flexibility in home nets
DRM has been described as 'technology systems facilitating the trusted and dynamic management of rights in any kind of digital information, throughout its life cycle, irrespective of how and where the digital information is distributed.'
2006-06-22 Chips load USB host, OTG controllers
Oxford Semiconductor a single-chip solution featuring USB host, peripheral and on-the-go controllers integrated with high-speed transceivers.
2001-08-21 Application notes for fingerprint processing using the A336FP Fingerprint and Image compression DSP Chip
This application note describes the use of the A336FP DSP chip for fingerprint processing and image compression applications
2007-08-14 Storage controller bridges USB 2.0, SATA II
Oxford Semiconductor's latest 93X family of next-generation storage controllers, the OXU931DS, provides bridging from USB2.0 and external Serial ATA ports to the Serial ATA II disk interface.
2002-03-01 OXFW900 Application Notes
This application note presents guidelines for hardware implementation of the Oxford Semiconductor OXFW900 chips for various 1394 to ATA/ATAPI native bridge applications version 1.0
2002-09-26 Laser sensor ignites advanced petrol research
Laser pressure sensors being developed at Oxford University could lead to cleaner, more efficient, petrol engines.
2007-09-13 Firms collaborate on etch process for nanoimprint litho
Nanoimprint lithography stamp provider NIL Technology A/S and Oxford Instruments have partnered to develop etch processes targeted at nanoimprint lithography.
2002-04-24 Brighter structures promise cheaper OLEDs
A team of research scientists from Oxford University and the University of St. Andrews has obtained efficient phosphorescence from single-layer organic light-emitting diode (OLED) structures.
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