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2002-06-20 TAB tape carrier with micro plating bumps for burn-in testing socket
This application note describes the use of a new contact substrate for the burn-in testing socket for 0.5mm-pitch BGA package.
2010-12-01 STATS ChipPAC ships 100 millionth copper wire bond interconnect semiconductor packages
STATS ChipPAC expects continued surge in use of copper wire as interconnect material
2004-09-16 Start thinking out of known 'design box'
Package is not simple anymore: IC and package have become a whole and must be treated as such
2005-09-16 SiP: a window of opportunity for passives
In the great debate of SoC vs. SiP, design engineers usually get tangled in the delicate technical intricacies while missing an important pointthe implications on the passive component industry.
2011-11-14 RTL sol'n yields ultra low-power design
The RTL Power Model predicts IC power behavior at the RTL level with consideration for how the design is physically implemented.
2009-03-11 R3Logic to advance 3D design flow R&D
R3Logic announced that it has created a new R&D center in Grenoble, France to develop and enhance its design tools for 3D heterogeneous system and system-in-package design
2002-07-23 PPT Vision inspection system scans at 125mm/s
The PPT861-SH inspection system from PPT Vision Inc. achieves 2D and 3D inspection scanning speeds up to 125mm/s and examines 40mm-wide strips in a single scan.
2009-06-15 Power quad flat pack no-leads (PQFN) board mounting application note
This application note contains guidance applicable to Power QFN package. There are device outlines, substrate layouts and stencil designs for Power QFN MCM.
2009-06-16 Power QFN technology inspection application note
This application note contains guidance applicable to Power QFN package
2002-11-01 Photonic integration takes a new shift
Changes in achieving silicon optical bench integration raised the issue whether the integration of electronic and photonic components is still necessary.
2001-04-15 Multichip DRAMs serve graphics apps
No technology can last forever. So the question arises: how long can multichip package solutions last in the diverse and rapidly changing graphics market
2016-03-02 LED Engin rolls out double flux density emitters
The LZ4-04MDPB emitter includes a thinner flat glass lens, moving the secondary optics closer to the surface for greater illumination from fixtures with tightly controlled beam widths.
2013-12-13 Latest developments in 3D IC technologies
Here's a look at the various forms of 3D IC technology, starting with the simpler incarnations and culminating in today's start-of-the-art implementations.
2014-04-02 Issues in embedding components within PCB substrates
Embedding components within a PCB substrate provides a host of benefits, but this alternative approach demands support from the entire supply chain
2003-07-25 IR, Sanyo, team up for power efficiency in motor control
In an effort to take advantage of each other's strengths, International Rectifier Corp. and Sanyo Semiconductor have announced the formation of a joint venture named IR-SA Integrated Technologies.
2007-10-18 Industrial affiliation program tackles 32nm IC packaging
Two research centers are inviting industry partners to participate in an advanced research program on next-generation flip-chip and substrate technologies
2006-04-10 IMEC presents 'bendy' packaging for ICs
Leading European research institute IMEC and the Intec laboratory at the University of Ghent have developed a process to produce ultra-thin flexible packaging for ICs.
2004-09-08 Hitachi Chemical acquires resist materials patent
Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd has acquired a basic patent regarding resist materials for manufacturing IC package substrates
2000-05-08 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note gives details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD-10 surface-mount package from International Rectifier. A few suppliers of such substrate materials are mentioned at the end of this application note.
2004-12-01 Getting inside the SiP
Design teams are taking a harder look at the SiP alternative to conventional SoC design as the advantages of combining multiple dice into one package have been well-documented
2003-01-20 GaAs Schottky diodes feature fast recovery times
Directed Energy Inc. has introduced a family of high-speed, high-voltage GaAs Schottky diodes that offers fast recovery times.
2014-12-22 Experimental methods for PCB design and manufacturing
EMS providers are being called upon to take on the task of design of experiments, also known as experimental designs, requiring them to work with OEMS to do the necessary research and development.
2013-08-22 Embedded packaging cuts PoP height by 40%
STATS ChipPAC's ultra thin embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) technology offers height reduction in the bottom PoP architecture to provide an ultra thin z-height of 0.3mm.
2011-11-11 CVBGA dummy designed for SMT mounting
Practical Components' mechanical sample of Amkor's CVBGA is a two-layer thin core substrate with Ni/Au BGA finish
2008-04-01 Cellphones integrate RF to cut costs
Lowering cellphone costs by integrating radio components was a running theme at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.Broadcom, Infineon and Texas Instruments detailed solutions for pulling more of the RF work into 2.5G digital devices, typically integrated with baseband processors.
2003-03-14 Cadence adds wire bonding capability to packaging tool
Cadence Design Systems has added a new wire bonding capability to its Advanced Package Designer for designs using stacked packages
2008-10-22 Assembly and PCB layout guidelines for QFN packages
The design of dual-row and multi-row QFN packages allows for flexibility and enhances electrical performance to very high-speed operating frequencies.
2008-10-06 Assembly and PCB layout guidelines for chip-scale packages
This application note provides general guidelines for proper board design and surface-mount process.
2002-08-19 Amkor qualifies Strand substrates for leadframe packaging
Amkor Technology Inc. has qualified Strand Interconnect's SiliconMate substrates for its MQFP family of leadframe packages.
2014-04-10 Advances in power converter packaging
Find out how packaging advances are matching semiconductor progress in power converter miniaturisation.
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