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2005-02-21 World's 'smallest linear PA module' includes on-chip power detector
RFMD's new RF5198 module is touted to be the world's smallest linear PA module to include an on-chip power detector.
2005-02-28 W-CDMA PA modules reduce power consumption by 50 percent
Anadigics unveiled a new family of 4-by-4mm HELP W-CDMA PA modules that use the company's proprietary mode switching techniques
2005-05-12 W-CDMA gets a boost from dual-band power amplifier module
Fairchild's new W-CDMA power amplifiers is one of the first dual-band W-CDMA PAs that offers a 3-by-3mm footprint
2005-03-18 TriQuint PA module tailored for GSM/EDGE apps
TriQuint unveiled a new GSM-EDGE power amplifier module that has been optimized for high EDGE efficiency and power class E2 operation while maintaining high GSM/GPRS efficiency
2003-08-07 Skyworks PA module suits GSM, GPRS handsets
Skyworks Solutions has expanded its family of power amp modules with the release of the 6-by-6-by-1.2mm module for tri-band GSM/GPRS cellular handsets
2005-02-09 SiGe PA raises the bar on size, performance
SiGe announced its SE2550L RF front-end module and SE2523L power amplifier with integrated power detector for 802.11 b/g WLAN systems
2004-12-06 RFMD transceivers, PA modules lower handset devices' BoM costs
RFMD announced volume production shipments of its POLARIS Total Radio GSM/GPRS transceivers and PowerStar PA modules for use in Motorola's MPx220 handset
2002-11-13 RFMD power amplifier module integrates control circuit
RFMD's RF3140 quad-band PA module integrates a power control circuit, eliminating the need for external directional couplers.
2004-03-24 RFMD PA module provides -51dBc linearity
RF Micro Devices has announced that it has begun high volume production shipments of its RF3163 CDMA PA module to a CDMA handset OEM headquartered in Korea.
2003-02-20 RFMD PA module occupies 70mm? footprint
RF Micro Devices' RF3133 PowerStar power amplifier module is available in a 7-by-10mm LCC package
2004-03-12 RFMD launches world's smallest PA module
RF Micro Devices has disclosed that it has begun production shipments of the world's smallest quad-band, Edge-capable power amplifier module
2008-02-15 Quad-band Edge PA modules strut slimmed-down frame
Debuting with a 5mm x 5mm footprint, TriQuint's TQM7M5012 and TQM7M5005 are 50-percent smaller than previous-generation products, providing handset manufacturers additional board space to add other rich features.
2005-05-13 PA modules with CoolPAM tech
Agilent recently announced two new CDMA power amplifier modules (3-by-3mm), featuring the company's CoolPAM technology.
2005-04-11 PA modules with CoolPAM
Agilent unveiled its new family of 4-by-4mm PA modules that feature CoolPAM technology, which reduces battery power consumption and allows mobile handsets to run cooler
2005-02-16 PA modules reduce board space, simplify layout
RF Micro Devices introduced the next generation of its PowerStar power amplifier module portfolio
2005-02-22 PA modules include all RF matching, bypassing circuitry
RF Micro Devices introduced the next generation of its PowerStar power amplifier module portfolio
2005-05-18 PA Modules boost talk time for CDMA
The new CDMA power amplifier modules from Agilent are for operation in the 824MHz to 849MHz and 1,850MHz to 1,910MHz bands, respectively.
2007-03-02 PA module ups TRP in GSM/GPRS handsets
RFMD said the enhanced power control capabilities of its RF3196 power amplifier module improve TRP and SAR performance in GSM/GPRS handsets
2011-02-09 PA module targets 3.5GHz WiMAX
Anadigics' multichip PA module is designed to meet WiMAX spectrum mask requirements while delivering linear RF power and serving as the final stage amplifier in the transmit chain of a CPE or femtocell.
2006-03-03 PA module tailored for WCDMA devices
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced the availability of the RF5184 linear power amplifier module, which is designed for WCDMA wireless handheld devices and is a dual-band product that supports Region 2 (1,850-1,910MHz) and Region 5/6 (824-849MHz
2006-02-20 PA module supports Region 2/5/6
RF Micro Devices announced its new RF5184 high-efficiency linear power amplifier module that supports Region 2 (1,850MHz to 1,910MHz) and Region 5/6 (824MHz to 849MHz
2007-04-16 PA module rolls for GSM/GPRS handsets
RFMD's RF3198 PA module provides ease of implementation and optimized performance to manufacturers of dual-band handsets for the growing entry-level and replacement markets.
2004-03-05 NEC phones contain RFMD's PA modules
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has announced production shipments of its RF3133 and RF3140 PowerStar power amplifier (PA) modules to NEC for broadband networking and mobile Internet
2002-06-11 Motorola ships 'smallest' GSM, GPRS PA module
Designed using the company's HIIPA packaging and E-mode GaAs wafer process technologies, the MMM5062 PA module from Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector measures 7-by-7-by-1.11mm.
2009-02-10 Module family suits 3G/4G products
TriQuint Semiconductor unveiled its Triumf module family, a convergence architecture for mobile device manufacturers designing next-generation 3G/4G products. The Triumf module family offers a streamlined RF footprint combining GSM, Edge, W-CDMA and HSPA transmit functionality into one module
2007-02-20 Mobile WiMAX PA offers high power efficiency
Anadigics' new PA for mobile WiMAX supports the 802.16e-2005 standard, offering high power efficiency and linearity in a highly integrated module package.
2006-09-15 LGE selects RFMD amp module for upcoming EDGE mobile devices
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced that it is currently shipping its high-power, dual-mode amplifier module for EDGE - the RF3158 - to LG Electronics
2005-02-07 Front end PA modules boost multi-band GSM handset signals
Freescale announces the MMM6015 PA module, which integrates power amplification, power control, low-pass filtering and antenna switching functions.
2006-06-15 Fairchild's dual-band PA extends range in WLAN apps
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FMPA2151, a highly integrated dual-band WLAN PA module optimized to increase performance and reduce PCB board footprint.
2002-06-11 Ericsson RF PA module targets quad-band GSM phones
Ericsson Microelectronics' PBA31603 RF PA module measures 10-by-8-by-1.5mm and is targeted for use in dual-, triple-, or quad-band GSM handsets.
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