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2008-06-16 Commentary: Integration in wireless SoCs may be cost-defective
The industry faces an interesting dilemma then: How much functionality should it integrate on a single device to be cost-effective?
2007-12-28 Commentary: A few fabless fables
As the fabless companies jostle and compete for market positioning and market share, they are subject to the larger trends that transact in the fabless supply-chain world.
2010-04-07 Comment: Is IC industry poised for consolidation?
Mentor Graphics chairman and CEO Walden Rhines says it is possible that the IC industry will mature and broad consolidation will occur but warns that new applications will create new challenges.
2010-08-03 CO splitter modules increase DSLAM density
Pulse unveils new 8mm high central office splitter modules for denser mounting of multi-channel splitter cards, translating to more modules per DSL access multiplexer or roadside cabinet.
2006-08-16 CMOS scaling: painstaking but possible
CMOS scaling is, in fact, proving to be a painstaking and humbling taskalbeit a possible one.
2007-02-01 CMOS MEMS oscillator enters realm of reality
In the future, the natural progression of MEMS oscillator is from digital to mixed signal to RF.
2009-10-21 CMOS image sensors increase design flexibility
STMicroelectronics' new sensors offer design options such as Bayer or SoC sensors, support for EdoF and autofocus.
2015-02-02 CMOS finds its match: GaN ignites shift in power
The CEO of EPC said that its low-cost gallium nitride chips will enable a range of applications from wireless charging to autonomous vehicles and more efficient cellular communications.
2002-08-14 CML radio processor provides GPS capability
The CMX882 half-duplex audio and signalling processor from CML Microcircuits Ltd supports FRS, PMR446, GMRS, and MURS type radios, and features added data facilities for GPS capability.
2002-12-05 Cisco shifts from ASICs to COT designs
Cisco Systems Inc. is shifting from the use of ASICs to an approach that relies on customer-owned tooling for many of its high-end, high-volume chip designs, hoping to shave hundreds of millions of dollars from its silicon design costs.
2006-05-01 Chipworks inside TI's DLP chip
Chipworks gets inside Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processor projection device, which is touted to be the one of the benchmarks of the MEMS industry segment.
2003-05-27 ChipPAC mixes ASIC, memory in 1.2mm stacked package
ChipPAC Inc. said that it is ready to move into volume manufacturing with a 1.2mm four-chip stacked-die package.
2008-07-21 Chip industry preps for 'More than Moore' era
Chip and semiconductor equipment makers are at a crossroads as they face an era that might be called "More than Moore."
2005-12-23 Chip gear market to grow 8% in '06, says Gartner
The worldwide semiconductor capital equipment market is poised to grow by 8.4 percent in 2006, with spending totaling $36.4 billion, according to a forecast issued by Gartner Inc.
2014-01-17 Chip capacity utilisation boosts China LED market
TrendForce's green energy division LEDinside reports that total LED chip revenues of mainland Chinese companies reached $992 million in 2013, with a year-on-year growth of 17 per cent.
2002-04-08 China's IC swagger on display in Shanghai
The huge commercial potential of China's IC market was reflected in the bustle of this year's Semicon China exhibition, where China's chip makers and government officials showcased the industry's rapid ascent from back-end operation to what many predict will become an emerging semiconductor power over the next decade.
2002-09-20 China's chip market rebounds from 2001 slowdown
Strong domestic demand revived China's chip fabrication industry in 1H of this year, reversing the slowdown seen in 2001.
2005-06-10 China to build 20 new fabs by 2008
In what could be the next boom for the IC-equipment industry, China is expected to build 20 new fabs between 2005 to 2008, according to a new report from the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI
2015-07-15 China seeks Micron buyout for $23B
It's a good time to bid for Micron, second to Samsung among top memory chip makers. Micron's stock price slid this year from $35 to $17, despite the fact memory chip prices have been on the rise.
2014-09-05 China plots global chip domination
A group of Chinese investors, which include a state-owned firm, offered a buyout proposal to U.S. digital imaging chipmaker OmniVisiona move that will allow China instant access to the global market.
2009-05-28 China Optics Valley ready for broader terrain
Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province in China, is known as the country's "Optics Valley," but the city's ambitions don't end with optoelectronics.
2007-04-02 China fabless firms plot long-term road map
After skyrocketing to the top of mainland China's fabless industry last year, MP3 chip designer Actions Semiconductor Co. Ltd could be a candidate for one-chip wonder.
2014-08-11 China erects first 12in IC manufacturing supply chain
The joint venture between SMIC and JCET can benefit from Jiangyin's unique location and mature industrial environment to set up the 12in wafer bumping and CP testing production line.
2003-12-31 Chartered, ZTE partner on chip manufacturing
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg and ZTE Corp. have collaborated to produce ICs that target telecom switches and routers.
2012-02-13 Challenges, opportunities of the 2.5D/3D ecosystem
While opportunities abound, moving to 2.5D/3D manufacturing has posed significant challenges to designing, fabricating, assembling and testing of 2.5D/3D ICs.
2002-10-18 Celeritek to acquire Tavanza
Celeritek Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tavanza Inc.
2007-05-15 CE sector boom could ease out small players, chip execs warn
The CE boom will continue to drive the semiconductor industry, but it may also create an environment where only the biggest players thrive, executives said at a recent industry forum in Singapore.
2008-06-30 CCID notes steady growth of China IC industry in '07
Amid the slow growth of the global semiconductor market and the slow down of China's IT industry, the country's IC industry has posted steady growth in 2007 with sales revenue of $18.23 billion, up 24.3 percent over 2006.
2005-12-07 Casio uses Semitool's Raider tool for Pb-free electroplating apps
Semitool announced the delivery of a follow-on order for Semitool's electroplating Raider tool by Japan-based Casio Micronics Co. Ltd. Casio will use the Raider for advanced Pb-free electroplating applications.
2008-02-01 Car MCUs tailored for new emission standards
To meet the performance requirements of next-generation emission standards, Infineon Technologies has launched what it claims is the industry's highest-performing and most integrated MCU family for automotive powertrain and chassis applications.
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