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2004-06-10 TriQuint rolls out ADS kits for pHEMT processes
TriQuint announced the availability of new Advanced Design System design kits for seven of the widely-utilized pHEMT processes available.
2009-05-06 Sykworks injects LNAs with pHEMT, SiGe tech
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has unveiled a new suite of LNAs featuring pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) and silicon germanium (SiGe) technologies.
2002-05-03 M/A-COM GaAs pHEMT switches operate at 2.5V
2003-05-29 IceFyre amps adopt TriQuint GaAs pHEMT process
IceFyre Semiconductor has selected TriQuint's 0.5?m GaAs pHEMT process technology to fabricate its switch-mode 802.11a and a/b/g power amps.
2006-02-09 Hittite rolls out new GaAs pHEMT MMIC LNA
Hittite Microwave has introduced a new GaAs pHEMT MMIC LNA which is designed for 75? CATV, STB, home gateway and digital TV applications.
2006-12-01 Advancing GaAs potential via pHEMT/HBT mix
Monolithic pHEMT/HBT ICs represent a significant step in advancing the potential for GaAs capabilities by maximizing the advantages of both bipolar and FET circuits.
2002-12-11 WIN forms alliance with Siemens subsidiary
WIN Semiconductors Corp. struck an alliance with Roke Manor Research.
2005-02-21 TriQuint switches combine low insertion loss, robust harmonic performance
TriQuint announced the addition of two new GSM-EDGE switch products to complement its existing CDMA handset switch product line.
2004-05-03 SPDT - High-power 2.5V GSM Antenna Switch
This app not describes the unpackaged PHEMT GaAs that features a single-pole double throw configuration for high-linearity systems.
2004-05-03 SP6T - High Power 2.5V Antenna Switch
This app note describes the unpacked PHEMT GaAs MMIC die that features high linearity and asymmetric design.
2004-05-03 SP4T - High-Power 2.5V GSM Antenna Switch
This app note describes the unpackaged PHEMT GaAs MMIC die that features a single-pole four throw configuration used for GSM systems.
2004-05-03 SP3T - High Power 2.7V CDMA Antenna Switch
This app note describes the unpackaged PHEMT GaAs that features a single-pole three throw configuration for high-linearity systems.
2005-02-14 SOT-89 FETs offer low cost, high linearity
Agilent announced two new members of its family of high-linearity E-pHEMT FETs in the industry-standard 4.5-by-4.1-by-1.5mm SOT-89 surface-mount package.
2010-10-04 RFMD expands foundry services to include GaAs tech
RF Micro Devices Inc. has added Gallium Arsenide technology to its foundry services portfolio, and will start offering a full suite of GaAs Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (pHEMT) technologies to customers.
2014-05-16 Pasternack intros broadband, high gain LNAs
The devices boast excellent broadband performance, noise figures between 0.8-3dB, gain levels from 25-50dB, gain flatness from ±0.75dB to ±1.25dB and power output levels between 10dBm and 18dBm.
2006-02-16 MMIC LNA targets industrial sensor apps
Hittite introduced a new GaAs pHEMT MMIC low noise amplifier designed for microwave radio, military and industrial sensor applications.
2003-06-11 Mitsubishi develops 76GHz MMICs for automobile radars
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed eight high performance MMIC chipset solution models by electronic beam scanning for 76GHz mm-wave radars.
2004-12-09 Microwave radio, test, and sensor apps get a low-noise boost
Hittite introduced a new family of low noise amplifiers for microwave radio, test and sensor applications from 7GHz to 32GHz.
2002-06-20 Mass production technology of large size III-V compound semiconductor expitaxial wafers for microwave devices by MOVPE
This application note describes the mass production techniques for large diameter MOVPE wafers for microwave devices.
2006-02-02 LNAs support satcom, radio systems
Mimix expanded its product line of gallium arsenide monolithic microwave IC low noise amplifiers with three new amps.
2006-02-14 LNAs offer 0.06dB noise figure
Hittite Microwave released two new GaAs pHEMT MMIC low noise amplifiers which are designed for cellular/3G basestation and repeater applications.
2006-06-19 LNAs for cellular, WiMAX start sampling
RFMD has started sampling five new GaAS pHEMT low noise amplifiers for GSM, CDMA, UMTS, EDGE and WiMAX air interface standards.
2008-07-03 LNA fits cable STB, DTV tuner systems
RF Micro Devices Inc. has released the CXE-1089Z GaAs pHEMT LNA for use in cable STB and DTV applications.
2005-07-15 Ka-band PAs and doubler target wireless communications apps
Mimix Broadband introduced a new line of Ka-band GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit products, including power amplifiers and a doubler, covering the 27GHz to 34GHz frequency bands
2005-07-18 Integrating CMOS designs in GSM front-ends
Here's a comprehensive discussion of key technical problems in the design of a TD-SCDMA mobile-phone RF front-end
2005-01-07 Hittite GaAs LNA spans 17GHz to 26GHz
Hittite announced the HMC517, a high dynamic range GaAs PHEMT MMIC low noise amplifier which covers the 17GHz to 26GHz frequency range.
2015-07-20 Hermetic GaAs IC SPST switch features 1.1dB loss at 6GHz
Skyworks said the wideband DC-6GHz ISO13316 performs with 45dB isolation at 2GHz, geared for high-reliability space, satellite and defence applications.
2005-08-16 GPS low-noise amplifier design made easy with MMIC
Learn the possible ways of putting MMIC-based GPS low-noise amplifier designs under software control
2005-11-03 Driver amp spans 11 to 20GHz
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs three stage driver amplifier with a self-biased, single supply design.
2005-10-25 Chipset targets millimeter wave apps
Mimix Broadband announced the introduction of a gallium arsenide MMIC 13GHz/15GHz chipset that consists of a highly integrated image reject receiver and transmitter, and compact, two stage power amplifier.
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