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What does CSP stand for?
CSP stands for chip scale package or chip size package. It is a chip housing that is slightly larger than the chip itself.
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2011-05-18 Light sensor touts compact, thin package
Renesas has introduced the PH5551A2NA1, a digital ambient light sensor in a compact and thin package. The sensor can automatically adjust display brightness for the best viewing experience.
2007-02-12 LEDs deliver high reliability in small package
LedEngin says its ultrasmall LZ LED emitter product line meets all of the industry's accelerated reliability and qualification tests, pushing the envelope for operating life time.
2007-06-12 LEDs come in tiny package, endure extreme conditions
Avago Technologies introduces the industry's thinnest chip light emitting diodes (ChipLEDs) in the smallest industry-standard package.
2013-08-13 LED package makers for backlight apps enjoy rising profit
Chinese LED package technology for backlight is not as good as Taiwan, they have earned acceptance from local downstream firms, especially through orders of smaller sized backlight used on smartphones.
2007-05-14 LED package delivers high luminance, wide viewing angle
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a full color SMT LED package that offers high luminance, a long operating lifespan and wide viewing angle.
2005-01-24 LED driver includes all necessary components in one package
Vishay unveiled what it claims as the smallest fully integrated universal constant-current control one- and two-channel LED driver that includes all necessary components in a single package.
2011-11-17 LED driver IC come in 2mm package
The 2mm package allows the driver board to be placed behind the LED PCB, enabling the illumination along the entire length of the lighting tubes.
2011-03-25 Leadless package with low VF Schottky diode
Central Semiconductor debuts the CFSH2-3L, with low profile SOD-882L leadless package that features low VF Schottky diode.
2013-09-03 Leadless package one-gate logic IC for mobile devices
The TC7SZ32MX one-gate logic IC operates at a voltage range of 1.65V to 5.5V and is aimed at laptop PCs, digital cameras and smart phones.
2010-11-01 Leadless package boasts solderable, tin-plated side pads
NXP debuts industry's first leadless package with solderable, tin-plated side pads
2003-05-26 Leadless Leadframe Package (LLP)
This application note discusses the attributes, specifications, and applications of the Leadless Leadframe Package.
2004-06-17 Leadless leadframe package (LLP)
This app note shows the attributes of the leadless leadframe package.
2007-07-13 Leadless leadframe package
The leadless leadframe package (LLP) is a leadframe based chip scale package that may enhance chip speed, reduce thermal impedance, and reduce the PCB area required for mounting.
2011-02-21 LDO in HSNT-4(0808) package consumes 0.9?A
Seiko Instruments' ultra-small LDO voltage regulator ICs enable high component density designs, improved power dissipation and thermal shutdown protection.
2006-08-28 LDO delivers high output current in small package
Said to be the first in the industry, Microchip's MCP1727 is an efficient, low-power 1.5A LDO that provides high output current and low output voltage in small, thermally capable packages.
2007-05-01 LDO delivers 500mA peak output in thin package
Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT6219 is one of only a few LDOs available that provide a 500mA peak output current in a five-lead, 1mm profile thin SOT-23 package.
2009-11-10 Land grid array (LGA) package rework
This application note describes rework considerations for the land grid array (LGA) style package. Freescale has introduced RF modules such as the MC1320x and MC1321x in LGA packages as an alternative package to BGA.
2002-09-09 Kyocera develops ceramic package for SMT LEDs
Kyocera Corp. has developed what it claims to be the industry's first surface-mount ceramic package for blue and white LEDs, offering improved heat dissipation, reliability, and lifespan.
2002-06-03 Kyocera alumina multilayer package has low resistance
Kyocera Corp. has developed an alumina multilayer package that enables the use of low-resistance copper conductors for the routing patterns.
2002-05-07 KEC surface-mount package has five terminals
Designed for use in power management ICs, the DPAK-5 surface-mount package from KEC Corp. provides five terminals, allowing designers to develop multiple functions for a single device.
2002-06-18 K&S bonding wire suits fine pitch package
Kulicke and Soffa Ind. Inc. has introduced the AW-99X bonding wire suitable for advanced fine pitch packages with <505m bond pad pitch.
2004-12-15 Jiangyin Changdian begins WL-CSP, FC package production
China-based Jiangyin Changdian Advance Package Co. Ltd, a joint venture of Jiangsu Changjian Electronics Technology Co. Ltd and Singapore APS Inc., announces that it already started operations at its IC bump, WL-CSP and FC package lines.
2013-04-23 IXYS rolls out 350V SSR in 8-pin SOIC package
IXYS latest device features 120mA maximum load current and 30Ohms of maximum on-resistance with 2mA of input trigger control current.
2002-04-30 ISSYS receives incentive package under the MEGA program
Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. (ISSYS) has expanded its Michigan facility, thanks to an incentive package from the state of Michigan and Ypsilanti Township under the Michigan Growth Association (MEGA) program.
2002-01-30 IRF dual-side power package proves doubly cool
International Rectifier's DirectFET package provides both top-side and improved bottom-side cooling for more-effective thermal management than offered by bottomless-package or leadless-type SO-8 solutions.
2013-07-22 IR's PFC boost IC comes in 5 pin SOT-23 package
The IRS2505LTRPbF boost IC from International Rectifier incorporates a free-running frequency oscillator with on- and off-time control of the boost power MOSFET.
2004-03-30 IR launches MOSFET in DirectFET package
The IRF6612 device from International Rectifier is a 30V synchronous MOSFET in IR's proprietary, surface-mount DirectFET package.
2008-05-06 IR emitter in leaded package offers wide viewing angle
Vishay Intertechnology has broadened its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of its first wide-viewing-angle IR emitter in a leaded package.
2003-02-03 IR bidirectional MOSFET comes in smaller package
The IRF6156 20V bidirectional, dual MOSFET from International Rectifier is available in the company's FlipFET package that measures 2.25-by-1.5-by-0.8mm.
2010-06-04 IPAD 500?m Flip Chip: package description and recommendations for use
This application note provides package and usage recommendation information for 500?m pitch Flip Chips.
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